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International Women's Health Day 2022: Essential Nutrients, & Vitamin Supplements for Women

Published : June 1, 2022 9 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Women's health is not a subject that is talked about openly, the reasons being discrimination & disadvantage rooted so deeply in our society.

A woman's body, by nature, is made to be more structurally flexible. It can endure great pain and has better chances of surviving traumatic injuries, but only if properly cared for.

That is exactly why a woman should be aware of all her health and nutritional needs at every stage of her life!

From being a teenager, when she steps into puberty to conceiving a baby to giving birth till she reaches menopause, these stages change a woman's body and mind on so many levels. And it all boils down to how she cares for her body!

A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, cardio-rich exercises, me-time, and nutritional supplements is necessary.

She should include nutritional supplements because they can effectively fulfill the daily requirements of nutrients that food alone cannot suffice.

There are many nutritional supplements on the market, but women must rely only on the best and not shy away from putting the ingredient list out in the open.

Common Health Issues Of Women:

Calcium deficiency:?Women are at greater risk of calcium deficiency because the body's estrogen levels start to decrease with age, which plays a vital role in calcium metabolism. Hence, it's vital to have a regular Vitamin D3 and Calcium source to maintain good bone health.

Chicnutrix Calciolive is a supplement that does more than just calcium and vitamin D3 because it has Bonolive?, which is an olive leaf extract. This fantastic addition increases osteoblasts (stimulates the bone-building process). So, just one tablet every day helps upkeep bone health and boosts the bone-building process. Calciolive is the best supplement for osteoporosis.

Stress:?Juggling a hectic work schedule only adds to the stress. And stress causes hair fall, tired skin, and exhaustion. But, believe it or not, stress can cause bigger issues that connect directly to mental health! Stress can trigger anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, and poor memory or focus. Small changes like meditating daily and finding 'me' time every day to connect with inner thoughts can help immensely. It is equally important to get quality sleep. Women having trouble falling asleep must try the oldest method - consuming Ashwagandha. It is an oldie but a goodie that releases stress from the mind and body, which helps with good sleep. Women who consume Ashwagandha have woken up to de-stressed skin!

Unhealthy Weight:?For many women, weight is a sensitive topic. But sometimes, it is best to accept the reality and work on the body for good health because many diseases and body function issues are directly related to unhealthy BMI.

But there is nothing that a lifestyle change cannot fix, so every woman must take their workout gears out, work on their body, and improve her chances of living a happy, healthy, and better life.

Only three simple habits, including a balanced diet, a suitable workout, and consuming Chicnutrix Lean, will help women become the fittest version of themselves.

Poor Nutrition:?How does one know if her body is not getting the nutrients it requires? A quick look at your skin, hair, and nails will tell it all. If the skin is dull, dry, and lacks moisture, understand that it is undernourished and struggling with harsh elements. In this case, Omega 3, Chicnutrix Glow, and Cleanse are perfect for nourishing the skin from within and providing it with the most vital antioxidant support to flush out toxins.

The weak hair that breaks easily is frizzy, looks dry & dull, and needs biotin, selenium, and HRC amino acids available in just the proper doses in Chicnutrix Bounce. So, to up the ante and boost keratin production for smoother & longer hair Chicnutrix Hair Superfood is perfect because each scoop has 19 plant-based superfoods which nourish each hair strand and scalp.

It is hard to believe, but one can tell a lot about a woman's health by looking at her nails! If they chip or bend easily, it lacks biotin. Chicnutrix Biotin is specifically made to promote excellent nail health!

Intimate Hygiene:?Intimate hygiene is not something talked about openly. That is why most of the time, women ignore warning signs because of a sheer lack of knowledge! For instance, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), which causes immeasurable pain & discomfort while urinating. And, just because it involves urinating, a very natural process, women shy away from talking about it even to their doctors or close loved ones.

Urinary Tract Infection is very common among pregnant women or new mothers. It is a byproduct of bacteria entering the urethra through the opening, which inflames the urinary tract. It can affect women of all age groups. But with proper hygiene practices and Chicnutrix Happee, which has cranberry extract, ursolia, and D-mannose, the vital ingredients that help clean and protect the urinary tract from harmful bacteria.

It is a supplement that needs to be consumed daily. Many women use public restrooms or share a washroom, so it becomes essential to consume Happee every day and keep the intimate area & intimate wear clean and tidy.

Immunity:?Working on immunity is no tricky job! All that is needed is enough hydrating, rest, and eating healthily. Of course, plain water has many benefits, but one can take it up a notch with Super C, made with natural amla extract rich in Vitamin C and zinc will double up the immunity-boosting process. With the ongoing pandemic, we have learned how vital Vitamin C is for strengthening immunity, so why not replace one glass of plain water with a good dose of Vitamin C?

Menstrual & Ovarian Health:?Again, a topic most women are not comfortable discussing is menstrual health. But a regular gynecologist visit is a must to maintain ovarian health.

PCOS or PCOD is an issue that many women face, and the most symptom is missed periods, excess facial hair, uncontrollable acne, and mood swings. But let's imagine a missed period in a society where sex is taboo. Now, imagine how many women must be ignoring it or getting anxious over a missed period? Some may go to extreme lengths to solve this big puzzle.

That's why proper guidance and knowledge should be spread among women of all ages, starting from schools.

PCOS cannot go away or be cured; it can only be controlled and minimized with supplements like Chicnutrix Cysterhood NAC and Inositol. This duo is a complete ovarian health kit for women with PCOS.

Any woman with infertility should make the Chicnutrix Cysterhood, a regular doctor's visit, and a PCOS diet and exercises an essential part of her lifestyle.

Receding Collagen Levels:?No, collagen is not only for wrinkles or fine lines. It is the very structure of the skin, tendon, bones, cartilage, and tissues. It's the most abundant protein found in the body. But after the age of 20, the body produces 1% less each year. It may not sound a lot right now, but it sure is an alarming rate.

Lack of collagen means stiff joints that minimize or make every move painful. Along with that, the skin becomes thinner and vulnerable to harsh elements, especially the sun!

When the skin is exposed to the harsh UV rays, it starts to damage and cause sun spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin that quickly dries up!

So, it is vital to boost collagen production before it is too late. Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen is the perfect supplement that will help minimize damage and makes the skin healthy, nourished, and youthful.

There also is a Plant-based Collagen builder for vegans that boosts the body's collagen production.

Unhealthy Diet:?Everyone is guilty of unhealthy food habits. Because of working endless hours, stress, and not enough time, most women find it easier to order food that is just a click away. Even though this food satisfies hunger, it fails to do what food is supposed to - provide necessary nutrients and energy to our body!

Meal prepping is a great way to avoid such mishaps. Many easy, simple, and hassle-free recipes or snack ideas are available.

This habit will help women eat healthily; it'll also save a lot of money! Not to mention all the nutrients the body can absorb. And women must start having multivitamin supplements to fill any nutritional gap.

Routine health check-ups are a must! It keeps a check on the body's health. But only medication and doctor's appointments cannot help entirely if the lifestyle is unhealthy.

Women must start being a part of activities where they can meet up with people and be open to change. It also refreshes the mind and improves mental health. Being stuck in a routine hampers the growth & usage of the brain. Therefore, it is essential to find versatility to combat stress and anxiety every day. Because a strong mindset can help a woman sail through any physical ailments, ironically speaking strong mindset has a lot to do with how women feel mentally and physically; it urges them to take care of their bodies.

A lifestyle with proper diet, exercise, and reliable nutritional supplements is essential to be healthy and happy! So, women must find their balance in all three aspects.

Diet alone means what one eats daily for meals and not a particularly fad diet. It is harmful in the long run to follow a fad diet off of the internet without proper guidance! It can lower or hike nutrient levels in the body, proving to be fatal. Therefore, it is always wise to get help from a professional dietician to get a customized plan, considering all the health conditions.

The same goes for exercising too. Again, women can choose a professional fitness trainer who can correctly understand their physical limitations and needs and graft an exercise plan.

It is best not to believe everything on the internet because everybody is different. Different things work for different people! And, it is entirely okay because, with help from reliable nutrition supplements like Chicnutrix Beauty and Nutrition range, one can fill any gap that meals alone cannot fix!

Women significantly benefit from a positive outlook and an open mind to accept their body and mind. However, they must not hesitate to get help wherever they feel confused and lost. Making a wrong move with health can steer one in a dangerous direction that can prove extremely harmful!

There is nothing to be ashamed of regarding women's physical and mental health. Doctors have sworn to keep every patient confidential, and whatever is said in a doctor's office is never made fun of! Women must let go of the fear of getting mocked for their physical appearance or mental well-being!

So, all you women out there, be open and seek help because you get one life, which is more precious than anything else.


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