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Daily struggles of PCOS Women

Published : July 6, 2021 6 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

How I Became #StrongerThanPCOS - My PCOS Story

Hello there, all you gorgeous women! As we speak, PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is getting more and more common between females across the globe. Today, I would like to share my experience with this condition and tell you all about how I beat it and emerged #StrongerThanPCOS!

First, let?s start by understanding what PCOS really is. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common hormonal disorder that affects ovaries in women during childbearing years. This results in irregular menstrual cycles and other unwanted body changes.

In 2018, I was officially diagnosed with PCOS. Studies say that 1 in 10 women have it and more than 50% of women don't even know they have it.? The average woman sees at least 5 different practitioners before they even get a diagnosis. I dealt with at least 5 physicians before a doctor suggested I may have PCOS.? When I heard the news I thought to myself: Okay great. Now what? I didn't even know what PCOS meant, what it could do to the body, or that it would eventually get worse.? I asked the doctor what it was and the only thing she had told me was: well, do you have a boyfriend? I told her no.? She then told me that it wasn't really a big issue until I would be ready to have kids and until then she would just give me the pill so that my periods would come regularly.? That was the end of that.? I took the pill and I felt even worse the first month.? I decided to never take the pill again and ignored my symptoms.? However, I find that the pill works differently on every one.? For some women, it may regulate their periods, for some it won't make them stop.? For me, my periods came but made me extremely dizzy to the point where I almost once fainted.

?At this time, I can't recommend the use of the pill because it doesn't fix the underlying problem, it just hides them for a short while.? At the time, ignoring my problems probably wasn't the best idea, but I had no idea what PCOS was and so didn't think too much of it.? After some time, my symptoms started getting worse and worse and I had no idea that they were all connected. However, the one symptom that had me down was my loss of confidence. It even put me in depression and had me at my lowest form of self-love. Now, you see, nobody told me that would happen and I truly wish that someone had. I started researching and found that this was a lifestyle condition that occurred? to me due to unhealthy food habits. The most common PCOS symptoms are as followed:

  • Acne
  • Hirsutism (facial hair)
  • Irregular periods, no periods whatsoever, or periods that will last literally months, non-stop
  • Easy weight gain, obesity (especially in the abdominal area)
  • Insulin resistance (dark patches on skin like the back of your neck, underarms, between the breasts, groin area, on heels, etc)
  • High cholesterol
  • Thinning hair on scalp
  • Infertility
  • Many miscarriages
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Diabetes

and unfortunately, the list goes on?

I have been personally struggling with irregular periods, hirsutism, obesity, insulin resistance, ovarian cysts, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and gluten-intolerance.? I first got my periods when I was 11 years old, and they have been irregular since.? Doctors believed that they were irregular because I did a lot of exercise (gymnastics and cheerleading).? My periods were irregular in the sense that they would come on and off, or 6-10 times a year. ? However, when I turned 18 years old, different symptoms started to appear.? First was the weight gain.? I had stopped participating in any type of sports because I couldn't afford going to a gymnastics gym and I was essentially on a student's budget.? I bought the cheapest, easiest, most unhealthy food you could imagine and I started gaining weight.? My friends used to tell me don't worry, it's normal.?

The 1-2 kgs weight gain that seemed normal then, shockingly turned into 15 kgs before I knew it!? After that, my weight never went down and kept steadily going up.? Soon after, I started getting hair on my face.? I didn't know why this was happening to me.? I'm a woman, I'm not supposed to have hair there.? That's when I went to the doctor and she did an ultrasound of my ovaries.? After the diagnosis, I found out that I had multiple cysts on my ovaries and that I was insulin resistant. Doctors believe that the underlying reason for PCOS is insulin resistance.? But, that wasn't even the bad news. The bad news is that there is no known cure!

The constant weight gain wasn't good for me.? It isn't good for anybody.? Because of it,? my hirsutism became worse, expanding everywhere on my face, chin and even chest.? It's embarrassing.? No, it's humiliating. Having facial hair really hurt my self-esteem.? I didn't have a boyfriend and I was too scared to approach guys that I had a crush on.? I had a male friend in university who asked me if I was a lesbian because I never had a boyfriend.? My self-confidence was as low as it could be.

Learning to live with facial hair means that shaving, plucking, trimming, waxing, or bleaching will not, cannot, fix the problem. It only makes it worse.? My friends always told me to shave or wax my face.? I did.? Trust me.? It only made it worse.? The hair came out thicker, longer, blacker than ever before.?

I think the hardest part of having PCOS are the people around you.? They don't fully understand what is happening and try to give you advice that doesn't work like it would on a normal person. These friends didn't understand that us, ladies with PCOS, fight these cravings every day. We want to eat carbs and sugar, and dieting is extremely hard and takes a lot of self-control.? We fight this urge every day.? PCOS is a visible and invisible disorder which sometimes makes it hard for people to understand. It's not going to disappear in one day.? No, we have to work hard, much harder than a normal person, to make the symptoms lessen, but unfortunately they will never fully disappear.

In June 2021, my mother introduced me to Chicnutrix Cysterhood. Made with Swiss Effervescent Technology and formulated with clinically tested ingredients, N-acetylcysteine and Vitamin C, a balanced formulation that helps support your hormone and ovarian health inside out. This miraculously took care of each and everyone of my PCOS woes. My periods were never delayed and i felt lighter, brighter and happier. It works so smoothly and so effectively, I just can?t get enough. Just one yummy supplement and my periods came back naturally without taking any medication. That?s when I realised that I am definitely so much stronger than PCOS. I was then motivated to workout, eat healthier. Since then, my periods have been regular and with the shedded weight has made me a much happier, more confident person!

You can too. Just a few lifestyle changes and believe me you, you will be good to go - PCOS or not!


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