Our Story

The Beginning

Like most stories, ours too began with the need to fulfill something, a gap that perhaps many noticed but had no solution for—nutrition for women. Back then, nobody was talking about the nutrition space with the focus on particularly women, and honestly we were puzzled as to why not? Women work so hard to nourish the bodies and minds of everyone around them, but who’s nourishing them? With an office high on estrogen, we shared our proud stories of daily struggles—from silly acne breakouts to the more grave issues of postpartum, from fashion and beauty to issues of equal rights and fair practices; all these conversations led to the birth of the products bearing the solutions in mind, to make sure that women could be liberated from their beauty and wellness issues.

We noticed that there were pharma companies that promote and package their vitamin products like a medicine, but that very experience can make one feel like they’re ill, rather than empowered or just using vitamins as part of their daily lives. Bored with the way the nutraceutical industry was going about it, we asked ourselves - why must nutrition be boring? After all, it’s an experience, it *LITERALLY* nourishes you and makes you stronger; how can this enriching experience be boring? Thus came Chicnutrix, with a touch of science to your glamour quotient, providing a range of products that focus not only on nourishing you, but beautifying you from the inside out.

The Present

Truthfully, when we began, we were only focused on helping women, but as the universe did its magic and manifested our plans, we soon realised that women weren’t the only ones consuming Chic. Men, gender fluid people and other people from the LBTQIA+ community were all using our products and finding them useful. From skin and hair issues to PCOS and UTI, our products have hit a level of comfort in the minds of our consumers, exactly what we have always aimed to do.

As part of our journey to help the community, we launched our initiative #ThePCOSProject wherein we urge people to #GoGetChecked alongside providing ample information about PCOS and how to manage it better with proper nutrition. We also have a community for moms called Chic Moms Tribe, it’s a place where mothers experience #NoFilterMommyhood alongside finding support in their motherhood journey. Our pride is in seeing our consumers become healthier than before they met us, and to make sure of that, we are dedicated to providing them the top quality nutrition that has no side effects unless one is allergic to any of the ingredients.

The Future

Well, “the future belongs to those who dream”, right? We’re dreaming and doing. We’re dreaming of a world that is healthy and happy and bit by bit, we’re working towards it and reaching more people each month. Chicnutrix is turning into a household name for a trusted source of nutrition, and we’re over the moon to learn that. We’re nothing without your trust and support, and with that by our side, we want to do good—to every single human being out there! Through our products, non-profit initiatives and community groups, we hope to make Chicnutrix your first choice for all your beauty and wellness needs.