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Bridal Skin Care Routine for every Bride-To Be?

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Hello Miss Beautiful Bride-To be!! The D-day is around the corner and there a trillion things that needs to be in check.
  • Outfit-Check
  • Jewellery-Check
  • Makeup-Check
  • Venue-Check
But what about your Skin & Hair?? Isn't it the most important thing that needs to be taken care of on your D-Day?? Looking flawlessly beautiful & radiant is everyday Bride?s dream. And we are here to give you an inside scoop of how to Slay That Day!! So let's quickly get on to these amazing tips & Tricks for every Bride out there to look the best on her D-Day!!

1.Obey the CTM Rule:-

CTM-Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising the thumb rule you need to follow as an important part of your Bridal Skin care Routine. Use a good cleanser to get rid of all the dirt & debris settled on your skin followed with a toner and a moisturiser depending on what your skin type is!!You don't want that makeup to pop out of that dry skin or dry flakes when you are all decked up.Give your skin that extra boost of pampering to look your best on the main event.

2.Love is in the Hair:-

Ladies I am sure you don't want any hair battles on the biggest day of your life. No tangling,no breakage and no dry hair is on the wishlist of every bride. The struggle is real!!Identify the hair problem and switch to products that are more natural and free of chemicals.Nourish your hair deeply,give it all the extra attention needed! Because Love is in the hair?..

3.Dont ignore the Night Routines:-

A lot of you must be ignorant to night time beauty regimes but to be honest it is a crucial part of your day to day routines. For the bride-To be it is important that night time skin & Hair routine is taken care of. It could be application of some good skin serums or hair serums.It's all about relaxing your hair & skin over the night from all the harsh effects it has been throughout the day. Our body loves routine specially the pampering ones :?)

4.Spa On:-

Who doesn't like those amazing pampering sessions at the salon!! We crib for it almost every month.And Hello Bride!! You officially have an excuse to visit the spa that often.Make sure you visit the spa a couple of days before your wedding because Girl..wedding rituals are never ending and can make your hair look lifeless.And you dont wanna look that dull on the wedding day!! You could also switch to DIY Spas at home to go all organic!!

5.Sip Sip Sip on some Beauty Nutrition:-

Girls...the best you could do for yourself is to stay hydrated all day!!Drink at least 5-6 litres of water everyday.Adding an Effervescent Tablet of Chicnutrix Glow, Chicnutrix Super C and Chicnutrix Bounce for Glowing, Radiant and Clear skin as well as strong, lustorus and shiny hair. Keep your body hydrated to flawless skin and beautiful hair. Water helps in flushing out all toxins from your body. Say Cheers to Beauty Nutrition and Get Wedding ready!!


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