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5 ways to reduce stress and anxiety

Published : July 2, 2021 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
5 ways to reduce stress Stress and anxiety not just steals your confidence but also deprives you of good health. Modern hectic lifestyles bring with them a lot of stress and anxiety and thus in turn, have a negative impact on the health., stress and anxiety affects not only our mental health but also the health of our body. The first place, its adverse effects can be seen are on skin and hair leading to problems such as breakouts, hair fall and overall unhealthy hair and skin. To calm you mind and get yourself back on track, so that you can slay every day with your best self, here are some of the ways to reduce the stress and anxiety.

Get sufficient exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health. In fact some studies suggest that exercise is even more effective than medicines. This is especially true about anxiety and stress. If you maintain a healthy but not obsessive exercise routine then it reduces stress, enhances self-esteem, improves the mood, and increases energy levels. Exercise improves the blood circulation among other things and this is very beneficial for the skin and hair.

Get enough sleep

Everyone feels crabby after have a rough night with improper sleep. Sometimes it so happens that lack of sleep causes stress and anxiety along with negative feelings like anger, exhaustion and sadness. This is the reason that you should use natural methods like meditation, and comfort food like milk and honey to improve the quality and amount of sleep that you get at night

Check your diet

Caffeine and alcohol are poison if you are faced with anxiety and hence, we recommend that you stay away from both of these. It is however a good idea, to avoid cutting out caffeine completely from your diet. You should taper the amount slowly and then cut it out completely. It is wise to keep the friendly bacteria in the gut in balance, because an imbalance in them can cause symptoms of anxiety. Eat as much fresh and uncooked foods that you can and also intake a lot of fluids.

Add supplements to your diet

Omega-3 fats are known to reduce inflammation and anxiety. A study done on medical students proves omega-3 to be useful in reducing anxiety. A good omega-3 fish oil supplement rich in EPA: DHA helps maintain your overall body, skin and hair. A lot of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet, because they take care of the health problem caused by stress and anxiety.

Laughter is the best Medicine

Laughing reduces stress response and also relieves tension in the muscles. Hang out with your friends or watch a comedy show or movie, has laughter is known to improve both your immune system and mood. A study done on cancer patients shows that laughter relieves stress more than mere distractions,

Write it down

Put a pen to your thoughts and let the words flow onto the paper. Write down whatever comes into your mind until the mental chatter stops finally. Also, while you are at it, write down a list of things you are grateful for. This will help you focus into the positives of life and reduce anxiety.

Practice Meditation

Meditation helps in focusing on the present. Practice mindfulness meditation to live in present and leave the anxiety and stress of past and future behind. It helps with anxiety induced thought processes. You can find many guided meditation online to practice meditation, calm your mind and be mindful.

This too shall pass

Everyone managing his or her life has some amount of stress or the other. However, too much of it can cause excessive worry, dread, nervousness, upset stomach, difficulty sleeping or difficulty breathing. The first step is to recognize such feelings and understand that you are facing anxiety. The feeling can be uncomfortable and cause your anguish, but you need to understand that this will pass with time. If you fight anxiety then it increases and the best way to deal with it is to accept it. This in turn will help the body to activate the natural relaxation response present in all human beings.

Learn how to soothe yourself

When you come face to face with a situation that causes anxiety then the body?s sympathetic nervous system automatically triggers changes on a physiological level. The breathing becomes fast, adrenaline is secreted and the heart begins to beat faster. This is the flight or fight response of the body, but here the threat is not life threatening and hence it is uncomfortable. The best way to lower the heart beat is to breathe deeply. Then again just like you would comfort someone else with positive words, practice talking to yourself and soothing your anxiety. This may sound impractical but trust us on this, it really works. Follow these simple tips, it will definitely help you to deal better with stress and anxiety and prevent it from disrupting your health and appearance.


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