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Top 7 Reasons for Breakouts on Face

Published : July 2, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Top 7 reason for breakouts on face Acne during puberty is common and it usually subsides as you grow beyond your teens. Adult acne can be very disappointing and it is very difficult to get rid of. Of course there are a large number of lotions, serums and potions available in the market, but the real cure lies in getting to the root of the problem. In order to treat acne it is first necessary to understand what is causing it. If you find out what is causing the problem of skin breakouts then it becomes easier to treat it. There are some common causes for adult acne. Let us look at them in detail. Acne can be caused but internal and external factors both. If your acne is being caused by internal factors then it is a good idea to take supplements containing vitamin C and zinc. One such excellent supplement is Chicnutrix Super C which not only helps in clearing breakouts, but also prevents further breakouts, provdes added sun protetion and boosts collagen production..

Hormone Fluctuations

There are many hormonal fluctuations before a woman?s menstrual cycle. For instance, increase in the production of progesterone increases the production of sebum and the excessive secretion of the oil can cause clogged pores and pimples. Androgens which are male hormones like testosterone also have a similar effect on the sebum production and this is the reason that adult acne breakouts are a problem for both men and women.


It is common knowledge that stress plays a major role in skin problems like acne. Most researchers believe that stress causes an extra production of the hormone cortisol. This hormone is also produced locally in the hair follicles of the skin. However, cortisol is also an important compound that helps in regulating many different bodily functions. In spite of that excess production of the hormone can affect in a negative manner such as causing pimples on the skin.


Although most researchers are certain that pollution causes acne, they are not sure about the effect of the UV rays in this matter. Of course it has been proved that harmful UV rays of the sun cause fine lines, wrinkles leading to premature aging and they also increase the risk of skin cancer. However, it has not yet been proved that they cause acne. Pollution dirt on the other hand covers your skin with a layer that clogs pores and hence causes acne. It is a good idea to make an acne breakout chart to understand when and why you get acne.

Using the wrong skin care products

If you have oily skin then you should use skin care products that are non-comedogenic water based or oil free. This will ensure that these products don?t clog your pores. It is good to try using a gel based moisturizer and sun screens to prevent acne breakouts.

Too Frequent or Intense Cleansing

Of course cleansing your face and skin is necessary, but too much of it can make acne worse. Too much of cleansing can dry your face and in reaction to this the sebaceous glands will produce more oil than necessary to compensate for the dryness. The same is true of exfoliation. If you exfoliate too often or with harsh products then it will increase the breakouts on your skin.

Some Foods

This is different for different people because there is no research proven fact that eating oily or junk food can cause acne. However, some people may notice that their acne worsens after eating certain foods. They in turn should avoid these foods and make an acne breakout chart. A chart will point out the foods and other factors that cause an exacerbation of acne. It is also a good idea to consult your dermatologist before you decide on cutting out some foods from your diet.

Some Health Conditions

Some health conditions like PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Disorder can cause acne due to the upsetting of hormones. This ailment also causes irregular periods, weight gain and facial hair. PCOD is also known to cause hormonal acne and for this you need to take the right kind of medication after consulting a doctor. These are the major reasons that cause skin breakouts and you need to adopt different measures for treating them. As mentioned above supplements like Chicnutrix Super C will take care of many of the factors and free you from the pain of acne.


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