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7 reasons why pregnant women need Chicnutrix Mighty Omega

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Omega Supplements During Pregnancy Omega-3 fish oil supplements are essential to maintain overall health including our skin and hair but omega-3 is especially important during pregnancy. But with so many fishes in the sea of Omega-3 supplements, it is difficult to pick the right and the best omega-3 supplement for pregnancy in India. When looking for an Omega-3 supplement for pregnancy, it is also important to look at the EPA and DHA ratio present in them as they are also essential in pregnancy. With our seas and ocean being so polluted, the marine life in it has also become toxic with heavy metals which can lead to mercury and lead poisoning, so consuming seafood during pregnancy is limited. Vegan or vegetarian Omega-3 food for pregnancy, do not contain sufficient EPA and DHA in them. Hence, fish oil capsules are highly recommended and the best omega-3 supplement is Chicnutrix Mighty Omega as it is the better omega and why you ask? Well, here?s why-

Why pregnant women need Omega-3

  1. Consuming enough Omega-3s during the pregnancy has numerous benefits for your child that include higher intelligence, better communication and social skills, and fewer behavioral problems.
  2. It supports foetal growth including foetal brain and eyes development.
  3. It contains EPA and DHA readily available in a high ratio of 3:2::EPA:DHA, unlike vegan omega supplements which do not contain EPA and DHA.
  4. It reduces the risk of developmental delay, autism and ADHD.
  5. Chicnutrix Mighty Omega contains 1250 mg of Omega-3 and is made with pure ocean fish oil. It is highly processed to ensure that it is free of mercury and other heavy, toxic metals.
  6. Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is burpless and has no fishy aftertaste (so hopefully, it should not cause you any nausea). Instead, it is a chocolate flavored softgel capsules.
  7. It is clinically tested, gynaecologist approved, GMO-free, pure & potent and gentle on the stomach.
Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is available in a jar of 60 soft gel capsules. One capsule contains more nutrients than the amount of foods you need to eat, to get the same amount of omega-3 fatty acids through foods. With seafood out of the race, it is better to opt for marine supplements to fulfill the omega-3 needs. The fish oil supplements are much better than the vegan omega-3 supplements. Check out the blog - Marine Omega v/s Vegan Omega to know more.


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