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Travel Beauty Hacks

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022

1. Moisturize


Apply a thick layer of moisturizer the night before you are going to fly. This will increase the hydration level in your skin and protect it from dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.

2.Drink Drink Drink (we meant water :P)

Drink Drink Drink

With a good quality serum and moisturizer you can keep your skin hydrated from the outside. However, it?s also important to hydrate from the inside. Don't forget to refill a water bottle once you?re past security, and try to drink continuously throughout the flight.t?s very easy to become dehydrated while flying, so avoid that uneasy feeling by drinking at least 2 liters of water over a 24-hour period. Because when you feel good you look good.

3.Dont Skip That Sunscreen

Don't Skip That Sunscreen

The closer the sun, the stronger the radiation to your skin. Don?t forget to apply sunscreen before you go in that sun.It will help you protect yourself from tanning and harmful UV rays emitting from the sun to cause skin irritation, skin infections etc.

4.Board with your Beauty Kit.

Board with your Beauty Kit

Remember to have the following on hand; the best makeup remover for your skin , a hydrating moisturizer with SPF, a mist spray and lip balm. Place all items in a clear bag and make sure none of the products exceeds 100 ml. You don?t want to leave back your amazing product because it?s bigger than regulations permit.

5.Blotting that Oil

Ladies...Don't forget, blotting papers are the best when you need to get rid off that oil on your face while you are travelling.Don't let that oil spoil your mood.Always carry a bunch of these bloating sheets in your bag.They take off any oil from your face throughout the day. Just dab, no wipe,and it your makeup is on point.

6.Pack Like A Pro

Pack Like A Pro

As much as you love your everyday skin care routine, you more than likely don?t have room for it all in your luggage and carry-on. Thanks to the travel-sized products out there so that you can bring the essentials with you,wherever you go just like your favorite pair of shoes.You could also use reusable travel bottles to pack little portions of your skin care products.

7.Minus That Makeup

Minus That Makeup

Makeup enables blocking of pores, that in turn causes skin problems. As your skin is more sensitive when you're traveling, wearing a little less makeup than usual can help prevent skin problems on the road. While you may love doing elaborate makeup for special occasions, remember that this can harm your skin.

8.Sleeping brings you Beauty

Sleeping brings you Beauty

Lack of sleep is bad for your skin. Not sleeping while traveling can make your skin more prone to travel-based skin issues. Try your best to get a solid night's sleep every night, this will definitely help prevent travel-related skin issues.


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