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Home made face packs for glowing skin

Published : July 2, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

The facial skin needs good care and maintenance in the era of high pollution and stress levels. At the same time, during the summer the skin becomes oily dull, and itchy. At the same time, the summer is a time when we sweat a lot and this makes us and the skin dehydrated. Of course, there are visits to the salon but usually, they are not enough and you need to take care of the skin in your own way. Home made face packs for glowing skin during the summer will ensure that your skin looks great throughout the season, without having to dig a major hole in your pocket.

Mint and turmeric face pack

The very idea of a mint face pack will make you feel fresh during the heat of the summer. All you need to do is grind some mint leaves into a paste and add a few pinches of turmeric powder to it for the best face mask for instant glowing skin. Mix these two ingredients with a little water and make a paste which you should apply to the face. Leave it on the face for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. This will make your skin fresh and glowing and it will also take care of any infections or acne, because turmeric is a great antiseptic.

Cucumber and sugar face pack

Mash some cucumber in a blender and add some sugar to it. Refrigerate this mixture for half an hour and when it is cool you should apply it to the face. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it off while rubbing it in circular motion. Cucumber has a lot of cooling properties and when rubbing the paste in circular motion while washing it off will also exfoliate the skin due to the sugar in the paste. Cucumber will also hydrate your skin and soothe it properly.

Lemon and honey pack

We all know that honey is very beneficial for the skin and many face packs for glowing skin available in the market contain honey. Add equal parts fresh lemon juice to honey and apply on the face. Lemon is especially good at removing the greasy look on the skin. You can also mix an egg white to this face pack, which will provide a lot of nourishment to the skin. You should keep this face pack on the face for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. It will give an instantly fresh and glowing appearance to your face and is also beneficial in the long run.

Curd and gram flour face pack

This face pack meant to get rid of the tan if you have too much of it. It is one of the bestHomemade face packs for instant glow and fairness. How to make a face pack at home? Curd and gram flour are both excellent for whitening the skin and revealing its natural glow. Take roughly equal parts of curd and gram flour and apply to the face or the part of the body which you want to de-tan. Allow it to dry completely then while massaging with circular motion wash it off with water. This action will also exfoliate the skin.

Strawberry and lemon face pack

A strawberry and lemon is an instant glow face pack that is excellent to rejuvenate dull and oily skin. Mash a few strawberries in a blender and add a table spoon of curd. Also add some fresh lemon juice and honey to it. Apply the face pack on your face and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, wet it with water and start removing it from the face with circular motions. This will also exfoliate the skin because of the strawberry seeds. Hence it has a double beneficial action on the skin. Apart from providing nourishment to the skin from outside with homemade face packs it is also necessary to provide nourishment from inside. Of course a healthy diet is the right formula for glowing skin. However, in today?s hectic lives it is difficult to intake all the nutrients necessary for the health of the skin. For this reason it is necessary to take supplements like Chicnutrix Glow and Chicnutrix Super C. These supplements contain nutrients which will not only make the face glow but prevent acne, rejuvenate skin and enhance the production of collagen. Nourishing the skin from inside out will make you look fresh and young for a long time.


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