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Benefits of using a face mask

Published : March 14, 2023 11 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

Face masks have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

People are now experimenting with enzyme, charcoal, and sheet masks instead of the traditionally used creams and clays.

But do these aesthetically pleasing concoctions genuinely help your skin? Or are these assertions simply too good to be true?

When we hear the words sheet masks, Korean Skincare comes to our mind as sheet masks were first popularised in Korea. But, do these Korean sheet masks suit Indian skin?

We immediately envision moist, plump skin when we think about Korean skin, don’t we? When you think about Indian skin, what is the first thing that springs to mind? It's diversity, right? Indian skin varies in colour and texture.

So, naturally, the question arises - is Korean skincare good for Indian skin?

For all the answers, keep reading.

In essence, everything depends on the face mask you apply and your goals. Face masks can be a valuable tool for delivering a concentrated dose of nourishing and therapeutic skin care products.

They function by applying the formula to the face for a predetermined time, typically between 10 and 20 minutes.

As a result, the chemicals have more time to enter the skin's surface and work.

They can be a quick treatment for irritation and dry spots, but since their effects are fleeting, you should use them in conjunction with other potent skin care products.

niacinamide skin benefits

Applying a mask just for the heck of it can be dangerous and result in a surprising number of problems, such as dryness, irritation, redness, and breakouts.

Key Skin Concerns and Benefits of using Face Mask

Do all people need to wear face masks? Absolutely. A face mask product has many advantages for both men and women. They're the ideal remedy to assist you with your skincare problems and are not merely for aesthetic purposes.

Here listed below are the benefits of using a face mask:

The skin is moisturised and doesn’t cause dehydration
It helps remove excessive oil
It enhances your pores' appearance
It helps with the removal of impurities

Another advantage of wearing a face mask is the ability to feel pampered at a spa without leaving the comfort of your home. It can help lessen the indications of ageing.

Which face mask formula should you choose out of the countless options available?

The fix is relatively straightforward:

Consider your skin type before moving on to the ingredient list. The chemicals should be appropriate for your skin type and, preferably, target a particular issue.

Exactly what to look for is listed here.

Acne or irritation
Face masks can soothe irritated skin and stop breakouts, but they are not a long-term cure for acne. To get rid of dead skin cells and acne pore-clogging materials, look for products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and natural ingredients like yoghurt and papaya, oatmeal, and aloe vera to help soothe. At the same time, clay and charcoal can absorb extra oil.

Dark spots and pigmentation
Have issues with dark marks? Vitamin C is your new hero ingredient since it can stop hyperpigmentation. Additionally effective at fading and brightening pigmentation are kojic acid, azelaic acid, and liquorice root. Further, exfoliating elements like pineapple, lactic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can aid in removing the surface layer of dead, discoloured skin.

Dry skin
You should apply a hyaluronic acid-based face mask on dry, dull skin since it needs considerable hydration.

Fine lines
A few face masks can help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles will probably need to be treated by your dermatologist. Once more, an ingredient to look out for is vitamin C. It helps to tighten the skin by increasing collagen formation due to its antioxidant properties.

Oily skin
For oily skin, anything that removes extra oil and lessens acne pore clogging is excellent.

Search for face masks with ingredients such as:

- Charcoal
- Sulphur
- Glycolic acid
- Salicylic acid

Consider using natural exfoliants like yoghurt and pineapple, which can be used to smooth skin.

Best Type of Face Mask

It would be best if you focused on finding the face mask that is perfect for you and your skin now that you know which ingredients to look for. Despite being lengthy, the list is simple to explore. Why? Because some ingredients and specific types of face masks go hand in hand.

Mud masks are ideal for all skin types and are made to provide a thorough cleaning. These masks resemble clay-based ones in appearance, but they are water-based, making them more moisturising.

Clay masks are fantastic for reviving the skin because they are full of minerals. Both oily and acne-prone skin could benefit from using the two primary varieties of clay masks, kaolin and bentonite, which absorb extra oil. Dry skin types may prefer not to use clay masks because they might be a bit drying.

In addition to its ability to remove dirt and other impurities from the skin's surface, activated charcoal is also thought to be able to absorb toxins from within the body.

Cream or Gel
For dehydrated skin that needs a healthy dose of hydration, thicker cream masks with additional hyaluronic acid can be significant. Gel formulas are frequently made with cucumber and aloe vera to relax and soothe the skin, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Glycolic acid and lactic acid, two chemical exfoliants, are often used in exfoliating face masks. These gentle acids exfoliate dead skin cells that have accumulated on the face's surface, leaving skin that is smoother and brighter.

Another method of exfoliation is with fruit enzymes, such as those from papayas and pineapples. They usually don't irritate and also help tone and get a fair skin tone by dissolving dead skin cells.

These masks are great for people who don't like a mess because they have a rubber-like texture that is very simple to remove. They may also be applied to treat any skin issues. Some have exfoliating and acne-fighting acids like glycolic and salicylic. Others contain antioxidants like vitamins C and E or moisturising hyaluronic acid.

Most sheet masks, which were first made famous in Korea, include:

- Hydrating hyaluronic acid.
- Antioxidants that fight free radicals.
- Ceramides help rebuild the skin's barrier.

Deeply hydrating sheet masks are excellent for dryness, irritated skin, and fine wrinkles.

Oats, honey, and turmeric are examples of common ingredients that can be used in natural masks. These masks can be created at home utilising the wonders of nature, in case you have yet to figure by now.

Sleep masks, often known as overnight formulations, provide a more substantial moisturising effect. AHAs, turmeric, and shea butter can help the skin for a more extended period when they are given time to absorb into the skin.

Face masks have several beneficial components. However, some of them can irritate some peoples’ skin. To prevent this, check the ingredients list for anything that can cause your skin redness or dryness.

These consist of the following:
- Fragrances
- Parabens
- Dyes
- Essential oils

When applying face masks, people with sensitive skin or ailments like psoriasis that is easily inflamed need to take extra precautions.

If you meet these criteria, it is suggested against overusing drying chemicals and powerful exfoliants, like salicylic acid or retinoids.

People who use a face mask should also research any over-the-counter or prescription drugs they take to see if the adverse effects include skin changes.

For instance, prolonged corticosteroid use may cause thin skin. Some antibiotics and antihistamines can increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight.

When these effects are combined with a potent face mask, the skin may be harmed rather than improved.

Vitamins and Nutrients that Improve Skin Health

To function as a barrier that shields the rest of your body from the outside world, your skin needs the optimum balance of nutrients. Feed your skin well from the inside to help keep it healthy regarding appearance, function, and feel.

- Healthy Fats
- Protein
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin E
- Zinc
- Selenium
- Vitamin C Supplements
- Fruits and Vegetables:
      Fatty Fish
      Leafy greens
      Extra virgin olive oil

Mentioned are a few vitamins and nutrients that help improve the skin's health by making it glow, healthy and supple.

How can I include face masks in my daily routine?

You could have enough morning or evening routine time to apply a face mask. Since most face masks need to be worn for 15 minutes, using one doesn't have to take up your entire evening or be a special occasion. Here are some ways for incorporating using face masks into your daily routine:

In the shower, use a wash-off face mask. As soon as you enter the shower, put on a face mask. It should be prepared to be gently washed off when you've scrubbed yourself clean.

Are you watching your favourite TV series in the evening? After the series, cleanse your skin and apply a peel-off face mask or a sheet mask before continuing with your beauty care regimen.

Instead of using your night-time moisturiser after using facial cleansers, put a mask on and get some beauty rest.

Always apply face masks to a clean, freshly washed face when using them. To avoid the skin-drying effects of face masks, you should always moisturise after using them.

To make the use of face masks more accessible in our day-to-day lives, Chicnutrix has launched a new skincare range: the newly launched sheet mask – Chicnutrix Illume.

Why use Chicnutrix Illume?

Sheet masks are one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your skin an instant glow. Drenched in serum, sheet masks help your skin in more ways than one. So, with ingredients from Korea, Chicnutrix Illume is the perfect way to incorporate face masks into your daily routine. Chicnutrix Illume makes skin clear and smooth and provides an instant glow and radiance to the skin. It is infused with lemon essence extracts, which are rich in Vitamin C and Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Collagen Peptides. Additionally, it lightens dark spots and pigmentation, guards against dullness and uneven skin tone, and hydrates the skin. The best glowing skin secrets are found in Chicnutrix Illume.

Here below is how the ingredients contribute to giving your skin an instant glow:

Lemon Essence Extracts:
Rich in vitamin C, it gives skin an immediate glow and lustre, minimises dullness, and guards against environmental damage.

Niacinamide skin benefits the skin by preventing moisture from evaporating into the environment, hence reducing uneven skin tone and dehydration.

Hyaluronic acid:
Hyaluronic acid for skin makes it smooth, hydrated, and supple by retaining moisture.

Collagen Peptides:
Hydrolysed marine collagen peptides work to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, crow's feet, and other ageing indicators.

How to choose Korean Skincare that suits Indian skin?
You might be wondering whether Korean skin care products will be effective for someone with Indian skin. The answer to this is YES. Korean skin care products are known for their superior quality and potency, and they may unquestionably aid in enhancing your skin's appearance.

When buying Korean skin care products, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, it's crucial to find products made especially for oily or acne-prone skin, as these are frequently the best matches for Indian skin types. Second, carefully read the list of ingredients on any product you are contemplating; stay away from anything that has harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances because they can irritate your skin. Finally, test any new product on a small area of your skin before using it all over your face to ensure that it is compatible with your skin

The Conclusion
No face mask can do wonders, but they can enhance the texture and appearance of your skin when used in tandem with a proper skin care regimen.

It's also crucial to use facial cleansers, moisturisers, and sunscreen daily. For this reason, Chicnutrix has introduced its Korean skincare line, which includes serums, a sunblock, and sheet masks for supple, radiant skin.


We know that you all might have some concerns regarding sheet masks so, we have answered some frequently asked questions below.

1. How are sheet masks different from regular masks?

Super absorbent fabrics or hydrolysed gels cut into face shapes create sheet masks, which are soaked with potent serums and essences. They vary from typical face masks because they are more moisturising in nature and do not require rinsing off. They are frequently made with active ingredients to target particular skin problems.

2. How long should a sheet mask be worn for?

A sheet mask should be worn for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes. Your face will be left damp if you take off a sheet mask too soon because the serum won't have time to permeate the skin properly. The mask will start soaking all of the serum that was just applied to your face if you leave it on until it dries out, which will have the opposite effect.

3. When should you use a sheet mask in your skincare regimen?

As a general rule, a sheet mask should only be used after cleansing and toning because this allows the active components to penetrate the skin better. Fabric masks must be used after toner, while hydrolysed gel sheet masks must be used after serum or essence application and before moisturising.

4. How frequently can sheet masks be used?

Every skin type is unique and has various needs. Thus, the frequency of sheet mask applications is entirely a matter of personal preference. For example, people with very dry, dull skin can use hydrating sheet masks daily, whereas people with oily skin may choose to use them only occasionally. If it doesn't include glycolic acid, you can apply it once daily or three times each week.

We all wonder how Koreans have such beautiful skin; well, they have an amazing skincare routine and Chicnutrix's Korean Skincare range is made with ingredients sourced all the way from Korea for that youthful, hydrated and glowing skin as well as a good skincare routine!

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