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Pamper and beautify yourself during the self-quarantine

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
These are tough times and the world is reeling under the impact of the corona virus. The governments of almost all affected countries have declared self-quarantine to stop the infection from spreading. Although the situation is scary, but like with all things in life a positive attitude is necessary. Come to think of it, the self-quarantine will give you the spare time that you never had earlier. In fact, some people of course are working from home, but even they have more time on hand. It is best to use this time for your betterment. Of course there are books and the television, however, there are other things that you can do to pamper and look after yourself. Oil Champi and face massages It is one of those things that we always wanted to do but the busy schedule kept us away from the goodness of oils. So, why not take advantage of the quarantine and give yourself and your loved ones, a hot oil champi. Just take some oil in a bowl. Warm it up and apply. It will not only help you relax but also will nourish your scalp and hair strands. For a face massage, mix some face gel such as aloe vera or orange, add a few drops of essential oil. Mix it well, apply and massage it in. Doing this activity for yourself and other members of your family will be a good way to spend time together and it may elicit some laughs out of you in these somber times. Meditation How much time do you really get in your hectic lifestyle this is the reason that you are unable to look into your soul and be with yourself. Now is the perfect opportunity to do that with meditation. Of course most of you who are familiar with self-care will also be familiar with some type of meditation. However, even if you are not familiar then it is a good idea to listen to some guided meditations on YouTube or other video channels and practice them as directed. This will do a lot of good not just for your inner peace, but the relaxation will also have a positive impact on your appearance. Clear the clutter and beautify While this time of self-imposed quarantine is useful for taking care of and pampering yourself and other members of your family, it is also a good time to do something for your home. Take some time to clear the clutter in the home and it may be something that you have wanted to do for a long time, but were unable to due to lack of time. If you have some paints and brushes in the house you can beautify a wall or two with your very own abstract art. You can think of many other ways of beautifying your home. Boost your immunity Then again there is the major need of the times to have a strong immune system and you can strengthen yours with the regular vitamin C and glutathione supplements such as Chicnutrix Super C and Chicnutrix Glow. You can increase the dosage to some extent but make sure not to overdo it.


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