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7 Advantages of Effervescent Tablets vs Regular Tablets

Published : July 2, 2021 6 mins read Updated On : Oct 13, 2023

Oral medication is the most extensively used form of medication around the world. They comprised of capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets, syrups and granules. Most of the tablets available in the market are in solid form and there lies the problem.
Conventional tablets have many drawbacks which makes them unpopular amongst people. This is where effervescent tablets come in. Effervescent tablets are slowly but steadily gaining popularity in many sectors including supplements and pharmaceutical use due to the ease with which they can be consumed.

 efferverscent tablets

What are effervescent tablets?

Effervescent tablets are nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations designed to dissolve rapidly in water. They typically contain active ingredients like vitamins, minerals, or medications. When dropped into water, the chemical reaction between the tablet and water produces effervescence, leading to the formation of a fizzy solution.
This effervescent action aids in the rapid dispersion and absorption of the active ingredients, making them easier to ingest and often faster acting than conventional tablets. Effervescent tablets are commonly used for enhancing hydration, supplementing essential nutrients, alleviating symptoms, and providing a more pleasant and convenient administration method for individuals who have difficulty swallowing traditional pills.

Advantages of effervescent tablets over regular tablets

  • Provides 100% bioavailability

Effervescent formulations have a significant advantage in terms of bioavailability, as they are completely bioavailable, unlike synthetic tablets that are reported to have a bioavailability of only 50% to 70% depending on different factors. Regular tablets dissolve slowly in the stomach, which results in decreased nutrient absorption. The remaining portion that is not absorbed is simply eliminated from the body.
Effervescent tablets, on the other hand, offer a 100% bioavailability rate, which is nearly twice that of regular tablets or capsules. These tablets dissolve completely and evenly, ensuring that your body can fully absorb the nutrients. As a result, you receive the maximum benefits from the supplement and its ingredients. This is particularly important for older individuals and those with fragile digestive systems.

  • Gentle on stomach

In certain cases, regular tablets may not fully dissolve in the stomach after being consumed. This incomplete dissolution can cause irritation or discomfort in some individuals. On the other hand, effervescent tablets dissolve completely and evenly, preventing localised concentrations of the ingredients.
As a result, they are gentle on the digestive tract and do not cause any discomfort in the stomach or esophagus. However, it is important to note that excessive intake of effervescent tablets, like with anything else, may result in certain side effects.

  • Increases water intake

Effervescent tablets not only deliver the intended nutritional benefits but also promote increased liquid consumption. This can be particularly advantageous when you are dehydrated or unwell and are unable to consume as much fluid as usual. By taking each effervescent tablet, you naturally drink a full glass of liquid, effectively maintaining your hydration levels.
Effervescent tablets can serve as an excellent method of rehydration while simultaneously obtaining the desired benefits from the tablets, whether they are dietary supplements, herbal remedies, or medications.

  • Provides better taste

Effervescent tablets frequently contain an additional flavour, which enhances their taste when they are dissolved in water. This results in a more pleasant flavour compared to regular tablets that may have an unpleasant metallic taste. Therefore, they can serve as a nutritious option to satisfy a sudden desire for sweetness instead of consuming sugary drinks or fruit juice.

  • Easy to swallow

Contrary to regular tablets, an effervescent tablet is consumed by dissolving it completely in water instead of swallowing it whole. This makes it an excellent option for individuals who struggle with swallowing due to illness or age. It is also a convenient method of taking medication for those with a sore throat or medical conditions that hinder swallowing. Additionally, it provides extra benefits for individuals who take multiple tablets on a daily basis. Opting for the effervescent form can provide much-needed relief for such individuals.

  • Provides on-the-go nutrition

Effervescent tablets offer convenience and flexibility as they can be consumed easily at any time and in any place. Simply drop them into a glass of water, and the tablet will dissolve completely, leaving you with a perfectly mixed and ready-to-drink beverage. These tablets are also ideal for travel, as they are easy to carry and ensure consistent quality without the need for precise measuring or constant stirring to prevent clumps in your drink, unlike traditional tablets or powders.

  • Offers more variety

Due to its advantages over regular tablets more and more health supplements are being launched in the market. From skin essential, hair essential, weight management and daily wellness effervescent tablets offer more variety to consumers.
Due to hectic lifestyles and also the poor quality of foods that we get in the market it is difficult to consume the right amount of nutrients and micronutrients that our body requires. This is the reason that we need to take supplements of vitamins like C, A and E.

All these nutrients are not just necessary for the general health of the body, but also help in keeping your hair and skin in a youthful and healthy condition. This in turn enhances your beauty and makes you appear pleasant.
Rapid absorption technology also known as Qzorb technology is based on 8 factors that facilitate the intake of the supplements and the assimilation of the vitamins contained in them. These factors are:

  • Faster Onset

It facilitates CO2 released during the effervescent reaction, which promotes the transport of active ingredients in the body.

  • Easy to Use

Effervescent tablets are easy to use thanks to release of CO2 that favours an even distribution of the tablet.

  • Better Patient Compliance

Because effervescent tablets are available in multiple delicious flavours, patients are less likely to stop taking them.

  • Easy to Swallow

Effervescent tablets are ideal for anyone who is having trouble swallowing conventional tablets and capsules. It’s extreme ease of intake through the almost instantaneous dissolution in a glass of water.

  • Gentle on Digestive Track

Effervescent tablets made with Qsorb technology dissolve completely in the water avoiding annoying principles of stomach acidity.

  • Reliable Efficacy

Effervescent supplements provide greater reliability as the ingredient present in the tablets are evenly distributed.

  • Efficient Formulation

Multiple ingredients like vitamins and minerals can be incorporated in a single dose of effervescent tablets.

  • Increases liquid intake

One of the most important features of effervescent tablets is increased fluid intake and consequently increased hydration.

Chicnutrix has a range of beauty supplements with Swiss Effervescent Technology and in yummylicious flavours to solve your beauty concerns, may it be dull hair and skin, pigmentation, acne, hair fall, dandruff and general well-being.
So, whether you are looking for effervescent vitamin C tablets, effervescent multivitamin tablets or effervescent tablets for better any other health benefits remember to choose Chicnutrix as your partner. Chicnutrix Beauty Nutrition is a three step solution. All you need to do is Pop, fizz and Cheers!

To Sum Up
In conclusion, effervescent tablets offer numerous advantages over regular tablets. They provide 100% bioavailability, ensuring that your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients. The gentle action of effervescent tablets makes them easier on the stomach, reducing the risk of discomfort. Additionally, the hydration benefit of these tablets is a great advantage, especially for those who struggle to drink enough water throughout the day and need to store them in a dry place.

Not to mention, the delicious taste of effervescent tablets makes them a more enjoyable option. Furthermore, they are an excellent choice for individuals who have difficulty swallowing traditional tablets. Lastly, the convenience of on-the-go nutrition and the wide variety of options make effervescent tablets popular among many. So why not experience the benefits for yourself and try effervescent tablets today!


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