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Top 8 Summer Hair care tips for strong and healthy hair!

Published : July 2, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

summer hair care tips

Summers are the time to opt for a more natural look on your hair. It is the season when you should let go of the perfect and sleek hairdos and go for the natural look. But, it is also important to protect your hair from the sun, heat, and humidity and this is not an endless battle as it seems. It is very easy to keep your hair looking great even in the summer. Let us look at some summer hair care tips for healthy and attractive hair all summer long!

Cover your hair up

It is advisable to cover your hair with a hat or scarf when you are out in the sun. This is one of the summer healthy hair tips which will provide extra protection from the UV rays of the sun and will also help the scalp to retain moisture. A cover on the head also reduces the damage caused by the wind, especially if your hair tangles easily and will also protect colored hair from damage.

Go for loose comfortable hair styles

It is advisable to opt for hair styles like a messy braid or a loose bun. These healthy hair tips will keep your hair under control and reduce the exposure to the sun. Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they pull and tear the hair particularly if the hair is dry due to the summer heat.

Do not wash your hair too often

Washing your hair frequently will strip your hair of the natural oils. This will stimulate the excessive oil production and will make you feel like washing the hair even more. It is better to opt for a natural dry or homemade shampoo made of cornstarch instead of regular shampoo which will help you to be able to avoid washing too frequently. It is also a good idea to soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and dab along the scalp to dissolve the excess oil. This is the best way to take care of hair in summer.

Reduce the heat to protect your hair

Try to avoid blow drying your hair because the hair is already exposed to a lot of heat in the summer. The best part is that your hair will dry fast in the air itself. It is also advisable to avoid flat irons also because you need extra hair care during summer. The heat from blow dryers and flat irons will cause further damage to hair that is already dry. At the same time if you opt for a sleek hairstyle it will only make the frizz stand out even more.

A hair spray for summer

A DIY hairspray that you can make at home, all you need to do is mix aloe vera juice, water, and avocado oil. Simply spray it on your hair with the help of a spraying bottle. This is a great help in case you need some extra moisture or control. Instead of this concoction, you can also use a mixture of argan oil and water.

Be sure to always condition your hair

Dilute some apple cider vinegar in water and rinse your hair with it as it will act like a natural conditioner. It is also advisable to opt for some coconut oil or shea butter to smooth, moisturize and de frizz your hair after washing. However, you should be careful with this because coconut oil and shea butter can both be heavy. The oil will make the hair shine and if you have wavy hair it will give you natural air dried curls. This is one of the best summer hair protection tips because the oil and shea butter will protect the hair from becoming dry in the summer heat.

Use a sunscreen for your hair too

It is advisable to use a shampoo or conditioner which has sunscreen in it. However, if you don't want to use chemicals then it is a good idea to run your hands through your hair, once you have finished applying sunscreen to your body.

Hair protection with hot oil mix

Mix some of the carrier oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and add a few drops of essential oil. Heat the mixture for 5 seconds and apply to the scalp and strands. Massage this oil mixture and leave it on for an hour before rinsing it off with your shampoo and use your conditioner as always. These oils are good at penetrating the shaft and provide the nourishment and boost the shine of the hair and will be one of the best healthy hair tips. Apart from these hair care tips for dry hair in summer you also need to take care of nutrition. It is a good idea to take supplements of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins and minerals to make your hair healthy. You can opt for the dynamic combo of Chicnutrix Bounce and Mighty Omega for strong, bouncy, and nourished hair. Bounce is a complete hair food with Biotin, Selenium and Hair Recovery Complex of Amino acids for a frizz-free, strong and healthy hair with reduced hair fall. If you have dry hair, an itchy scalp and dandruff problems, opt for Chicnutrix Mighty Omega made with pure ocean fish oil, rich in EPA and DHA to nourish hair and scalp from within.


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