PCOS & Mood swings, food cravings

Published : Oct 11, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023

Our mind and body are interlinked, changes in one can affect the other. PCOS Cysters generally have excess male hormone production, irregular menstruation periods, and ovarian cysts. These changes in the body can affect PCOS women mentally causing constant cravings, mood swings, anxiety and at times depression. PCOS can affect your reproductive and metabolic health, as well as cause a variety of symptoms.

While the exact origins of PCOS are unknown, genetics is thought to play a role, potentially alongside other health and lifestyle risk factors.

Mood Changes

PCOS has been linked to mood fluctuations, anxiety, and sadness. It's thought that aberrant brain chemistry and disruption of the brain-gut axis are to blame.

Female hormones can produce mood swings, especially at certain points throughout the menstrual cycle and it can be difficult to distinguish them from PCOS mood fluctuations.

PCOS, on the other hand, can cause your cycle to be disrupted by blocking ovulation, so if you're missing periods and experiencing mood swings, PCOS could be the cause.

Anxiety and sadness are both indications of a variety of other disorders, as well as illnesses in and of themselves. To figure out what's causing your mood problems, you and your doctor will need to look at your overall health and lifestyle, as well as any other symptoms you're experiencing.

Food cravings

Sugar cravings are a common symptom of PCOS, which is caused by insulin resistance.

PCOS affects women who have high insulin levels in their blood. Insulin can interfere with the activity of other appetite-regulating hormones, causing hunger. Sugar and processed carbs, in particular, can cause a sugar rush and crash cycle, which can lead to increased cravings.

Cravings associated with PCOS can be exceedingly harmful. Binge eating disorder is more common in people with PCOS. Obesity increases your chances of having a lot of food cravings, making weight loss more difficult.

Keep an eye out for indications that could indicate that your desires are insulin related.

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Irritability

  • Hunger-induced rage (also known as "hanger").

A weight loss plan is part of the lifestyle treatment for those who are obese and have PCOS, which is made more difficult when you are prone to food cravings. Here are seven strategies for avoiding food cravings:

  • Don't Forget to Eat

  • Sugary and processed foods should be avoided.

  • Concentrate on Protein

  • Don't Purchase Enticing Foods

  • Exercise on a regular basis

  • Ask yourself, ?If you're Hungry, or is it just a craving?

  • Take an Insulin Sensitizer if you're diabetic.

PCOS cannot be cured, but it can be treated to prevent it from worsening over time. This is possible with the right workout and diet. However, a diet alone will not provide you with the nutrients you need to manage PCOS, thus supplementation is always recommended.

Chicnutrix Cysterhood NAC and Cysterhood Inositol are supplements that help in managing PCOS. Cysterhood is manufactured using Swiss Effervescent Technology and prepared with clinically tested components, 600 mg of N-acetylcysteine, and Vitamin C, resulting in a well-balanced mix that supports hormone and ovarian health from the inside out. Balances the hormones via way of means of decreasing androgens and testosterone. It additionally regulates the menstrual cycle, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, helps ovulation, improves reproductive health and insulin resistance. It is great on taste in a splendid strawberry flavour.

Cysterhood Inositol is made up of a proprietary blend of scientifically proven ratios of Myo-inositol to D-chiro-inositol (Caronositol): Vegan Vitamin D3, Vitamin B9 (Folate), and Chromium in a 3.6:1 ratio. It aids in the reduction of high insulin levels, which reduces insulin resistance, as well as the modulation of ovulatory cycles, which helps with fertility, inflammation reduction, and hormone balancing. It aids in the prevention of Vitamin D3 deficiency as well as the weight management associated with PCOS. The 3.6:1 MI: DCI ratio has been demonstrated to increase pregnancy rates by 65.5 percent. It has a delicious raspberry flavour to it.

Both are made with clinically proven ingredients, are vegan and gluten-free, and have received doctor approval. On the stomach, it is both gentle and pleasant, as well as on the taste.

Along with Cysterhood there is another product that helps us cysters control our food cravings and that product is Chicnutrix Lean. Chicnutrix Lean is a power drink with 5 clinically proven ingredients. It contains a Thermogenic blend of L-Carnitine Carnipure and natural ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia & Green Tea with the added benefit of Vitamin B6 and L-Leucine. It improves metabolism, burns fat, manages weight. It also suppresses appetite and hunger pangs. Burns fat to create usable energy, prevents loss of muscle by providing energy for protein synthesis, blocks fat production and helps in healthy weight management. It's 100% vegan, trusted by experts, gentle on the stomach, and has a delicious mango flavour.

Hey! Don't limit your life simply because you have PCOS; we're all human. It's a daily struggle, and you're not alone. Embrace the #CYSTERHOOD and Lean Towards Good Health!!


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