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If you're a woman, you're more likely to have a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection, commonly known as a UTI infection, is an infection that can affect any part of your urinary system, including your kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra.

Urinary tract infection symptoms include
  • A scorching sensation when you pee.
  • A strong desire to pee on a regular basis, even if only a little comes out when you do.
  • Pee that is cloudy, black, red, or smells odd.
  • Chills or a fever (a sign that the infection may have reached your kidneys).
  • Back or lower abdominal pain or pressure.

Chicnutrix aims to deliver beauty and health, inside-out, with a touch of science to your glamour quotient. Chicnutrix has FSSAI approved products, in-house R&D with a strong scientific foundation that does utmost levels of quality & ingredient sourcing to provide you the best nutritional supplements for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

UTI Health Supplement

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) mostly affects the bladder and urethra, but it can also spread to the kidneys and ureters. Women are more susceptible to the condition, with 50 to 60 percent of women impacted each year. There are a bunch of medicines in the market that claim to be the best medicine for UTIs but even the best antibiotics for UTI in adults don’t seem to work, you could try some of the natural supplements as an alternative. To avoid the overuse of antibiotics, many people opt for natural and herbal supplements to treat their UTIs. There are some natural ingredients which particularly help with UTI:

Cranberry Extract - Cranberry extract is a well-known supplement for urinary tract infections. It has long been regarded as one of the most effective UTI supplements. Cranberries include proanthocyanidins, which aid in the fight against germs. They are high in antioxidants, which help to protect the body from harm. They aid in the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections and their symptoms. You could take cranberry extract without any risk because it has no negative effects on UTI. Chicnutrix Happee are one of the best cranberry pills for UTIs.

D Mannose - D-mannose is a simple sugar that is commonly used to prevent and treat minor urinary tract infections. It makes it easier for certain infectious germs to be flushed out before they can make you sick by inhibiting their ability to cling to the cells of your urinary tract. D Mannose UTI can be considered an effective option to manage UTIs.

Ursolic acid - Ursolic acids have a number of advantages in the treatment of UTIs, including pain and inflammation relief. Ursolic acid for UTI prevention and treatment works as a wonderful pain reliever for UTI when paired with Cranberry extracts. Ursolic is an excellent pain reliever for UTI prevention and treatment.

Antioxidant Rich Supplement with D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract

Chicnutrix Happee is a natural UTI supplement that is developed to help UTI in adults. It is gentle on the stomach, has a faster action and absorption rate, and has no side effects, making it ideal for supporting and maintaining urinary tract health so you may feel more at ease and free.

It is a unique blend of Ursolia, Cranberry extract and D-mannose which prevents bladder infection. Helps to Maintains Urinary Tract Health & helps prevent inflammation, it is also effective against recurring infections caused by E. Coli p-fimbriae, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, and Staphylococcus.

Chicnutrix Happee contains natural ingredients like patented ingredient Ursolia rich in ursolic acid, Cranberry which is rich in 50% Proanthocyanidins & D-mannose which are proven effective against UTIs.

Vegan Nutrition for Urinary Tract and Bladder Infection

UTI generally involves infection in the lower urinary tract, bladder infection and urethral infection. A proper diet can help to reduce the risk of UTI. Vegan nutrition is considered to be the finest when it comes to reducing the chances of UTI. Fruit juices, such as cranberry and blueberry, are recommended because they contain proanthocyanidins, which inhibit bacteria from accessing the bladder lining. Antioxidant-rich foods including beans, cherries, and bell peppers are also useful when it comes to urinary tract infections. Vegan diets may also assist to prevent against UTIs by lowering the acidity of urine. According to studies, urine that is less acidic and more neutral helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause UTIs.

Maintain a UTI diet chart to effectively track your diet. A healthy vegan diet of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich foods is important in UTI management. It can help to provide relief from UTIs by flushing out toxins from the urinary tract. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are the best medicine for UTI.

Your urinary tract system is a powerful machine. It works continuously throughout the day to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it requires while expelling the ones it doesn't. UTIs, on the other hand, are still a regular occurrence and should not be taken lightly.

Effervescent tablets are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of sectors including supplements and pharmaceutical use due to the ease with which they can be consumed and the following are the benefits:

Increased Absorption Rate & Fast Action - Effervescent tablets have 80-90% absorption rate showing faster action compared to only 50-60% absorption rate of other conventional tablets & pills.

Pleasant Taste Compared to Regular Tablets - As effervescent tablets are dissolved and then consumed, flavors are added to make them tasty to consume.

Distributed More Evenly - Effervescent tablets are dissolved in water and then consumed, which distributes them evenly in the stomach after ingestion.

Increased Liquid Intake - As Effervescent Tablets are consumed by dissolving in the water, it helps increase the liquid intake.

Easy To Consume - It can be easy for those who have difficulty swallowing or have problems with conventional tablets/capsules.

Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, we exclusively utilise clinically established ingredients that can be taken by anybody over the age of 16 and have no negative side effects. Consume on a regular basis for 30 days during an active UTI and after every 3 months to avoid recurrent UTIS to get the best results. All our products are Original Swiss Formula, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar, Gentle on the Stomach, Hassle-free, and easy to consume.

Chicnutrix’s UTI collection has you covered, whether you're searching for the best medicine for UTI or best cranberry pills for UTI.


1. What is the best natural supplement for UTI?
Ans: Supplements that include cranberry extract, D Mannose and Ursolic acid are the best natural supplements for UTI. Chicnurix Happee contains all  these ingredients to help you in reducing the UTI symptoms and help prevent UTI recurrence.

2. Are cranberry supplements good for UTI?
Ans: Yes, cranberry supplements are good for UTI as they help cleanse and protect the urinary tract by preventing Escherichia coli (infection-causing bacteria) from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract which cause urinary tract infections. Chicnutrix Happee has Cranberry extract which is rich in 50% proanthocyanidins along with patented Ursolia which reduces the pain & burning sensation and D-mannose which flushes out the bacteria.

3. How do you cure a urinary tract infection without antibiotics?
Ans: You can cure urinary tract infection without antibiotics by using natural supplements that help you reduce the symptoms and help cure the infection. The best combination is cranberry, ursolic acid & d-mannose that Chicnutrix Happee provides. Chicnutrix Happee helps in relieving the symptoms along with preventing the bacteria to stick to the urinary tract walls and flushing them out.

4. Instant UTI relief with best vegan supplements?
Ans: Chicnutrix Happee helps you with instant UTI symptoms relief as it has Patented and Clinically Proven ingredient Ursolia which helps in relieving the pain & burning sensation.

5. Can I take cranberry pills and D-mannose together?
Ans: Yes, you can take cranberry and D-mannose together.

6. Can you take D-mannose on an empty stomach?
Ans: Yes, you can take D-mannose on empty stomach.

7. Is D-mannose anti-inflammatory?
Ans: No. D-mannose is not an anti-inflammatory. It is a sugar that helps in preventing the bacteria to cause the infection and flushing them out of the body.



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