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Cranberry Extract - Use and Effects in Urinary Tract Infection

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 17, 2023

Cranberry Extract Every 1 in 2 women suffer through UTI and there are always home remedies that help with prevention. Among the various at home treatments that are said to prevent or treat UTI, Cranberry juice is on the top of that list. But does this natural cranberry extract for UTI really work? And if so, why choose cranberry extract supplement over cranberry juice. How does it work? Let's go through the Cranberry extract benefits for UTI Here are some facts that you would definitely want to know about and should definitely keep in mind before choosing cranberry juice as a home remedy. First, cranberry juice for UTI is loaded with sugar and secondly and most importantly, it just doesn't have enough PACs to help with UTI whatsoever. That brings us to what exactly are PACs and why do we need high concentrations of them to treat and prevent UTI Proanthocyanidins A or more popularly known as PAC, is a flavonoid present in cranberry extracts which has anti-bacterial properties. It helps cleanse and protect the urinary tract by preventing Escherichia coli, that is the bacteria causing UTI, from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. We need a high concentration of PACs because they are the actual active ingredient in cranberry extracts that helps with UTI. Bacteria causing UTI have hair -like structures called fimbriae. They attach to the cells of the bladder walls using fimbriae. PACs prevent these structures from attaching to the wall of the urinary tract by attaching to them as shown in the figure. Bacteria can then be safely flushed from the body during urination. Cranberry The PACs present in cranberry juice are not sufficient enough to help treat the UTI and will not reach the bladder at all to perform any of these functions. Whereas there are more than 50% PACs present in Chicnutrix Happee which is more than any other supplement or cranberry juice present in the market. It has no added sugar, is totally safe to consume (unless allergic to any specific ingredient), 100% Vegan, with clinically proven ingredients and most importantly, doctor approved. Along with the high concentration of PACs, Chicnutrix Happee also has a novel ingredient Ursolia present which is obtained from proprietary natural sage leaf extract, that helps relieve the pain caused during the UTI. Chicnutrix Happee is the best cranberry supplement for uti prevention as it is a natural UTI management supplement with the triple action formula of Cranberry, Ursolia and D-mannose, Chicnutrix Happee can relieve the pain caused by UTI, cleanse and protect the bladder and resist the bacteria causing UTI. It also prevents the recurrence of UTI. Unlike antibiotics, it has no bacterial resistance and is safe to consume for diabetic people too. Unlike cranberry extract pills, the Swiss Effervescent Technology of HAppee ensures higher bioavailability and faster onset of action If you feel a UTI coming on or are actively suffering from one, just pop a tablet, let it fizz and drink to help treat it naturally with our doctor approved supplement and pee happee. For an active infection, consume 1-2 tablets of Chicnutrix Happee everyday for 30 days. To prevent the recurrence of UTI, take Chicnutrix Happee once every 3 months for 30 days and you can say bye bye to UTI!


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