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IV Therapy / Drip Bars

Published : September 2, 2022 1 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
That?s right! Ever felt like absolute crap after a night of drinking or over-exhausted after recovering from the flu and that the vitamins and minerals aren?t acting fast enough? Then this one?s for you ? IV Hydration Therapy is an intravenous method of hydration. You?re basically hydrating yourself in the fastest way possible.?

Drip Bars are totally safe and a really hot, new health trend in 2022. The best part is that you don?t actually need anyone?s approval for it. The freedom to choose how you want to cure your dehydration has never been better. Talk about taking matters into your own hand, right? Some of the most common reasons for taking Intravenous Therapy are hangovers, dehydration from the flu, overexertion, jet lags, dehydrated skin, or simply to maintain hydration levels during the heat of the summer.?

IV drips can be great immunity boosters as well as a method of skincare for dry skin. It acts as a hydrating toner and gives the skin a natural glow, something like what you would receive if you went for a ?skin glow treatment?. Drip Bars not only provide hydration, but also provide vitamins and antioxidants such as Glutathione via Glutathione IV. The aim is to provide the most powerful antioxidant support, fast.?

Well, much like with all things that seem too good to be true, there are some cons and perils of IV Therapy too. First of all, it is expensive, so everyone can?t really afford it. Secondly, many of the issues marketed for one to try IV Hydration Therapy aren?t caused by dehydration to start with. For instance, jet lag isn?t caused by dehydration but is one of the top-selling points to try it out. And lastly, it could create behavioural changes such as becoming dependant on quick fixes or even making your body habituated to not doing its job and relying on an external fix.?

If you take the leap and do try it out, be sure to let us know how it went!


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