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DO?s And Don?ts Of Beauty Supplements.

Published : July 2, 2021 11 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

From Collagen to multivitamins, the skin supplement market is growing.

The relationship between diet and skin health has gained attention as the worlds of beauty and wellness merge. Skincare supplements are becoming increasingly popular as a result. So, what exactly are these supplements for beauty?

What are beauty supplements?

Beauty supplements are tablets,?vitamin powders, gummies, or liquids that contain vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids vital for your skin's health, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and Collagen ? these are in higher concentrations. Yes, many of the same substances may be found in topical therapies, but consuming them can help your body boost its natural antioxidant capacity.

If you suffer from acne, your skin has pigmentation, is dull, or is dehydrated. Using beauty supplements will seem wise. All these problems round up the fact that your body lacks nutrition, and your diet isn't providing you with the nutrition for your skin to stay healthy. Beauty supplements fill in that gap.

Beauty supplements are easy to use, but there are a few things to follow and avoid when using them.

Dos for beauty supplements

Here are the things one should keep in mind while using beauty supplements:

Store them in a cool and dark location:
It is assumed that supplements can be stored anywhere, but that's not the case. When vitamins are exposed to heat and light, their potency is decreased. The fridge is the best place to store supplements that contain omega-3 fats, such as fish oils, which are healthy for your heart and skin.

Always follow the instructions:
Always comply with the instructions on the packaging. Pay great attention to every detail, including the dosage, whether it should be taken with food, and the best times of day to take them. Manufacturers do not include that advice to entertain themselves; rather, it is there to keep you healthy.

Do your research:
Always conduct research before making a supplement purchase. You might be allergic to some of the ingredients, or you may find them unpleasant. Therefore, it helps you only if you do some research before making a purchase.

Take the right nutrients:
Always consume supplements that have the appropriate nutrients. It's crucial to do this since you should be aware of the nutrients that are being ingested by your body. It's possible that a supplement doesn't contain the nutrients you need.

If you're currently taking meds, be cautious:
Before consuming supplements, check with your doctor if you are taking medication because some supplements may interact negatively with your medicines.

Don'ts for beauty supplements

Here are the things one should avoid when it comes to beauty supplements:

More isn't better:
If you skip taking your supplements one day, it could be tempting to increase your dosage, but doing so might be pretty risky. Just disregard the missed dose and carry on as usual.

Take multivitamins with your morning coffee:
Avoid taking any supplements or vitamins when drinking tea or coffee because the caffeine and tannins may inhibit your body from absorbing the nutrients. Time and money are wasted because of this.

Avoid taking any new supplements if you are expecting:
Avoid starting new supplements without consulting your doctor when you are expecting or nursing.

Assume that all supplements are the same:
Professional-grade supplements are more likely than cheaper counterparts to include the natural forms of the vitamin, making it easier and more effective for your body to absorb them. The supplements from Chicnutrix are an example of this.

The best way to take your beauty supplements

Depending on the nature of your issue, there are many different products to choose from. Using supplements from Chicnutrix is the best way to take your beauty supplements. The supplements and their benefits are mentioned below:

Chicnutrix Glow: Chicnutrix Glow, as the name implies, makes your skin glow from the inside out. This supplement helps the skin glow from the inside out and is manufactured with Swiss Effervescent Technology, which is absorbed faster and better by the body. It also contains Japanese OPITAC ? Glutathione and Vitamin C. You can have gorgeous, glowing skin and less pigmentation by taking just one tablet daily.

Chicnutrix Super C: This is a Vitamin C supplement and an acne cleanser. Chicnutrix Super C, made with natural amla extracts rich in vitamin C and zinc, helps reduce acne and acne scars. To ensure that you always have healthy, acne-free skin, this is also manufactured using Swiss Effervescent Technology, which is absorbed faster and better in the body.

Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen: The first collagen gel shot in India is Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen. For youthful, hydrated skin, Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen contains Japanese Marine Hydrolysed Collagen and Hyaluronic acid in a special gel composition. With the help of this incredible collagen supplement, you may get younger-looking, bright skin that maintains skin elasticity and hydration. It also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and UV-induced spots. So, you get youthful, perfect skin with one shot per day.

Chicnutrix Cleanse: This helps to purify the blood and is a turmeric supplement. With 500 mg of naturally occurring curcumin-rich turmeric, black pepper, ginger, and zinc in an Effervescent form, Chicnutrix Cleanse can be absorbed more quickly and effectively. Chicnutrix helps in blood purification, skin nourishment, and complexion improvement. Additionally, it lowers excessive sebum production, safeguards skin barrier function, fights molecular inflammation, stops acne, helps in reducing acne scars, and promotes skin healing.

Chicnutrix Beautymins: This is an A-Z multivitamin supplement. Chicnutrix Beautymins' extraordinary combination of 26 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants supports healthy skin, hair, and nails. Beautymins is nothing like a multivitamin capsule. It meets daily nutritional requirements, guards against vitamin and mineral deficiencies, protects the skin from everyday harm, and preserves the integrity and smoothness of the skin. It also maintains healthy hair, strengthens brittle nails, moisturises the cuticles and nail bed, and strengthens strong roots to avoid damage or breakage. It is a beauty vitamin.

Chicnutrix Plant-based Collagen Builder: This is the first Effervescent plant-based collagen builder ever. Swiss Effervescent technology and 3 unique blends were used in the formulation for comprehensive skin support. Chicnutrix's Plant-Based Collagen Builder increases collagen production and contains components that aid in the development of Collagen. It has plant-based ingredients that promote collagen synthesis and aid in skin cell renewal. Chicnutrix Plant-Based Collagen Builder is vegan and has strong antioxidant protection to help prevent daily skin damage and reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin. It also maintains skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration, all contributing to healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Chicnutrix Bounce: This is a complete hair food supplement. Chicnutrix Bounce, a product made with Swiss Effervescent technology, Biotin, Selenium, and 20 essential amino acids, promotes healthy and bouncy hair. It assists in reducing dry, coarse, brittle, and split-end hair while increasing hair density and bounce with less hair loss. In addition, it supports hair growth and overall health by nourishing and maintaining the health of hair follicles.

Chicnutrix Biotin: This is a supplement with biotin. Chicnutrix Biotin, made with Swiss Effervescent technology and 10000mcg of Biotin with Selenium, is the ideal supplement for healthy hair and nails. It helps convert nutrients in the body and prevents biotin deficit in the body.

Chicnutrix Hair Superfood: This is a vegan keratin booster. It is made with three unique blends and 19 high-quality, plant-based superfoods for long, smooth hair. Amino acid-rich Chicnutrix Hair Superfood promotes keratin formation, repairs and prevents hair damage. Additionally, it offers the scalp significant antioxidant support that promotes scalp health. And aids in inhibiting DHT synthesis, which in turn aids in avoiding hair shedding and strengthening and preventing hair follicle shrinkage.

Chicnutrix Omega ? 3: This is an Omega-3 supplement for skin and hair. Made with Omega-3 Fatty Acids with a Highly Effective 3:2 Ratio of EPA and DHA, Chicnutrix Omega ? 3 is the best Omega ? 3 supplement for healthy skin, hair and body. It promotes overall skin, hair, and body health and prevents acne, skin and hair dryness. Skin and hair are nourished by omega-3 fats, which help regulate, prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure. EPA assists in reducing inflammation, maintaining cardiovascular health, and guards against dryness-related acne breakouts. While a foetus develops, DHA aids in maintaining healthy brain and eye function. It also improves muscle recovery, avoids flaky scalp and hair, lowers blood pressure, and supports muscular development. It has been clinically tested and approved by dermatologists, has no fishy aftertaste, is free of mercury and other heavy metals, and is burpless.

Chicnutrix Cysterhood NAC: The symptoms of PCOS are managed by this supplement. Chicnutrix Cysterhood NAC, made with N-acetylcysteine and Vitamin C using Swiss Effervescent technology, is the SOS to your PCOS. It regulates the menstrual cycle and lowers inflammation and oxidative stress while balancing the hormones by reducing androgens and testosterone. Additionally, it helps with ovulation, reproductive health, and insulin resistance.

Chicnutrix Cysterhood Inositol: This supplement is for managing ovarian health, particularly in people with PCOS. With a unique blend of the clinically proven ratio of Myo-inositol: D-chiro-inositol (Caronositol?)::3.6:1, Vegan Vitamin D3, Vitamin B9 (Folate), and Chromium, the best ovarian health management supplement is Chicnutrix Cysterhood Inositol. It helps regulate ovulatory cycles, enhances fertility, and lowers high insulin levels, reducing insulin resistance. Additionally, it aids in hormone balancing, the reduction of inflammation, the prevention of Vitamin D3 insufficiency, and the control of PCOS weight. The pregnancy rate rises by 65.5% when the MI: DCI ratio is 3.6:1

Chicnutrix Calciolive: This is a Calcium supplement. It provides the daily requirement for Calcium, stimulates bone-building cells to produce more bone, and balances and stabilises bone turnover. Additionally, it promotes bone formation and regulates the dynamic bone renewal process, increases the number of osteoblasts (cells that make new bones), strengthens and maintains bone health, and protects against poor bone turnover (the process of breakdown and formation of new bones). The best approach to improve your bones is to take Chicnutrix Calciolive, made with Bonolive? Olive leaf extract, Calcium, and Vegan Vitamin D3 with Swiss Effervescent technology.

Chicnutrix Happee: This supplement is for treating UTIs. With Swiss Effervescent technology, Ursolia? Salvia officinalis extract, Cranberry extract, and D-Mannose are combined in Chicnutrix Happee, a triple action product for managing UTIs naturally. It helps keep the urinary tract healthy and reduces irritation. It is efficient against recurrent infections brought on by E. and aids in cleansing and protecting the urinary tract infection. Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, and Coli p-fimbriae.

Chicnutrix Lean: This supplement helps in weight management and fat burning. It helps regulate appetite and hunger pangs and speed up fat metabolism to quicken the weight loss process. Additionally, it converts fat into usable energy, inhibits muscle loss by supplying power for protein synthesis, stops the development of new fat, and aids in healthy weight management. The best approach to losing weight quickly is with Chicnutrix Lean, a drink that has the power of 5 ingredients, including Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea, L-carnitine (CarnipureTM), L-leucine, and Vitamin B6.

Fast&Up Apple Cider Vinegar: This is Apple Cider Vinegar in the supplement form. Made with ?Mother? and added Vitamin. B6 and B12, Pomegranate & Beetroot Extract, Fast&Up Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurised with a fast-acting Effervescent formula that helps in weight management. Eliminating toxins, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria, reducing gas and bloating, and supporting proper digestion help improve gut health. Enhancing the feeling of fullness and increasing metabolism also supports weight management by encouraging you to consume fewer calories. B6 and B12, which are additional vitamins, aid in the metabolism and mobilisation of fat. With the ability of pomegranate and beetroot extracts, which are rich in antioxidants and support intestinal health. It comes in a delectable Green Apple flavour, has no added sugar, contains no gluten, and is perfectly safe for tooth enamel.

Chicnutrix Ashwagandha: This is an Ashwagandha supplement. Chicnutrix Ashwagandha, a product made using the Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha (KSM-66?), popularly known as 'Indian Ginseng', can help with stress relief. It rejuvenates skin cells and enhances skin quality by eradicating the adverse effects of oxidative stress on the skin. And encourages skin health and lessens allergies and rashes.

Fast&Up Plant protein for women: This is a plant protein supplement for women. Fast&Up plant protein meets all of the daily protein requirements for women and is made with Vegan protein, Superfoods, and Superherbs. It contains Pea + Brown Rice Protein for strength, endurance, energy, and weight control that aids in getting fit and having a toned figure. Additionally, it contains natural Ayurvedic herbs like tulsi and ashwagandha that aid with stress management, anxiety reduction, and general well-being. Additionally, it has a digestive enzyme blend to aid in better digestion and avoiding bloating and a super skin blend to maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

Why use Chicnutrix?

All of Chicnutrix's products are manufactured using Swiss technology, which increases bloodstream absorption and the effectiveness of the supplements. All the supplements are made using ingredients that have undergone clinical testing and have dermatological approval, making them all safe to use. Only you could experience an allergic reaction to a supplement if you are allergic to an ingredient present in it.

When thinking about using beauty supplements, please keep in mind the above-mentioned dos and don'ts as well as which supplements are good for you.


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