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Managing PCOS Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Tips And Remedies

Published : October 11, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

Managing PCOS Melasma Tips And Strategies

Dealing with PCOS can be challenging, and one of the common symptoms many women face is melasma - those stubborn dark skin patches that can make you feel self-conscious. But don't worry, you're not alone on this journey. In this blog, we will dive deep into how PCOS causes these dark skin patches and explore effective strategies to manage them. We'll discuss natural ways to heal your skin, including tips on improving blood sugar levels, exercising regularly, and shedding excess weight.

Can PCOS increase melanin?

PCOS itself does not directly increase melanin production. Melanin is responsible for determining skin, hair, and eye color, and its production is primarily influenced by genetic factors. However, hormonal imbalances associated with PCOS can lead to changes in the skin, including hyperpigmentation or darkening in certain areas. This can occur due to increased insulin levels, which may stimulate the production of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) or affect how melanin is distributed in the skin. It's important to consult a healthcare professional or dermatologist to determine the cause of any skin changes and discuss appropriate treatment options.

PCOS and Skin Problem

Having PCOS can sometimes lead to skin problems, but don't worry, you're not alone! Many women with PCOS experience issues like acne, oily skin, or unwanted hair growth. PCOS can also cause dry ski and dandruff in many women.
Here are some helpful hints for people with PCOS who are experiencing skin issues:
• Invest in an excellent body butter or moisturiser.
• Keep an eye on the heated bath water.
• Consult a dermatologist.
• Make sure your acne is under control.
• Treat symptoms as soon as possible.

PCOS and Dark Skin Remedies

Skin tags and hyperpigmentation caused by PCOS are often overlooked, especially if they appear in areas of the body that are mostly covered by clothing. However, these patches of darkened skin serve as a warning sign that you need to address the root cause of your PCOS. Hyperpigmentation is not a disease, but rather an indication of issues with sugar metabolism, fat storage, or insulin resistance in the body. The majority of treatment approaches aim to address these underlying factors through a healthy PCOS diet, exercise, and supplements that naturally correct hormone imbalances. Over time, these dark patches of skin typically fade away once your insulin levels and weight are brought under control.

Here are some PCOS dark skin solutions that could help you cure naturally:
• Blood sugar levels should be improved.
• Exercise on a regular basis
• Reduce your weight
• Natural ways to lower testosterone levels.
• Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis.
• Coconut oil is a good option.
• Supplements can be beneficial.

PCOS and Dark Neck Remedies

Darkening of the neck, also known as acanthosis nigricans, is a common symptom of PCOS. It occurs due to insulin resistance, which is a hallmark of this condition. While it may be frustrating, there are steps you can take to manage this symptom.
• Getting in Shape
• Hormones that stabilise the body
• Diabetic management
• Certain drugs should be avoided.
Stay positive and take care of yourself - you've got this!

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation from PCOS?

Many people try to treat Hyperpigmentation caused by PCOS by topical creams, chemical peels, laser treatment. The more effective ways to treat hyperpigmentation are healthy diet, lifestyle and hormone balance. Remember always treat the root of the problem, not the symptom. Each person's experience with hyperpigmentation may vary, so it's important to consult a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your specific situation.

For many young women who suffer from PCOS, hyperpigmentation around mouth can affect their self-confidence and can cause despair.
Chicnutrix Glow is made with Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C. It will help reduce dark spots and pigmentation and promote even-toned, glowing skin. Glutathione inhibits trysoine activity which reduces pigmentation and promotes even-toned skin. It is available in delcious strawberry-lemon flavor.
Chicnutrix Cysterhood and Cysterhood Inositol are such supplements that help in managing PCOS. Cysterhood is manufactured using Swiss Effervescent Technology and prepared with clinically tested components, 600 mg of N-acetylcysteine, and Vitamin C, resulting in a well-balanced mix that supports hormone and ovarian health from the inside out. Balances the hormones via means of decreasing androgens and testosterone. It additionally regulates the menstrual cycle, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, helps ovulation, and improves reproductive health and insulin resistance. It tastes great in a splendid strawberry flavour.
Cysterhood Inositol is made up of a proprietary blend of scientifically proven ratios of Myo-inositol to D-chiro-inositol (Caronositol): Vegan Vitamin D3, Vitamin B9 (Folate), and Chromium in a 3.6:1 ratio. It aids in the reduction of high insulin levels, which decreases insulin resistance, as well as the regulation of ovulatory cycles, which aids in the improvement of fertility, the reduction of inflammation, and the balancing of hormones. It aids in the prevention of Vitamin D3 deficiency and the management of PCOS weight. The MI: DCI ratio of 3.6:1 has been shown to boost the pregnancy rate by 65.5 percent. It tastes great in a yummy raspberry flavour.
All of them are made with clinically proven ingredients, are vegan and gluten-free, and have been approved by doctors. They are mild on the stomach and delicious in taste.


In conclusion, managing PCOS melasma requires a holistic approach that addresses the underlying hormonal imbalance. By following a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, and incorporating natural remedies such as coconut oil and zinc supplements, you can effectively reduce the appearance of dark skin patches caused by PCOS.

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