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D-mannose: Uses, Benefits, and Treatment For a Urinary Tract Infection

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

D- mannose D-Mannose is a simple fruit sugar and is also naturally produced from glucose in the cells of the body in very small quantities. D-mannose benefits for UTI treatment are very well known, along with supplements with d-mannose for UTI. What does d-mannose actually do and how does it help with UTI? Read on to get your D-mannose for UTI questions answered.

D-mannose Benefits:

D?mannose 'sticks' to E. coli (UTI causing bacteria) even better than E. coli 'stick' to human cells. when D??mannose is taken, almost all of it spills into the urine, literally 'coating' any E.coli present so they can no longer 'stick' to the inside walls of the bladder. Hence, D-mannose resists and flushes the UTI causing bacteria out of the body through urine.

How does it work?

When D-mannose is consumed by an individual with UTI, it is absorbed very slowly during digestion. It is not readily converted to glycogen, like other sugars, for storage in the body. It passes directly into the bloodstream and is not stored in the body, so worry not, this aint going to make you gain weight. Then, D-mannose rich blood passes through kidneys, where D-mannose is extracted from the blood and added to the urine. When the D-mannose rich urine passes through the urinary tract, it leaves behind a layer of D-mannose lining the cell wall of the urinary tract and the bladder. When the harmful bacteria enter the urinary tract they adhere to the layer of D-Mannose instead of the cell walls of the bladder. At this time, D-mannose sticks to them and prevents them from sticking to the walls of bladder. D-Mannose On urination, D-Mannose + bacteria attached to it, is removed from the bladder & the urinary tract. Hence, the bad bacteria gets easily flushed out of the body through urine. This not only reduces the infection but also eliminates it. When combined with cranberry extracts rich in PACs, it works in combination to eliminate the bacteria and prevent UTI. Since, D-mannose and cranberry do not kill the bacteria, they just flush them out, so there is no bacterial resistance like antibiotics. Chicnutrix Happee, a natural UTI management supplement with the triple action formula of Cranberry, Ursolia and D-mannose, Chicnutrix Happee can relieve the pain caused by UTI, cleanse and protect the bladder and resist the bacteria causing UTI. It also prevents the recurrence of UTI. It doesn?t interfere in blood circulation, hence is safe to consume by diabetic and pregnant women. It is made with Swiss Effervescent Technology, its gentle on stomach, absorbs faster and has increased bioavailability. The ingredients are clinically proven. It is available in yummylicious strawberry flavor If you have an active UTI or feel that one is on its way, consume 1 tablet a day. To prevent the recurrence of UTI, consume Happee, every once in 3 months for 30 days. Pee happy with Happee!


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