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Anti-Aging Benefits of Collagen

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

As the buzzword through 2020, collagen supplements and powders have been invading the market by storm. And it?s not surprising that the momentum of this hype is only growing stronger. So, what exactly is collagen? Collagen is a remarkable protein that is produced in the body that keeps bones and tissues together. It?s like a glue of sorts that maintains skin elasticity. It also helps prevent acne and reverses the signs of aging. Several dermatologists will vouch for the benefits of consuming collagen to prevent the early onset of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles. But, does it really work to rewind time? Let?s take a look at how collagen works as an anti-aging treatment through oral means.

Collagen Benefits for Aging and Wrinkles

Boosts hyaluronic acid production

Collagen is one of the best anti-aging supplements you can take. It essentially contains the amino acid hydroxyproline, which is a unique component for youthful skin. Prolyl-hydroxyproline, which is a collagen fragment that consists of two amino acids only, was found to kickstart skin cells in vitro (in cells) to produce more HA or hyaluronic acid. What hyaluronic acid does is provide the skin with the water content it needs to remain supple and plump.

Clinical trials on collagen

Studies show that a daily dose of 5g of collagen peptides was able to significantly improve skin hydration after eight weeks. It was also able to increase collagen density and decrease its fragmentation in skin in just four weeks. While supplementation alone cannot do miracles, eating foods rich in water content such as fresh fruits and vegetables can make a difference to your skin?s overall appearance. Pair oral collagen with the right foods to keep your skin healthy and you?ll notice results sooner than expected.

Skincare products with collagen and HA

While it?s important to supplement with collagen to reap the benefits of smooth and tighter skin, your skincare ritual will play an important part in making the most out of your collagen intake. To get the best aging care, look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, collagen peptides, glycerin, bakuchiol, retinol (vitamin A), vitamin E, vitamin C, silk protein, AHAs and BHAs in your skincare products. These ingredients as well as others that produce the same effects can help keep your skin plump, smooth and moisture rich.

Enriched collagen supplements recommended by experts

Besides being a rich source of Japanese marine collagen peptides, Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen is one of the best anti-aging products. It contains an ideal dose of hyaluronic acid that your skin needs. Its moisture-retaining properties can improve your skin?s health by making it plumper, tighter and smoother. Being the first of its kind in India, Beauty Collagen is the best collagen supplement for sagging skin. It is a gel-based shot that is ready to drink anywhere, anytime. When consumed religiously, Beauty Collagen can work its magic in 90 days to give you youthful, supple skin. Aging gracefully is something we all want to do without having to succumb to invasive procedures such as cosmetic surgery. That?s why it?s smart to start early by cleaning up your diet, following a good skincare routine and stocking up on Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen. Cheers to youthful skin!


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