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The Best Rakhi Gifts ? Celebration of bond of Love

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Rakhi Gift Who doesn?t love the celebration of a wonderful bond that Raksha Bandhan is all about, the promise of protection, celebration of love and filled with lots of happiness. Especially if you are the one receiving gifts and if you are the one doing the gifting, the frenzy about finding the perfect gift for your favourite sister can be a little daunting. So, why not give her something that is not just useful for her but packed with nutrition for her beauty and tastes yummylicious, too. Give her a gift of health for her skin and hair with Chicnutrix Beauty Potions. These supplements will help your sister deal with whatever skin and hair troubles she faces in her day to day life. Be it hair fall, frizzy hair, dullness, dark spots, acne, pigmentation, these beauty bffs have got her back. Lack of nutrition, the hectic lifestyle, constant styling, environmental factors and stress leads to lots of skin and hair related issues and in her busy lifestyle, it might be hard for her to constantly visit spas for treatments to help solve the problems. Wouldn?t you just love to solve your sisters? problems and protect her from evils of the world (trust us, acne and hair fall are the worst ever: p)? We, at Chicnutrix have a range of products, which are Chicnutrix Glow for skin Glow and Radiance, Chicnutrix Bounce for Healthy, shiny and bouncy hair, Chicnutrix Super C for clear skin and Chicnutrix Mighty Omega for Dry Skin and Hair, Chicnutrix Glow, Bounce and SuperC are made with Premium Swiss Effervescent Technology and are available in the form of Effervescent tablets. They are available in three different and unique flavours. All you need to do is drop one tablet into a glass of water, wait for it to fizz and dissolve and drink it once it completely to dissolve and get its benefits. Chicnutrix Super C is formulated with 1000mg Natural Amla Extract and Zinc, which reduces and prevents acne, provides added sun protection, boosts immunity and boosts collagen production giving you healthy, clear skin in amazingly delicious orange flavour Chicnutrix Glow is formulated with Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C, it reduces dark spots, melanin production, and pigmentation and promotes even skin tone, to give healthy glowing and radiant skin in delicious strawberry-lemon flavour. Chicnutrix Bounce is made with Hair Recovery Complex Amino acids, Biotin and selenium, which reduces and prevents hair fall, hair loss, reduces dull brittle hair and split ends and promotes healthy hair growth cycle, giving you shinier, bouncier hair in yummylicious raspberry flavour and in refreshing and delicious green apple flavour Since, these are available in effervescent form, they are evenly distributed and reaches the stomach at just the right pH for direct absorption. Hence, they have better absorption rate and higher bioavailability. They are also gentle on stomach and have no side effects whatsoever. They are clinically proven and dermatologist approved. They are also easy to carry and can be her On the Go beauty nutrition supplements. Chicnutrix Mighty Omega, made out of pure ocean fish oil is the best Omega-3 supplements in the market, it has high EPA, DHA ratio, which prevents hair and skin dryness, nourishes your skin and hair from within, preventing flaky scalp, redness and unpleasant breakouts. It also reduces inflammation. The best part of this fish oil supplements is that it us burp less, has no fishy after taste and is mercury free. Mighty Omega is dermatologist approved, clinically proven and is available in amazing delicious chocolate flavoured capsules. All these beauty nutrition products can be consumed daily at any time of the day for the amazing skin and hair benefits. If you want to pamper your sister and give her dose of beauty nutrition with these yummylicious drinks that work their magic on skin as well as hair, you can buy them here- https://magecube.dev/chic/shop-all/


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