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Korean skincare

Korean skincare refers to a multi-step skincare routine originating from South Korea, focusing on thorough cleansing, hydration, and targeted treatments using various products like cleansers, toners, essences, serums, masks, and moisturisers. It's popular for its emphasis on achieving clear, radiant skin through gentle yet effective formulations, often incorporating natural ingredients and innovative technologies.

Korean skincare's popularity stems from its results-driven approach, emphasis on prevention rather than just treatment, and the cultural influence of K-beauty trends worldwide. Additionally, the ritualistic nature of the regimen appeals to skincare enthusiasts seeking comprehensive solutions for their skin concerns.

Importance of Using Korean Skincare for Indian Skin

Korean skincare has taken the Indian beauty industry by storm. Indians have different skin tones and types, and most Indians experience common skin issues such as dry skin, dullness, pigmentation, dark spots, etc., at least once in their lifetime. So, many Indians are opting for Korean skincare to achieve flawless skin.

A Complete Guide - Korean Skin Care Routine for Morning & Night

They say good things take time. So, if you wish to have glass-like Korean skin, ensure you invest in a Korean skincare routine. Remember to be conducive to faster results. We have put together the entire routine for you. Read on.

Step 1: Start with an oil cleanser

Most people have the habit of cleansing their face with normal water. However, the first wash only with water does not provide deep cleansing. It does not clear the oil, and debris deposited under the skin. So, it is best to start with an oil cleanser that effectively removes all the impurities.

Step 2: Cleanse with a foaming face wash

The next step is to cleanse your face with a foaming face wash. It thoroughly removes all the oil and dirt. It keeps your skin fresh, clear, and supple. It provides gentle yet effective cleansing to promote glow and radiance.

Step 3: Use a toner:

This is an important step you should not skip. Choose a toner that best suits your skin type. The toner balances your skin post cleansing. It also prepares your skin for hydration. Toning will ensure the next steps in your skincare regime give you the best results.

Step 4: Apply skin essence:

Skin Essence is a water-based skincare product. It is generally infused with fruit or herb extracts that are good for the skin. Today, different skin essences are available for every skin type. Skin essences have active ingredients that hydrate skin cells and provide intense nourishment. It also resets your skin’s pH level.

Step 5: use a serum:

Choose a serum based on your skin goals. Always check for the ingredients and understand the benefits they give your skin. Chicnutrix Serum Range has the highest quality skin ingredients sourced from Korea.

Chicnutrix Outshine gives you glowing, even-toned skin

Chicnutrix Hydrate gives you a dewy, plump look.

Chicnutrix Reverse gives you a youthful radiance.

Step 6: Apply an eye cream:

The skin around the eye is very delicate, which is why tiredness and fatigue instantly show in the form of dark circles and under-eye bags. However, when you look at Korean skin, you’ll always see radiant under eye skin. It is because they never skip out massaging the area with a good under eye cream. It moisturizes the skin, uplifts it, and restores radiance.

Step 7: Hydrate your skin

Dry skin is prone to wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness. So, Koreans always focus on keeping their skin hydrated. Chicnutrix Hydrate has the best skin essentials. It absorbs three layers deep to provide intense hydration for smooth, supple and dewy skin.

Step 8: Exfoliate your skin:

The Korean skincare routine is elaborate yet gentle. All the steps include using cleansers/serums/oils, etc., that are gentle on the skin. However, exfoliation is a critical step. If not every day, it is important to use a good scrub to cleanse away stubborn dirt, blackheads, and debris. It opens your pores and lets your skin breathe.

Step 9: Use a sheet mask:

One of the most adopted beauty trends worldwide is using a sheet mask. It relaxes and rejuvenates your skin. Chicnutrix Illume Brightening Sheet Mask is infused with lemon essence which adds an instant glow and radiance to the skin and reduces dullness.

Step 10: Apply sunscreen:

One of the most common myths about sunscreen or sunblock is that it is used only when you step outdoors. Dermatologists recommend wearing it all through the year, even if you do not step out in the sun. It not only provides sun protection but also defies the skin’s ageing process. Chicnutrix BLOCK is a non-greasy, refreshing, lightweight sunscreen that provides sun protection along with hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

Benefits of Using Korean Skincare

Hydration: Korean skincare emphasizes layers of hydration, which can help maintain skin moisture levels, leading to a plumper and more radiant complexion.

Gentle Formulations: Many Korean skincare products are formulated with gentle ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation and inflammation.

Preventative Approach: Korean skincare focuses on preventive measures to address skin concerns before they become significant issues, promoting long-term skin health.

Brightening and Even Skin Tone: Products like serums and essences often contain ingredients that help fade dark spots, improve skin texture, and promote a more even complexion.

Best Ingredients: Koreans Skincare uses only the best quality ingredients that are gentle for daily use yet effective to help achieve desired results. Every step in the Korean skincare routine is backed by science. It is not a mindless, inconsistent routine. It consists of skincare procedures that actually work.

Why Choose Chicnutrix Korean Skincare Range?

Chicnutrix Korean beauty products are made with high-quality skin ingredients made in Korea and intelligently crafted to suit every Indian skin tone and type. Explore our exquisite range of skincare products to achieve glass-like Korean skin that you’ll fall in love with every day!

Chicnutrix Hydrate

Chicnutrix Hydrate is a hydrating serum that has 5% 10 Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Panthenol and Glycerin to prevent moisture evaporation by forming a film on the skin surface, increasing moisturising synergy and skin adhesion, absorbing into the skin to maintain moisture inside the skin, lock in moisture & hydration, improve skin elasticity and make skin supple, plump & dewy.

Hyaluronic acid serum penetrates 3 layers of skin, provides intense hydration & locks in moisture. Panthenol, also known as B5, has strong moisturising and anti-inflammatory effects. Glycerin, which is a humectant, is a type of moisturising agent that pulls water into the outer layer of your skin from deeper levels of your skin and the air.

Just Apply 3-4 drops on your skin, spread evenly on your skin and pat well to allow maximum absorption.

Chicnutrix Outshine

Chicnutrix Outshine is ideal for those who are looking for the best Korean glass skin serum. It is a face brightening serum that has Arbutin, Glutathione, 2% Niacinamide, Vitamin C & Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex to add glow & radiance, improve skin texture, fight free radicals & protect against damage and make skin even toned.

It contains Glutathione which provides strong antioxidant support, fights free radicals, and adds skin glow and radiance. It also contains Ascorbyl Glucoside which is the most stable Vitamin C derivative, it works gently on the skin to reduce unevenness in the complexion. Added Triple HA complex is made with high, medium, and low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate and moisturize deeply into the skin. Niacinamide helps to reduce pigmentation and Arbutin evens skin complexion making skin look healthier and vibrant.

Just apply 3-4 drops of this face serum on your clean face, pat well for absorption and see the magic happen.

Chicnutrix Reverse

Chicnutrix Reverse is an anti-ageing serum that has Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, Retinyl Palmitate, Triple HA Complex & Arginine in just the right composition to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, prevent damage to elastin fibers, increase skin elasticity, speed up cell turnover and provide hydration and moisture.

Korean hydrolysed marine collagen present in Chicnutrix Reverse reduces fine lines and crow’s feet and helps improve texture around the eyes. Retinol, a key ingredient in face serum helps reverse puffiness, under eye bags and dark circles. Triple hyaluronic acid is made with high, medium and low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid which provides 3 layers of deep hydration and moisture. L-Arginine prevents damage and degeneration of collagen and elastic fibers in skin and promotes their production.

Just apply 3-4 drops of this amazing serum on your face, spread it evenly on the skin and pat well for maximum absorption.

Chicnutrix Block

Chicnutrix Block is a lightweight sunscreen that has SPF 45 PA+++ with Niacinamide + Adenosine to provide Broad Spectrum UVA + UVB Protection SPF 45 PA+++, protect against UV rays & sun damage, Boost collagen production and hydrate the skin.

Chicnutrix Block also helps to repair skin damage, reduces dark spots and prevents pigmentation. Chicnutrix Block hydrates and imparts a nourishing, yet non-sticky feels to your skin.

It is very simple to apply, just take two fingers lengths of sunblock, apply it on your face and neck and reapply every two hours whenever exposed to the sun.

Chicnutrix Illume

Chicnutrix Illume is infused with lemon essence which is rich in Vitamin C with added benefits of Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid and Collagen peptides to reduce dark spots & pigmentation, add instant glow & radiance, prevent dullness & uneven skin tone and provide skin hydration.

So, go ahead and pick your favorite skincare products to enjoy the ultimate Korean skincare experience!


What are the best Korean serums for the face?

Try Chicnutrix Korean skincare range. It has a great basket of Korean products for your skin. It has Chicnutrix Outshine serum for Korean glass skin, Chicnutrix Hydrate for skin hydration, Chicnutrix Reverse for anti-ageing, Chicnutrix Block for sun block and Chicnutrix Illume sheet mask for brightening skin.

How do Indians get glass skin?

Indians can achieve glass skin by following a skincare routine that includes double cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and regular use of products containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

How many serums can I apply to my Korean skincare?

In Korean skincare routines, it's common to apply multiple serums, but it's generally recommended to limit it to 2-3 serums to avoid overwhelming the skin and ensure effective absorption.

Which serum is best for hyperpigmentation?

Serums containing ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, alpha arbutin, kojic acid, or licorice extract are often recommended for treating hyperpigmentation and achieving more even-toned skin.

What is the best serum for removing dark spots?

Chicnutrix Outshine is the best serum for removing dark spots.



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