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Latest global health and wellness trends

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

Wellness Trends

The Global Wellness Summit forecasted the  latest wellness trends. According to their forecast, wellness would not just be confined to the spas and fitness centers, but will encompass all the areas of life. The rise of health and wellness trends has created an explosive multibillion dollar market. There is wellness tourism, wellness architecture, wellness lifestyle, sleep, sexual wellness and more. The sudden pandemic that broke out all over the world has only given a boost to the consciousness of people about their wellness. Let us look in detail to the latest health trends.


Sleep has become such an over the top wellness trend that people have actually started obsessing with it. This has given rise to orthosomnia which is a condition where anxiety over sleep causes sleep problems. The reason that in spite of all the efforts there are a lot of cases of lack of proper sleep or even insomnia. This is because the lifestyles that we lead defy the basic facts of circadian biology. We, like other organisms, have internal daily clocks which are known as circadian rhythms. This controls all our biological systems and the circadian rhythm depends a lot on the lifestyle that we lead. Late nights are common and they affect the sleep cycle. This is the reason that we need to modify our lifestyles and behave in tune with nature. So that we sleep at the time that is meant for sleep and keep awake during the day to be able to absorb enough light.

Aging differently and happily

The 60+ old generation is aging in a different way than earlier. Nowadays retirees start businesses, travel widely and even run marathons. They have the longevity and substantial wealth to take care of themselves by paying more attention to health, wellness and nutrition. The market is also changing accordingly catering more and more to the senior citizens. Many companies are producing and marketing items especially aimed at the aging population. In fact nowadays aging is taken as a positive thing and not really something to be afraid of. The quality of life of the senior citizens is much better than it was a generation earlier. Aging is considered cool in these times and this is one of the best healthcare trends.

Mental wellness and technology

Mental health is moving far beyond the couch of the psychologist. Technical advancement has ensured that people can carry their mental wellness paraphernalia in their pockets on their laptops and even within Facebook messenger. There are also a lot of wellness products and services available in the market. There is a whole host of wellness tools like chatbots, apps and digital support groups. They combat the modern day mental health issues like burnout, anxiety and loneliness. These are combined with traditional medical models and created a holistic approach to psychological wellbeing.

Energy medicine gets serious

Even scientists and doctors are becoming aware of the existence of the energy body. Both doctors and wellness practitioners are using the potential of electromagnetic light and sound which aim at healing your energy body. More and more people are opting for treatments like acupuncture, reiki, chakra balancing, qigong, or sound baths. These methods were in existence earlier also but the modern allopathic system of medicine did not accept them. Now they too are starting to get up and notice what traditional systems of medicine like Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Shamanic traditions have been saying for centuries. More and more people are turning towards these ancient systems of medicines to take care of their energy bodies and flesh and bones as well. This is one of the major wellness trends  which enhances the quality of life of individuals.

Beauty and wellness have become trends

There are many other wellness trends that have become popular in 2020. As mentioned above, the recent pandemic of the corona virus has made people more aware and active about their wellness. Of course the above mentioned trends are there, but there is also a shift in the eating habits of people in general. People are opting for more nutritious food instead of the usual junk and oily food that was popular until recently. People are also taking care of their skin and hair with beauty supplements like Chicnutrix Glow and Chicnutrix Bounce which contain compounds necessary for the skin and hair.


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