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What is collagen?

From skin elasticity and elasticity of tissue in the body to joint health, collagen has a significant role to play. It is a protein that supports skin and tissue elasticity, while giving support to our skin, connective tissues, blood vessels, cartilages, tendons, and teeth. Collagen also plays an active role in wound healing. If you are noticing wrinkles or fine lines on your skin or joint inflammation, it is most likely because of a lack of collagen production.

In this blog, we will cover what collagen is, its types, its importance as well as some of the skin benefits of supplementing with collagen supplements. We will also touch upon the causes of collagen loss and how you can prevent it from happening.

Types of collagen

Collagen is a type of protein found in the human body that plays a vital role in skin health. It provides the skin with elasticity, hydration, and strength.

There are 29 types of collagen, but the five most common types are Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV, and Type V. Type I collagen is found in connective tissues like skin and bones, and it provides strength to the skin and bones. Type II collagen is found in joints and intervertebral discs, while Type III collagen is found in internal organs, blood vessels, and muscles.

In terms of benefits for skin health, collagen supplementation has been shown to improve wrinkles and sun damage as well as brighten skin tone. Additionally, it can help improve skin elasticity and firmness. However, collagen supplements have not been fully tested for their effects on skin health. More research is needed before a conclusive statement can be made on their effects on skin health or aging.

Importance of collagen

Collagen is a multi-functioning protein in the human body that plays a vital role in the skin's structure, elasticity, hydration, and strength. When collagen begins to degrade in the skin, it can result in fine lines and sagging skin. That is why taking up to 10 grams of collagen peptides per day can help improve skin elasticity and hydration. Collagen peptides are amino acids of collagen that can be used as supplements to aid skin elasticity and hydration. Additionally, collagen peptides have antioxidant properties that may help scavenge free radicals and fight aging effects. Thus, they may not only improve skin elasticity, but also skin health and appearance.
Apart from playing a vital role in skin health, collagen peptides are also beneficial for hair health. They can help repair damaged hair fibers and improve the appearance of hair by promoting elasticity and shine. This makes them an ideal ingredient for hair care products designed for healthy hair and scalp.

Benefits Of Taking Collagen Supplements

- Collagen supplements provide a variety of health benefits. They can support skin health, promote muscle recovery and growth, and help maintain joint and cartilage strength. In addition, collagen supplements are an ideal choice for those looking to improve their overall well-being. They can help with facial elasticity, cell renewal, and a supple complexion.

- Collagen is found in the connective tissue of the body, making it vital for the structure of skin and internal organs. Taking collagen supplements may support skin health by enhancing its appearance and resilience. As a result, they may help reduce wrinkles and sun damage. Additionally, collagen supplements may help support strong and healthy hair growth by improving the condition of the scalp and hair follicles.

- Collagen is also vital for muscle repair and regeneration. This makes it an essential supplement for those who participate in rigorous exercise or physically demanding jobs. Taking collagen supplements may support muscle recovery and growth by improving the rate at how quickly damaged tissue repairs itself. They may also help prevent tissue from becoming damaged in the first place by promoting healthy cellular function and preventing oxidative damage from occurring.

- Finally, collagen is a key component of cartilage tissue; as such, taking collagen supplements may help improve joint health by supporting healthy cartilage production and functioning.

Collagen supplements are an ideal choice for anyone looking to achieve wrinkle-free skin, stronger bones, and healthy hair.

Potentials skin benefits

As you age, you start noticing the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. It is a result of depleting collagen levels. Post 30 years of age, your body starts losing collagen rapidly which diminishes your skin’s youthfulness.

Hence, to defy the signs of skin aging, it is always best to include skincare products that boost collagen levels for the following benefits:

It improves skin elasticity, hydration, and collagen levels.

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients promote anti-aging.

Skincare products with collagen blends help protect the skin barrier from environmental irritants such as UV exposure, pollution, and allergens.

However, not all skincare products are effective in terms of collagen production or skin elasticity improvement. In fact, some of them are known to have side effects such as irritation or inflammation of the skin. Hence, you must be careful while choosing a suitable skincare product that can help you achieve your desired skin condition easily. You should also consider factors such as price and ingredient list before making a final pick.

What Causes Collagen Loss?

Collagen levels naturally decrease with age. This is mainly due to the loss of collagen fibrils from the skin, tendons, and connective tissue cells with aging. The body's collagen production also decreases with age. Because of this, collagen levels decrease in skin thickness and elasticity.

Other causes of collagen loss include autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and scleroderma. These conditions damage collagen fibers by damaging connective tissue cells that produce collagen. Genetic mutations can also cause collagen to become damaged or lost. For instance, collagen type I can become type II or III when it undergoes a genetic mutation called DJ-2. This process results in skin fragility and wound healing issues for those with the mutation. Environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution can also reduce collagen levels. Lastly, lifestyle choices such as diet, sleep, stress, and hormones can cause collagen loss.

How To Prevent Collagen Loss?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become thin and weak. Collagen supplements may help inhibit bone breakdown, leading to less osteoporosis. This could be a viable supplement for those with compromised collagen production or who are concerned about the health of their bones.

Vitamin D and calcium supplements may also help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. But you must speak to your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you have any health concerns or dietary issues. If you are concerned about aging skin, try using skincare products that contain peptides and antioxidants. This can help protect collagen from damage. Not only does collagen play an essential role in skin health, but it is also critical for healthy bones, teeth, and gums. So why not add it to your skin-care routine?

Collagen supplement is a highly beneficial supplement for skin health. It helps support skin elasticity, hydration, and elasticity in the aging process. Just like with any supplement, collagen supplement is best if taken under the guidance of a doctor. If you’re concerned about collagen loss and aging skin, supplementing with collagen supplement is an easy solution!

Chicnutrix Collagen Range

Our collagen supplements are SWISS original formulations and made of high-quality ingredients to give you faster results.

Choose from our range and make yourself a delicious collagen drink for health, beauty, and wellness every day.

Daily Collagen with Plant Protein

It’s a blend of 5mg Japanese marine collagen, 10mg plant protein, 5 super herbs, and digestive enzymes. It comes in a delicious Mochacciinno flavor and is clinically proven to:

Maintain younger-looking skin

Nourish, strengthen & moisturize hair & nails

Support healthy joints & muscles

Strengthen the immune system

Calm the mind and provide stress relief

Maintain a healthy gut and easy digestion

Beauty collagen

It’s a formulation of 5g Japanese Marine Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid in unique gel shots. Experts highly recommend this supplement to:

Promote younger looking glowing skin

Reduce appearance of wrinkles & UV induced spots

Fight damage to hair follicles & prevents nail brittleness

Support skin elasticity and hydration

Mighty Collagen

It is packed with a highly effective blend of 8000mg Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides + 2mg Astaxanthin ASTAREAL. It is clinically tested and proven to:

Reduce fine lines & sagging skin

Keep the scalp & hair follicles healthy

Promote nail growth & maintains healthy, strong nails

Maintain healthy and strong bone & joint health

Vegan Collagen Builder

It is India’s first plant-based collagen builder in effervescent form. It has three unique vegan blends - Collagen Builder Blend, Cell Renewal Blend, and Skin Protection Blend. Thousands of people have experienced the following benefits:

Improved collagen production

Skin protection from daily damage

Improved skin elasticity & firmness

Reduced wrinkles & fine lines


1. What does collagen do for your body?

Ans: Collagen supports your skin, hair, bone, joint, and muscle health.

2. Is it good to take collagen every day?

Ans: Yes, it is good to take collagen every day. It keeps your body fit, youthful and gives aids with stress relief.

3. Is collagen worth using?

Ans: Yes, it is worth investing in and using collagen supplements every day can improve skin and overall health, too.

4. How much collagen should I take?

Ans: It is ideal to consume up to 10mg of collagen every day.

5. Will collagen supplements help you look younger?

Ans: Yes, boosting collagen with the help of supplements makes your skin firm, tight, and gives anti-aging benefits.

6. Who should not take collagen?

Ans: Anyone who is allergic to collagen or has been asked to avoid by their medical practitioners must not take collagen.

7. How can I get collagen naturally?

Ans: You can get collagen naturally by consuming collagen-rich foods like chicken, fish, citrus fruits, etc.

8. How do I boost my collagen?

Ans: The best way is to consume collagen supplements.

9. How do I activate collagen in my face?

Ans: You can start with using collagen supplements to boost the collagen production within your skin cells.

10. What is the greatest source of collagen?

Ans: Collagen-rich foods and supplements are the greatest source of collagen.

11. When should I take collagen?

Ans: It is better to start taking collagen drinks in your twenties. However, it is highly recommended to not delay collagen supplementation beyond your thirties.

12. What vitamin is good for collagen?

Ans: Vitamin C plays a major role in collagen production.

13. What vegetables contain collagen?

Ans: Red bell pepper, avocado, garlic, mushroom, broccoli, etc.

14. Which collagen is best for the skin?

Ans: Any supplement that has a blend of both marine collagen and plant protein is best for wrinkle-free, youthful skin.



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