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New Launch - Chicnutrix Cysterhood Inositol- PCOS Health Management

Published : October 21, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

September is the PCOS Awareness month.

Not just by spreading awareness, sharing knowledge, supporting and showing solidarity, we also have got something new and extra special for all of our fellow cysters. We have a NEW #NUTRITIONBFF for you all which will ensure a complete PCOS ovarian health management. Joining our Cysterhood tribe is our new product Chicnutrix Cysterhood Inositol.

PCOS can usually result in a variety of health issues including diabetes and infertility, if not taken care of and managed at the early stages. Management with inositol, a vitamin-like molecule, has shown encouraging benefits. Before, we tell you how exactly does Chicnutrix Cysterhood Inositol will help you, lets dive in first and know what is Inositol and how it helps with PCOS?

Cysterhood Inositol

PCOS and Inositol

Inositol is a kind of sugar that aid in the regulation of molecules that affect your mood swings, blood sugar, fertility, and metabolism, or the process of converting food into energy. You can receive inositol by consuming foods that are high in it, such as:

  • Cantaloupe, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits are examples of fruits.

  • Lima and navy beans

  • Brown rice, whole wheat, and quinoa are examples of grains.

  • Walnuts and almonds are two different sorts of nuts.

Inositol is also available as food supplements, pills to consume, or powders to mix with water on the internet. Inositol is well tolerated by the majority of persons. This is significant since the diabetic medication metformin, which is used to treat PCOS, has serious side effects such as diarrhoea, stomach pain, and nausea.

There are nine different types of inositol. Myo-(MI) and d-chiro are two supplements that appear to help women with PCOS (DCI). MI and DCI are used as backup messengers. They transmit signals that regulate insulin levels in the body. Women with PCOS are thought to have a flaw that inhibits their capacity to convert MI to DCI. Insulin resistance and infertility result as a result of this.

Our latest launch Cysterhood Inositol is a carefully developed blend of key nutrients designed to support your overall reproductive health and help you control ovarian health.

What distinguishes Cysterhood Inositol from the competition?

The ingredients that makeup Cysterhood inositol sets it apart. It contains a clinically established 3.6:1 ratio of Myo-inositol & D-chiro-inositol (Caronositol) (MI: DCI), Chromium, Vegan Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B9 (Folate) to support ovarian health and general reproductive health. Most of the supplements in the market are in the ratio of 40:1 :: Myo: D-Chiro Inositol which is not as effective as 3.6:1.

Let's look at how the ingredients in Cysterhood Inositol benefit us individually:

  • Myo-inositol & D-chiro-inositol (Caronositol) has been shown to boost pregnancy rates by 65.5 percent. The clinically validated ratio of 3.6:1 is recognized to aid in the management and treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-related reproductive issues. It aids women with PCOS in lowering high insulin levels and improving blood sugar control. Insulin resistance is improved, resulting in regular ovulatory cycles and enhanced fertility. MI and DCI play a role in oocyte maturation, fertilization, implantation, and post-implantation development through several biochemical pathways within oocytes.

  • In PCOS women, chromium aids in the reduction of insulin resistance. It also aids in the metabolization of sugar, which aids in the reduction of BMI (manage your PCOS weight).

  • Vegan Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 deficiency affects 67-85% of women with PCOS. Vitamin D3 will assist in the treatment of the deficiency. It also aids in the reduction of insulin resistance, the regulation of androgen levels, and the improvement of menstrual regularity and ovulation.

  • By breaking down the amino acid homocysteine, Vitamin B9 (Folate) helps to lessen inflammation. PCOS women have increased homocysteine levels. High homocysteine levels have been linked to poor oocyte quality, miscarriage, hypertension, and low birth weight, among other things. It also aids in the reduction of oxidative stress. Folate is required for the quality and growth of oocytes, as well as implantation, fetal growth, and organ development.

Chicnutrix Cysterhood is gluten-free, vegan, and doctor-approved. It is also gentle on the stomach, and delicious in natural raspberry flavour with no side effects other than an allergic response if you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

The Key Points are as follows:

  • Reduces insulin resistance by lowering high insulin levels.

  • Improves fertility by regulating ovulatory cycles.

  • Reduces inflammation and restores hormonal balance

  • Prevents Vitamin D3 insufficiency and aids with PCOS weight management

  • The MI: DCI ratio of 3.6:1 has been shown to boost the pregnancy rate by 65.5 percent.

  • A multivitamin supplement for PCOS women which replenishes the deficiencies in DCI, MI, D3, Chromium, and Folic Acid to treat the disease at the core and restore fertility in women

Adding Chicnutrix Cysterhood Inositol with Cysterhood NAC to your diet will ensure a complete PCOS management. Be an Unstoppable Force, with your New #NutritionBFF that will help you fight against the PCOS and be stronger and unstoppable.


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