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Hydration Importance For Hair

Published : July 2, 2021 1 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
hydration importance for hair The hydrated skin is a glowing one, but did you also know that hydrated hair is stronger and healthier. Water is an important element for our skin, body and also for our hair. If, our body is dehydrated, it will use up the water for maintaining the important organ functions and our hair won?t get the hydration required. Hair strands are about one fourth water. Hydrated body means hydrated scalp which reduces hair fall and makes your hair stronger and healthier. So, dehydration leads to weak hair follicles and hence dull and damaged strands. Drinking plenty of water reduces hair breakage by maintaining healthy nerve endings in the scalp. Thereby, keeping the hair follicles healthy, which in turn supports hair growth. Drinking water is not the only way the hair absorbs water. The strands absorb water when washed and swell up with water, then shrink back down as they dry out. This repetitive process causes hair damage. Hence, it is advised to wash the hair when necessary and not every day. Now, that we know the importance of hydration, drinking a minimum of 8 glasses everyday seems like a good idea. Don?t substitute your glass of water with other beverages containing soda, caffeine or high sugary content in favour of some delicious flavors. You can always add some flavors to your water by cutting some slices of lemon or strawberries or mint leaves and if you want to increase your nutrient intake for healthy hair, you can try our Chicnutrix Bounce. Chicnutrix Bounce made with amino acids hair recovery complex, Biotin and selenium will give you shiny, frizz free, bouncy hair. In yummylicious raspberry flavour, Bounce not only reduces hair fall, but also promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens and nourishes your hair from within making it healthier, stronger and shinier. All you have to do is, add one Bounce effervescent tablet to a glass of water, wait for it to fizz and dissolve and then just sip it. You will be well on your way to bouncy and strong hair.


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