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Bone Strength

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Bone Calcium for Bone Strength

Did your parents tell you to eat your vegetables and drink your milk to strengthen your bones when you were a kid? You probably rolled your eyes and didn't think about your bones unless you broke one, like most kids. Until you're in your 30s, your bones get dense. After that, it's critical to maintain their health.

You've probably heard of osteoporosis, which is losing bone mass as people become older. Both men and women are affected by this. Your doctor may prescribe a bone density test as you become older to assess your bone health and mass. The test will reveal whether or not you have a poor bone density or mass, which can potentially lead to osteoporosis. When you develop osteoporosis, your bones become fragile and are easy to break. If you're a woman who's gone through menopause, you could lose up to 20% of your bone density in a decade. That is why it is critical to maintain bone health and strength throughout your life.

Bones provide a variety of functions in the body, including providing structural support, protecting organs, attaching muscles, and storing calcium. While it's critical to have strong and healthy bones during childhood and adolescence, you may also safeguard your bone health as an adult.

Chicnutrix aims to deliver beauty and health, inside-out, with a touch of science to your glamour quotient. Chicnutrix has FSSAI approved products, in-house R&D with a strong scientific foundation that does utmost levels of quality & ingredient sourcing to provide you the best nutritional supplements for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

We at Chicnutrix understand the importance of having strong bone health .How having strong bones helps one live their life to the fullest. Chicnutrix has come up with a unique product for your bone health, called Calciolive.

Chicnutrix Calciolive is a well-balanced composition that promotes optimal bone health by providing total bone care. It's not your normal calcium tablet; it's created using Swiss Effervescent Technology and formulated with Bonolive™ Olive Leaf Extract, Calcium, and Vegan Vitamin D3. Calciolive is a calcium supplement that also includes a Vitamin D3 supplement. It has a balanced combination of Olive leaf extract, Calcium, and Vitamin D3. It contains clinically proven ingredients that are approved by medical experts and are 100% vegan. To put it simply it is the best calcium tablet in India.

Why are Healthy Bones Important?

New bone is formed, and old bone is broken down, therefore your bones are always changing. Your body generates a new bone faster than it breaks down an old bone when you're young, so your bone mass increases. Around the age of 30, most people reach their peak bone mass. The remodeling of the bones continues after that, but you lose slightly more bone mass than you gain.

How much bone mass you have by the time you reach 30 and how quickly you lose it after that determines your risk of developing osteoporosis, a disorder that causes bones to become weak and brittle. The more bone you have "in the bank,," the less likely you are to develop osteoporosis when you get older.

What Affects your Bone Health -

There are multiple factors that affect your bone strength like the amount of daily calcium in your diet, physical activities, alcohol and tobacco consumption, sex, age, hormone levels, etc.

What can you do to keep your Bones Healthy -

Add calcium to your diet - Because calcium helps to create and maintain bone mass, it is one of the most important nutrients for bone health. The best thing you can do is eat foods high in calcium. According to the International Commission on Medical Research, The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for calcium in adults is 1,000 milligrams (mg) per day. Adults over the age of 50 are more likely to benefit from it. Dairy products, almonds, broccoli, kale, tinned salmon with bones, sardines, and soy products like tofu are all good sources of calcium. Add Chicnutrix Calciolive to your diet, one of the best calcium supplements availble, if you're having trouble getting enough calcium from your diet.

Include vitamin D in your food - According to ICMR Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption. The RDA for vitamin D is 600 international units (IUs) per day for individuals aged 19 to 70. For people aged 71 and up, the daily dose is increased to 800 IUs. Oily fish, such as salmon, trout, whitefish, and tuna, are good sources of vitamin D. Mushrooms, eggs, and fortified foods like milk and cereals are other excellent sources of vitamin D. Sunlight also aids in the creation of vitamin D in the body. Adding Chicnutrix Calciolive is the best option as it contains Vegan Vitamin D3, the best choice for vitamin D tablets if you're concerned about your bone health.

Bone health is vital throughout one's life. However, because the symptoms frequently don't present themselves until bone loss has progressed, people tend to take their robust bones for granted. Fortunately, there is a variety of nutrition and lifestyle practices that can aid in the development and maintenance of healthy bones, and it's never too early to begin. It aids in the growth of new bone cells, the reduction of inflammation, and the provision of comprehensive bone care, as well as the protection of bones against defective turnover.

Calcium Supplement for Healthy bones

Calcium is a vital nutrient that serves a variety of biological processes in the human body, the most important of which is skeletal mineralization. Bone is a mineralized connective tissue that is composed primarily of calcium and provides bone strength and structure. Calcium is a major component of bone, which contains more than 99 percent calcium-phosphate complexes and gives skeleton strength and structure, as well as serving as a metabolic reservoir for maintaining the intra and extracellular calcium pool.

Although adequate calcium can be obtained through food, many people, particularly those who shun dairy products, find it difficult to do so. Lactose-intolerant people and vegans who don't consume dairy products have a tougher time acquiring adequate calcium from their diet.

It's also difficult to get enough calcium from food throughout some stages of life, such as puberty, when our bodies need extra calcium to grow strong bones for life. Calcium is also required by postmenopausal women and males over the age of 70 to prevent bone loss. Best calcium tablets for bones also contain Vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium.

Did you know that men and women have differing calcium requirements? This is largely related to female hormone levels and their relationship to osteoporosis. Estrogen is important for bone formation and maintenance, and it plays a role in osteoporosis since a woman's ovaries produce far less estrogen after menopause. Hence it is vital for women to take calcium supplements for their calcium requirements. There are multiple calcium tablets for women available on the market.

Build Stronger Bones with Plant Based Bonolive Protein

BONOLIVE® is a highly water-soluble olive leaf extract that has been tested for the presence of oleuropein, a potent phytonutrient found only in olive trees. Various investigations have revealed that oleuropein promotes bone growth by increasing the number and activity of bone-forming cells.

Multivitamin with Olive leaf extract, and Vegan Vitamin D3

As we become older, our joints and bones may start to deteriorate. Olive leaf extract has the ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which helps to protect our joints and bones.

What is the best approach to keep your bones strong and healthy? Calcium! Calcium is necessary for the health and mineral density of your valuable skeleton, but eating adequate vitamin D is also necessary for calcium absorption in the bones and body. Chicnutrix Calciolive contains vegan vitamin D3 for better absorption.

Chicnutrix Calciolive is just a fantastic supplement for bone calcium.

Our bones provide structural support and allow us to move. They safeguard our brain, heart, and other vital organs from harm.

Effervescent tablets are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of sectors including supplements and pharmaceutical use due to the ease in which they can be consumed and the following are the benefits:

Increased Absorption Rate & Fast Action - Effervescent tablets have 80-90% absorption rate showing faster action compared to only 50-60% absorption rate of other conventional tablets & pills.

Pleasant Taste Compared to Regular Tablets - As effervescent tablets are dissolved and then consumed, flavors are added to make them tasty to consume.

Distributed More Evenly - Effervescent tablets are dissolved in water and then consumed, which distributes them evenly in the stomach after ingestion.

Increased Liquid Intake - As Effervescent Tablets are consumed by dissolving in the water, it helps increase the liquid intake.

Easy To Consume - It can be easy for those who have difficulty swallowing or have problems with conventional tablets/capsules.

Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, we exclusively utilise clinically established ingredients that can be taken by anybody over the age of 16 and have no negative side effects. Consume on a regular basis for 90 days to get the best results. Make these supplements a part of your lifestyle to ensure that your body & bones get all the healthy nutrients from within, to stay healthy & strong. All our products are Original Swiss Formula, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar, Gentle on the Stomach, Hassle-free, and easy to consume.

Chicnutrix’s Bone Strength collection has you covered, whether you're searching for a natural product for calcium tablets for women, calcium and vitamin d3 supplements or the best calcium tablets for bones.


1. What vitamins build strong bones?

Ans. Calcium and Vitamin D3 build stronger bones. Chicnutrix Calciolive has Calcium & vitamin D3 along with Bonolive extract which helps in protecting the bones.

2. What is the best supplement for bone growth?

Ans. A calcium supplement with added vitamin D and olive leaf extract is the best supplement for bone growth. Olive leaf extract helps in producing new bone cells and provides complete bone care. Chicnutrix Calciolive is the best supplement for bone growth.

3. Can you take vitamin D and calcium together?

Yes, you can take Vitamin D3 and Calcium together.

4. Can I take calcium everyday?

Ans. Yes, you can take calcium everyday.

5. Can a lack of calcium cause joint pain?

Ans. A lack of calcium cannot be considered a primary cause of joint discomfort. However, it does play a role when your joints hurt to some amount.

6. How can I increase my bone density after 60?

Ans. You can increase your bone density after 60 by following these tips:

  • Exercise regularly

  • Have a balanced diet

  • Avoid caffeinated and salty foods

  • Add Chicnutrix Calcoilive to your routine for complete bone care.

7. What are the early warning signs of osteoporosis?

Ans. The early signs of osteoporosis are as follows

  • Receding Gums

  • Decreased Grip Strength

  • Cramps and Bone Pain

  • Brittle Fingernails

  • Fracture

Chinutrix Calciolive can help in preventing any bone disorders as it has the three best ingredients- calcium, vitamin D3 & bonolive extract for complete bone care and management.