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7 causes of hair damage and how to repair it

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
hair damage causes Everyone wants thick luscious hair which looks stunning. Some people are able to get such hair easily but such cases are a rarity nowadays. This is because of the rampant pollution and use of chemicals, heating rods, blow dryers etc. All these factors cause the hair to lose its beauty. Let us look at the 7 main reasons why hair gets damaged and how to repair it.


Other than genetics the main reason for hair damage is a poor diet. This is because the hair needs to be nourished from within so that the hair can absorb the nutrients from the bloodstream. If you look at it generally then, proteins are very good for the hair and a diet rich in protein will enhance the beauty of your hair. It is advisable to eat a diet that has a lot of eggs, nuts, yogurt etc. Vitamins are also good for the hair and you should avoid starchy food, sugar alcohol etc. which dehydrate the hair. Also include oral supplements like Chicnutrix Bounce in your routine so that your hair gets all the nutrition that it requires.


Heat is one element that causes most damage to the hair. With heat the hair will lose its natural curls and can cause balding in severe cases. It is always better to allow your hair naturally. A small amount of heat cannot cause damage whereas if heat is placed on hair for a longer duration it may burn the surface of hair penetrating at a cellular level and causing much harm.

Chemical processing

If you dye your hair regularly then it may be a challenge to keep them healthy. Chemical processing damages the hair bonds and this in turn causes breakage particularly if you do it regularly. In order to repair this it is advisable to take keratin treatment. However if your hair is severely damaged you should cut it off and start afresh. There are some pretty nice hairstyles for short hair which your hair stylist will show you.

Braiding and weaving

These hairstyles actually act as protection for your hair if done for a short period of time. However, if you do this for a longer period of time, then the hair will start breaking especially around the hairline. You should take a break of at least a week before you braid or weave it. It is also advisable to apply oil to your hair. This will prevent dryness and you should use a good serum that repairs the hairline. Also make it a point to use a good anti-hair fall shampoo that nourishes the hair. It is also advisable to apply some hair masks which will enhance the health of the hair.

Frequent washing

If you wash your hair too frequently then the natural oils will be stripped off and this will make the hair dry and brittle. Wet hair will also break due to the elasticity caused by the weight of the water. It is advisable to wash your hair once or twice a week and treat it with conditioner so that the damage to the hair gets repaired. Nowadays there are many good damage repairing conditioners available in the market


Weather conditions when they get too harsh can damage the hair and especially during the harsh parts of the winter. The hair becomes dry and dull and will suffer from hair loss. It is a good idea to keep your hair moisturized by oiling your hair daily and trimming the ends to prevent split ends. During the summer opt for hairstyles which allow the air to easily access the scalp and wash the hair regularly to get rid of product buildup and dirt.

Cotton pillowcase

Cotton tends to suck out the moisture and natural oils from the hair and you should make sure that your pillow is hair friendly. Instead of cotton, you should opt for silk and satin pillowcases so that they don?t snag your hair when you are sleeping. However, these are expensive materials and you can mitigate the cost by tying your hair in a silk scarf. On the other hand you can line the pillow with a silk or satin material before you sleep. A beautiful mane of hair can give a raise to your style quotient and this is why it is necessary to take care of your hair. No matter how beautiful a face you have got, it is always enhanced by the hair.


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