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We are definitely Healthy and Safe!!
Chicnutrix products are approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority India). They are healthy and ingredients are clinically proven for the respective indication. They do not cause any side effects unless you are allergic to any particular ingredients as mentioned on the label. In case of any allergic reactions, please do contact your healthcare provider immediately.
We don’t do added sugar in Chicnutrix products. So go for it!!!
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! We are Gluten free!!!
So, most of our products are Vegan for all you cool girls out there!! While Chicnutrix Omega-3 and Beauty Collagen are a bit fishy, the rest are either vegan or vegetarian!
Our Products are not Medicines. They are Nutritional Supplements that help keep up with beautiful, healthy and happy you from within!!
Wow… you’re doing one hell of an awesome job there!! They are generally safe, but please let your doctor decide for you, before consuming Chicnutrix products. What you eat, your baby eats!!
Oops!! Please do take care. Our products are generally safe to consume, as they are just nutritional supplements, however, you may consult your doctor before consuming Chicnutrix products with your current medications. And Get well soon!!
Yes, they can! Anyone above the age of 16 can use Chicnutrix products.
Yes, absolutely, it works for both men and women.
There is no need to keep a gap between supplements, you could take all of them together if you like the taste.
Chicnutrix Super C will definitely work with clearing up acne on your skin and if you want those pesky dark spots gone too, then definitely add Chicnutrix Glow to your routine.
Bid adios to those dark spots and pigmentation with Chicnutrix Glow, it will ensure that you glow your best every day with spotless skin
Effervescent tablets in Swiss Formulation reach the stomach at the right pH for absorption and hence have faster onset of action and higher bioavailability.
No! No!! No!!! Please DO NOT consume the effervescent tablet directly. These are awesome Effervescent Tablets. Just pop one tablet into 250 ml water, wait for it to Fizz completely and Drink!! Say Cheers to Chic and Beautiful You!!
You can buy our products on www.chicnutrix.com/shop-all as well!! What are you waiting for!!!
Our products do not have Soda, nor have we tried them as mixers yet (If you do try, let us know how it was..) They are uniquely formed nutritional supplements using Premium Swiss Effervescent Technology. This Swiss effervescent technology is what makes them fizzy.
Of course, you can!!! Do try and let us know how you liked the cocktail!!!
Oh My God!!! Let me get that straight with my coder. In the meantime, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we promise you we will sort it out in a flash!!