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Chicnutrix launches #NutritionBFF campaign with Masaba Gupta

Published : January 4, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

2021 was a year to remember for us as we rolled out our #NutritionBFF campaign with our first brand ambassador ? Masaba Gupta.

Masaba Gupta is one of India?s top designers with her own label. She being so busy with her life couldn't fulfil her body?s nutritional needs. That?s when she turned to us and we thought she was the embodiment of the CHIC women and a perfect brand ambassador.

Masaba being our voice encourages women to look after their busy lives with a support system that helps them through each day, while not neglecting themselves and prioritizing their own nutritional needs. Our campaign highlighted how women, who lead busy lives just like Masaba, can integrate good nutrition seamlessly into their lives with a nutrition BFF that has their back and helps them look and feel their best every day.

Trusted by women for every phase of their life, we as a brand have already established ourselves as all women?s BFF for their wellness and beauty needs, helping instil health inside-out. We persistently strive to translate this science to resolve the practical issues of our modern-day lifestyle with a touch of science for the glamour quotient. Within two years, we have serviced more than 2970 pin codes within India and have a presence in 6 countries around the globe. We Started as beauty nutrition and now we exemplify beauty and nutrition supplements by the expansion towards women wellness.

?As women, we all need a best friend who can help bring out the best in us. The wide range of Chicnutrix products addresses all areas of concern for me when it comes to beauty and wellness. A brand made by women and for women, it has an intrinsic understanding of what we need to meet our wellness goals while remaining hassle-free. My one-stop solution is backed by science and created with passion, it's exactly what I need by my side throughout the varied phases of life," said Masaba.

Our friendship with Masaba began in August 2021 and we have since grown to become an integral part of her daily routine. Masaba believes that her biggest strength lies in her support system and we have been an integral element of her health and wellness journey. She openly vocalises the importance of wellness from the inside out and hence advocates the need for women to become more conscious of their health and wellness.

We are proud to be by the designer?s side as her beauty and nutrition best friend as she continues to conquer the world. Masaba is amongst the most powerful women in the country who values her friendships above all else. She is unabashedly unique, unarguably fearless, undeniably original and most importantly, unquestionably inspiring.


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