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Vegan Collagen Booster & more

Chicnutrix Skin Superfood
₹ 1,980.00
Chicnutrix Skin Superfood
₹ 3,960.00
Chicnutrix Hair Superfood Chicnutrix Hair Superfood
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About Vegan Collagen Booster & more

Collagen production in our bodies begins to decline as we get older. Chicnutrix has the ideal supplement for this - Skin Superfood, a supplement to increase collagen production.

Chicnutrix Skin Superfood is a unique plant-based product that combines a unique blend of clinically tested 22 natural ingredients for rejuvenated and healthy skin. So, take care of your skin from the inside-out with this one of a kind, natural drink that will keep it shining and healthy! This plant-based protein is a vegan collagen building supplement for skin.

This collagen-boosting supplement comes in the form of a powder which is easy to use, just take a scoop of the powder and mix it thoroughly in water, and you have a vegan collagen builder drink.

Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, we exclusively use clinically proven ingredients that can be taken by anybody over the age of 16 and have no negative side effects. Consume on a regular basis for 90 days to get the optimum outcomes.

Chicnutrix’s vegan collagen booster & more range, which includes Skin Superfood, has you covered if you're looking for a plant-based protein, vegan collagen builder, supplement for skin health, or a supplement to increase collagen production.