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Skincare Myths - Debunked

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
As the seasons change, our skin requirements do too. Every season comes along with its fair share of skin problems we need to worry about. But that doesn't mean we will have to change our entire skincare routine. There definitely are some adjustments that need to be made in the colder months since everyone experiences dry dehydrated skin in winter, even those with oily skin. Before you undertake any changes, keep in mind these common skin care myths that can make the skincare transitions even more complicated. Read on to know more about the top 5 skincare myths exposed here-

1. Sunscreen is not needed when the skies are Grey

It doesn't matter if it's cloudy or sunny, the sun's UV rays are powerful enough to damage your skin. UVA and UVB rays of the sun don't change in the winter. They can still penetrate through the fog/smog layers to the skin and cause damage and marks. Using sunscreen or integrating SPF in your daily products with at least an SPF 30 will help keep your skin protected all year round.

2. Exfoliation increases dry patches

Are you sure? Think again. When exposed to the cold air outside, it's no secret that your skin will be prone to dryness, flakiness, and dehydration. Exfoliation in moderation helps slough off dead skin cells and promotes a healthy glow. Exfoliating weekly will remove the dead cells and allow the moisturizer to be more effective. You can use mild exfoliants or DIY Exfoliants in Winter once a week

3. Using Toner in Winter makes your skin dry

Toner is an important part of a skincare routine. It is believed the toner will further dry out the skin in winter. A toner helps by shrinking pores, removing residual dirt, and maintaining the skin in a good shape. Still, want to abandon it due to the weather? You can use alcohol-free toners and integrate them into your skincare routine

4. Oily skin doesn't need moisturizers-

Winter can take a toll on all skin types. even the oily ones. They tend to develop dry patches and lead to breakouts. The right moisturizer can replenish water to help protect your face and prevent breakouts. A lightweight gel-based moisturizer is key for oily skin.

5. You don't feel the thirst for water as much in winter

Hydrating your body, and importantly, your skin is not weather dependent. You might not feel as thirsty in winter and therefore, tend to forget to drink water. However, your body still requires hydration to perform optimally. Your skin dries out during winter and drinking water keeps it hydrated, glowing, and supple. All the cells require water to function, so reducing your water intake is not a good idea.

6. No moisturizer if the body is covered-

Covering your body with clothes is not enough to protect your skin from the elements. Extra hydration is required no matter what. To keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated, using a body lotion is a good idea as it traps the water content. So now that you know the top 5 skincare myths exposed, you are one step closer to healthy skin this winter. Don't fall for these myths, and follow your skincare religiously for a healthy glow.


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