About Us

Once Upon A Time

Our story began in 2011. Back then, it started as an innovative nutrition supplements company to bring world class supplements to India. In the space of health, wellness and nutrition, we became a part of a young revolution starting around the world – taking healthcare beyond the traditional drugs, excavating the hidden molecular gems from all that mother earth has to offer. As a company, we strive to translate this science to resolve the practical issues of our modern day lifestyle.

As we journey through this common goal in an office high on estrogen, we also shared our proud stories of womanhood, with our daily struggles – from silly acne breakouts to entering motherhood, from fashion and beauty to issues of equal rights, fair practices! As we evolved across multiple facets of our lives, we realized, that there is a need to be addressed – the various aspects of womanhood, whether it is Beauty, Pregnancy, Menopause, and other related issues. These may be minor, but bothersome – with one common answer – Nutrition!

Birth of Chicnutrix

With our multitasking modern lifestyles and the many roles that women play in their ever-changing environments, it is not possible to get all the important nutrition from the food we eat. And that’s where the idea of Chicnutrix was born. With a vision to create ‘The Finest Women Beauty and Health Nutrition Venture from India.’


Chicnutrix aims to deliver beauty and health, inside out, with a touch of science to your glamour quotient. Whether you are a girl next door or a runway rockstar, a pretty girl with twinkling eyes or a lady with elegance and style, running a corporate empire or queen of your castle, the nutrition supplements fit you all.

So, whoever you are, wherever you are, and at whatever stage of life you may be, we, your fellow girlfriends, promise you that we will bring you the most pure, effective, clinically proven, carefully-crafted, compliant, convenient and the best nutritional supplements for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Stay Chic, Stay Awesome!


Shilpa, Janki and Vatsalya.

Shilpa Khanna Thakkar BossLady @Chicnutrix

Numbers have never been more glamorous! Sharp acumen with sharp style is how we define our BossLady – Shilpa Khanna Thakkar!

Rapid Fire with Shilpa

Beauty for her is - Confidence

One thing she wishes for - Women Empowerment

A beauty tip she swears by - Sugar Out, Beauty In!

Know more About Shilpa, her multitasking roles of mother & serial entrepreneur – Chicnutrix! Get ready to get Chic!

Janki Tank Mehta GirlBoss @Chicnutrix

Where science meets sass, Janki’s passionate about getting nutrition that is apt for the women of today! – Janki Tank Mehta

Rapid Fire with Janki

Beauty for her is - Everyday

One thing she wishes for - Equal rights

A beauty tip she swears by - Hydrate!

Know more About Janki, her struggles as a mom & entrepreneur and her new passion – Chicnutrix! Get ready to get Chic!

Vatsalya Jalan Khanna #DigitalSorceress at @Chicnutrix

Chief curator of content, Vatsalya’s passion for creative content is shaping a new future for fellow women! – Vatsalya Jalan Khanna

Rapid Fire with Vatsalya

Beauty for her is - Sleep

One thing she wishes for - Non-discriminate society for all

A beauty tip she swears by - Sleep well

Know more About Vatsalya, her journey as a creative entrepreneur and her new passion – Chicnutrix! Get ready to get Chic!