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TOP 7 Reasons for Hairfall

Published : July 2, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Hair fall is absolutely a universal topic, according to American Academy of dermatology it is normal to shed 50 to 100 hair strands daily, so we should not stress over it reason- Stress is one of the reason for hair fall (Don?t give hair fall a reason to fall). If you lose more than 50 to 100 strands daily then it is a hair loss issue and in that case, we should treat this problem with the utmost care and tranquil behavior. It happens that we get into the trap of believing all the lore stories, and the best way to get out of anything is to educate yourself with the facts. To analyze and to get over it step one is- EDUCATE! Once you are clear with the concepts, then even a layman can master it. Here in this blog we will understand- Top 7 reasons for Hair fall.

1. Hormonal Changes

The term Hormone comes from the Greek word Horman which means ?to stir up or excite?. A human body produces on and around 200 hormones which has the power to regulate everything from water balance in the body, appetite, hair growth, human reproduction up to Sex drive, of all the hormonal changes the first most symptom is hair fall. Menopause, birth control pills, high blood sugar and many more has a direct effect on hair fall.

2. Lack of Proteins

Our hair strands are made up of protein called ?Keratin? which is produced in the follicles. Proteins are not only essential for our body but also for our hair. Even a single strand of hair contains proteins and if there is a lack of proteins then the hair strands starts entering the freeze phase and later on the freeze strands starts to fall out.

3. Post-Pregnancy

Hair loss in the post-pregnancy phase is quite evitable, and there is nothing to worry about because it is a temporary phase and there is a scientific reason behind it. Doctor Joanne Stone says- The estrogen level in the body increases which freezes the hair when you are pregnant and after the baby is born the estrogen level decreases, and during post-pregnancy the freeze hair starts to shed. The shedding process starts from month third or fourth of post pregnancy and ends by the sixth month.

4. Lack of Nutrients

Lack of Vitamin D is the major reason for Hair loss.Vitamin D is involved in the creation of new hair follicles (tiny pores from which hair grows), this is the area where vitamin D plays a considerable role. Biotin which is also known as Vitamin B7,plays a big role in stimulating hair growth and healthy nails. Biotin is water-soluble that is why it is not stored in the body. Biotin can be taken in the form of supplementation or by eating biotin rich foods like Egg yolk, Avocado, Liver, Banana, Dairy products and many more. Where in selenium is yet another essential for our body. Selenium is a component, which has on and around 35 proteins out of which some are enzymes and because of the selenium deficiency in the body hair loss is bound to happen.The lack of so many proteins can lead to many side effects we may not even be aware of.

5. Stress

Your body produces extra hormones when in stress and the term is ?fight response? because of which hair falls out. When extra hormones are produced it affects the follicles of the scalp. And stress is the major issue that we face now a days, stress can be of any type it can be of any type Mental stress or Physical stress. Stress is the root cause of overthinking and over thinking some way or the other affects our health. For example- Overthinking affects our sleeping pattern as well and less sleep leads to hair fall.

6. Scalp Infections

Dandruff which is also known as eczema, one of the most prevailing reasons of the scalp infection which we all have faced or we all are facing, other is Scalp Psoriasis in which the scalp suffers red patches or flaky skin, Ringworm is an infection which is caused by fungus, these are some of the scalp infections because of which we face hair loss.

7. Anemia

Anaemia is the Iron Deficiency in the body, this can be treated by balancing the iron level in the body for which right supplements are required. Research says that because of the iron deficiency the hair follicle particularly gets sensitive and that restricts the new cells to grow and this process leads to hair fall.


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