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We all had days when we just didn’t have the time to eat because of our busy schedules. Even if we wanted to eat something, nothing good and healthy was available. More often than not during such times, we tend to skip a meal or eat something unhealthy like junk food.

Many people believe that food that can be made instantly may not be healthy. They also fear that instant food may not provide all the essential nutrients. But as the awareness about healthy eating and good nutrition increases people are willing to try these new instant foods supplements.

As many myths surrounding them regarding their quality and nutrition profile are breaking, the popularity of such ready-to-eat foods is increasing. Not all instant foods or ready-to-eat foods are junk foods.

Ready-to-eat foods are cooked to the point where they can be enjoyed instantly, without any more preparation. Foods that are prepared for consumption can be served cold, hot, shelf-stable, or only slightly heated. Foods that are prepared and ready to eat must adhere to strict regulations to prevent contamination or the growth of bacteria after the dish has been cooked.

Healthy eating is frequently confused with dieting. That is untrue. Eating well contributes to better physical and mental health in addition to weight loss.

Finding a balance in your diet and making sure your body gets the nutrition it needs to function correctly are key components of healthy eating. A healthy diet must include foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fats, proteins, and carbs. Keep in mind that eating healthfully demands being conscious of both what you consume and how it is prepared. For the best results, people should avoid processed, fried, and foods with a lot of sugar and salt added.

Helps in weight management:

Only a few healthy foods that are high in useful components and low in calories are fruits, vegetables, and beans. They frequently contain more dietary fiber as well. Dietary fiber is essential for maintaining weight control. By extending the sense of fullness and promoting evacuation, it helps control appetite.

A balanced diet balances your hunger hormones, improves your insulin sensitivity, and keeps your thyroid operating normally in addition to encouraging weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Helps to improve heart health:

An unhealthy heart results from excessive consumption of harmful foods, alcohol, and tobacco. Increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides lead to cardiac obstruction and eventually damage to the heart muscles. Reduce cholesterol and enhance heart health by eating healthfully by incorporating fresh, leafy vegetables, fruits, fruit juices, and plant sources of protein into your diet, reducing your intake of meat, and staying away from junk food, animal fats, and sugary foods.

Helps to improve immunity:

A strong immune system helps ward off autoimmune disorders, the common cold, and infectious infections. It promotes quicker healing and recuperation. Consume foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Your immunity is boosted by consuming wholesome foods like fatty fish, cheese, leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and leafy grapefruit.

Helps to improve digestion:

Probiotics, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are crucial for healthy digestion and intestinal health. Foods like fruits and vegetables include dietary fiber. Humans cannot digest dietary fiber, but the beneficial gut bacteria can ferment it, which aids in their survival. Additionally, dietary fiber improves bowel movements and gives the stool more volume, so relieving constipation.

Helps to improve brain health:

Omega-3-rich foods, such as olive oil, fatty fish, fish oil, nuts, and seeds, support optimal brain function, the maintenance of cell membranes, and synaptic plasticity. For those with dyslexia, attention deficit problems, schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder, these foods are utilized as "diet therapy."

The most important nutrient for good health is protein. Protein is made up of amino acids, commonly known as building blocks because they are attached in long chains. It is a “macronutrient,” meaning that you need relatively large amounts of it to stay healthy. It is responsible for multiple important functions in the body.

It's crucial for people to eat protein every day. Your regular protein intake helps keep your cells healthy and ought to be a part of your routine for maintaining excellent health. The daily requirement of protein for an average person is 1g per body weight. Let’s understand why protein is so important to our health.

Growth and maintenance of muscle mass:

Our muscles are made up mostly of protein, so eating plenty of it ensures we have what we need to maintain a healthy muscle mass. Protein is essential for optimal health and good strength. It is very important to incorporate protein into your daily diet.

Helps in weight management:

Protein is one nutrient that you absolutely cannot skimp on if your goal is to lose weight and get in shape. Protein helps to build lean muscle mass in your body, which promotes healthy metabolism. Protein also increases satiety, which means that you feel fuller for longer, making it easier to achieve the calorie deficit that is necessary for weight loss.

Helps to stabilize the blood sugar level:

The best way to ensure a healthy eating pattern and be healthy is to add some amount of protein and fats to your diet and strive for a balanced diet. When you don't eat a balanced diet, your diet is way too rich in carbohydrates, which causes your body to produce more insulin to balance excess blood sugar levels, and over time, your body will be prone to insulin resistance that may welcome a lot of unwanted diseases into your life.

Helps to prevent long-term diseases:

Low protein intake is strongly associated with an increased risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. In fact, high-protein diets are advised for those who want to lose weight or have heart disease. In addition to maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis and many other diseases, whey protein aids in muscle growth.

Fast&Up is a brand that has always understood the needs of millennials and gen Z. Young generation of India wants to be fit, active, and healthy. They are conscious of clean nutrition and its impact. For such people, Fast&Up is launching some cool and exciting products under the new category Fast&Up GoodEatz.

GoodEatz is a new sub-brand of Fast&Up which aims to offer its consumers clean nutrition- fill meals and meal replacement products. All the new launches of GoodEatz are catered to enhance people's health along with a pinch of delicious and mouth-watering meals.

Fast&Up Goodeatz contains meal shakes, soups, and oats that will take care of your daily protein requirements. GoodEatz products have been designed considering the fast and busy lifestyle of people. They can be made instantly and are easy to consume. They are available in multiple delicious flavors that are great tasting.

Meal Shake:

A popular drink amongst young people is a protein milkshake. There are protein milkshakes for weight gain as well as protein shakes for weight loss. Instant milkshakes as a healthy option to get the top-up nutrition along with your daily meal are highly recommended.

People with busy lives prefer protein powder with milk as their main source of protein. A Healthy chocolate milkshake is something of a preferred choice for gym goers. People who are looking for more complete nutrition and who have less time to prepare their meals can now look forward to a new type of shake called meal shakes.

A Meal Replacement Shake is a health drink that can help one replace one or two meals of their day. It contains proteins along with a mix of other macronutrients. It contains carbs and other micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, thereby it helps in the complete nourishment that a regular meal provides. It’s a meal replacement pumped in a shake that accounts for 200 – 400 calorie intakes.

An average Indian meal accounts for 900 calorie intake, so in comparison to that, meal replacement shakes are healthier and more calorie conscious. Such nutritional meal shakes are usually preferred by people who aspire to manage weight and fix their diet.

Nutritional shakes are supposed to be rich in nutrients since they are supposed to replace a meal and help consumers elevate their diet and health-related needs.

The protein-rich meal shakes from GoodEatz include 19g of high-quality, instant, plant-based protein per serving. The very well-known Chef Sanjeev Kapoor selected the dish and tested its flavor. It is a well-balanced, full-meal replacement drink with pure nutrients that aid in effective yet delicious weight management.

It features Extra Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which not only stop bloating but also support a healthy gut and digestive system. Therefore, probiotics aid in reducing harmful buildup in the body and enhance nutrient absorption through the gut.

The additional 22 multivitamins serve to fill up any nutritional gaps in the diet and maintain overall well-being by meeting the body's daily vitamin and mineral needs. They aid in accelerating the body's metabolism and fat burning. Twelve plant-based superfoods that are nutrient-dense and can help you receive the nutrients you need to stay active all day have been added.

It provides a significant amount of protein and is absolutely free of soy, lactose, gluten, and other allergens. All dangerous additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives are absent from it. Neither added sugar nor palm oil is present.

Our meal shakes help to speed up metabolism and turn fat into energy. They are also vegan. We want to provide our customers with a distinctive fusion of flavor and health. Our meal shakes are of the highest quality and come in a delicious Chocolate flavor.


Soup is one of the most common foods in our diet. The best thing about soup is that it is a mixture of multiple ingredients like vegetables, chicken, fish, and pulses. Soups can provide all the essential nutrients covering all the food groups. You can be as creative as you like while preparing soups, it is just about adding the right ingredients in the right combination.

Delicious soup like GoodEatz is perfect for a hectic lifestyle. Sanjeev Kapoor, a renowned chef, has given his seal of approval to this vegetarian soup mix, which has been painstakingly made with 10X More Instant Protein to meet your daily nutritional needs. This soup is filling and nutritious, and each serving of fresh vegetable soup mix has 2g of dietary fiber and 10g (50%) of instant protein.

Additionally, it contains vital superfoods like curcumin and tulsi that support a strong immune system. It has no soy, sugar, palm oil, trans fat, or cholesterol and is fully vegan and plant-based. A soup powder called GoodEatz soup can be created quickly to sate your appetite. In contrast to other soups on the market, it is sold as a dry soup mix powder.

Even the most devoted foodies will like the soup's flavor, which is so great that once tasted, it will never be forgotten. To cook your delectable, protein-rich soup, just add boiling water, and you can start eating it right away.


Oats are high-protein breakfast food that provides the nutrition needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. Instant oats are a growing category amongst people with busy and hectic lifestyles. Eating oats provide protein for breakfast which helps you to fulfill your daily requirements.

A lot of people are switching to the oatmeal diet as a weight management solution. Since oats are a whole grain food, they are highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants, provide fiber, lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, reduce weight and decrease the risk of childhood asthma. Oats nutrition is healthy, adding them to your diet will have multiple benefits on your health. Oats can be a part of various healthy recipes along with other foods.

Delicious and rich in oat protein, GoodEatz Masala Oats are a must-try. Enjoy Instant Protein Oats, which the renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has given his seal of approval. These delicious and healthy oats have 10g of Instant Protein and 5g of dietary fiber in each serving.

For improved general well-being, it also contains Tulsi, crunchy seeds, and actual vegetables. These whole grains and low-calorie rolled oats assist in controlling your heart and cholesterol issues. It is simple to make, tastes great, and can be substituted for plain, unflavored oats.

For your daily health & happiness, quickly make the protein-rich oats in just 3 minutes and devour the delicious oats right away. GoodEatz oats are available in two flavors: masala oats and tomato twist.



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