Why effervescent tablets are better than regular tablets?

Published : Jul 02, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Feb 28, 2023

Oral dosage forms of tablets are the most extensively used forms of medication around the world. These are available in the form of capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets, syrups and granules. Tablets are solid and this leads to one major drawback, that they are slow in being absorbed by the digestive system. This in turn causes delayed action and this can be overcome by administering the medicine in liquid form. However, many ingredients in medicines and supplements are not stable in liquid form. This is where effervescent tablets become useful. Let us look at the benefits of effervescent tablets vs. regular tablets

 efferverscent tablets

Fast acting

Effervescent tablets are rapid in their reaction when they come in contact with water. The effervescent tablets release carbon dioxide when they come in contact with any liquid and this leads to fast disintegration. They provide good stability along with a fast onset of action as a medicine. A survey was conducted by researchers in USA and Germany. The purpose of this survey was to explore the acceptance among consumers of conventional tablets and capsules along with effervescent tablets. It was found that 50% of the people found the regular tablets and capsule too big to swallow. They preferred the dissolvable tablets compared to the regular ones. Vitamin C effervescent benefits are more as vitamin c is water soluble and should be absorbed faster or else will get flushed out of the body through urine.

Easy to swallow

Effervescent tablets provide an alternative to regular tablets as they take care of most of the problems which are associated with the latter. You don't need to swallow them whole and because they are in liquid form, it is not just easy to swallow them, but they also lead to fast action. They are stable in their composition and the tolerance of the stomach and intestines is also good with these effervescent tablets. It is also easier to incorporate large amount of active ingredients and that too with higher efficiency compared to regular tablets.

On the Go Nutrition

Effervescent tablets are so easy to consume at any time of the day and anywhere, especially the Chicnutrix Beauty Nutrition effervescent range. Just a bottle or a glass of water is all you need, pop one tablet, let it fizz and dissolve and drink the yummy licious drink to get glowing skin and gorgeous hair.

Popularity of effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets are popular nowadays, especially because they can be dissolved in liquids like fruit juice apart from water. Therefore they taste better than regular tablets. Regular tablets take a long time to dissolve in the stomach and due to this sometimes they are only partially dissolved which leads to irritation in some people. The major benefit of effervescent tablets is that they dissolve completely and evenly. This is the reason that there is no localized concentration of the ingredients. Hence it is not just the better taste but also better absorption in the body that makes effervescent tablets more popular.

Effervescent meaning soluble tablets are a better option compared to regular tablets and capsules. They are a great alternative for people who find it difficult to swallow tablets due to illness or age. It has been observed that older people have difficulty in swallowing, but at the same time they need to take the medication or supplement in a regular manner, hence effervescent medicine is the best form. On the other hand some people may have a sore throat or other ailment due to which it is difficult for them to swallow the tablets or capsules. This is the reason that effervescent tablets are a better option compared to regular tablets. You can try some effervescent tablets examples to see the better taste and effect of these tablets. It is always better to opt for supplements especially which are available in effervescent tablet form. This is because they will be evenly distributed in the digestive system and hence they will be absorbed much faster. Due to this they will be completely absorbed by the body and they will provide you with the right amount of supplement that is required by the body. They are also gentle on your stomach.

Taking supplements in effervescent tablet makes it more appealing to sight, smell and taste as it doesn't feel like regular medicinal tablets Here you first of all need to understand the importance of dietary supplements. Ideally our body should get all the nutrients from the food that we eat, but with today's day and age it isn't possible. Due to hectic lifestyles and also the poor quality of foods that we get in the market it is difficult to consume the right amount of nutrients and micronutrients that our body requires. This is the reason that we need to take supplements of vitamins like C, A and E. We also need to consume more zinc and selenium along with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. All these nutrients are not just necessary for the general health of the body, but also help in keeping your hair and skin in a youthful and healthy condition. This in turn enhances your beauty and makes you appear pleasant.

Chicnutrix has a range of beauty supplements with Swiss Effervescent Technology and in yummylicious flavors to solve your beauty concerns, may it be dull hair and skin, pigmentation, acne, hair fall, dandruff. Chicnutrix Beauty Nutrition is a three step solution. All you need to do is Pop, fizz and Cheers!


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