Chic Health Trend of the Month

Published : Sep 29, 2022 1 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022

Chic Health Trend of the Month

Collagen Films

If I told you that your skin can eat things too, how would you feel? Weird right? That?s exactly what it does when you apply collagen films to it! Don?t worry, your skin isn?t going to start growing teeth, it?s just going to slurp the collagen right up. So, to give you an insight, collagen films are becoming increasingly popular among skincare enthusiasts. Pure marine collagen up to 99.8%? Who doesn?t want that, right? These films come in packs segregated by the face part and you can apply them separately or together. How do they work?

Once you place the films on your face, you have to use a face mist and spray it on the films. As you do this, the films completely dissolve into your skin as though your skin has just eaten them up! Talk about wanting results visibly, no? This is as visible as it gets. Now, most people seem to think that collagen is something one only needs when?one?turns a certain older age; hate to break it to you folks, but collagen actually starts leaving your body by 1% each year after the age of 20! I?m gonna give you a moment to let that sink in?

Alright, so it reduces every year but how does that?affect you? Collagen is the largest protein in your body, it helps keep the skin elasticity stay intact, keeps the fine lines and wrinkles away, and most importantly, keeps aging?at bay. The loss of collagen results in all of these issues becoming more prevalent. You can either sip on some collagen with?effervescent or gel shots, you can apply it on the face directly with serums and creams, or as you just learned, allow your skin to gobble it up. Either way, as you grow older, collagen should totally become a part of your daily routine!


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