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Bonolive for Bone Health

Published : September 3, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

Calcium as we all know is an essential mineral needed by our body that can be found in many foods. This mineral is mainly stored in the bones and teeth in your body. You need calcium to keep bones healthy and strong throughout your life. Due to our stressful lifestyle, we don't get enough calcium through our diets. Hence, supplements are needed.

But your bones need supplements that can give more than just Calcium and Vitamin D3.

Bonolive for Bone Health

They need Bonolive.

What is Bonolive ? you ask Well, don't fret, as this blog is here to help you know everything you need to know about Bonolive, like what is it? How does it work? What are its benefits and side effects?

All these doubts are answered below:

What is Bonolive?

Bonolive? is a natural and clinically proven ingredient obtained from olives to help support healthy bones. This is a patent-preserved component as well as an authentic innovation for natural bone aid and will make a precious addition to any bone health regimen.

Bone health from olives:

Bonolive? is a water-soluble olive leaf extract known for its oleuropein content. It is an effective phytonutrient exclusive to the olive tree. Oleuropein has proven to nurture bone formation via the means of improving the variety and process of bone constructing cells.

Bonolive? can bee seamlessly incorporated into our nutritional supplements, clinical nutrition, and useful beverages helping support healthy bone metabolism.

What is bone metabolism?

Bone metabolism is a lifelong procedure in which mature bone tissue is eliminated from the skeleton through osteoclasts (bone resorption) and new bone tissue is fashioned with the aid of using osteoblasts (new bone formation). These methods also manage the reshaping or the renewal of bone following accidents like fractures, and micro-damage, which takes place in the course of regular activity.

In the primary 12 months of life, nearly 100% of the skeleton is replaced. In adults remodelling proceeds at approximately 10% yearly. Since bone-forming activity is more than bone breakdown, adults are capable of preserving healthy bones. But as we age and due to stress, inflammation, etc the process of breakdown is higher than formation. Hence, it is essential to add Bonolive ? to our diet.

How does it work?

Oleuropein is one of the major components found in Bonolive?, it is an efficient phytonutrient exclusive to the olive tree. At the cellular stage, it promotes bone formation by inhibiting adipocyte differentiation and improving differentiation into osteoblasts (bone constructing cells). It increases the formation of new bone cells by 32%.

Bonolive? is a clinically verified bone health supplement. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-managed research proved that Bonolive? has notable outcomes on stimulation of bone constructing cells and blood.

Intake of Bonolive? results in an exceptional bioavailability of bioactive metabolites via the goal population to be used of Bonolive?.

Benefits of Bonolive:

  • Clinically proven health outcomes

  • Unique mode of action

  • Superior bioavailability

  • Patent preserved

  • Water-soluble

Side effects of Bonolive:

Some humans are allergic to the pollen produced through olive trees and can have an allergy while taking Bonolive, seeing that derived from olives. The allergies may also consist of coughing, vertigo, stomach pains, and headaches. Other than those reactions, Bonolive has no negative impact within the least.

Which supplement contains Bonolive?

Chicnutrix Calciolive is the only supplement in India with Bonolive ?. It is a daily calcium supplement with olive leaf extract to strengthen the bones. It contains Bonolive? from olive leaf extracts calcium, and vegan vitamin D3. It is made with Swiss Effervescent Technology and clinically proven ingredients. It is medical expert-approved and is 100% vegan. It has no known side effects unless you are allergic to any specific ingredients. It is gentle on the stomach, absorbs faster due to the vegan vitamin D3, and has a delicious strawberry flavor.

So, make Chicnutrix Calciolive?  your new #BoneBFF because your bones need more than just Calcium and Vitamin D3!!

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