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Top Nutrition and Supplement Trends in 2022

Published : July 2, 2021 8 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022

Essential Nutritional Requirements

With the ongoing global pandemic, immunity and the overall health of the body is at the forefront of everyone?s mind. There is a rise in individuals turning to preventative measures, nutritional supplements, and a nutrient-rich diet. Nutritional supplements are more popular than ever, especially with Covid-19; multimineral and multivitamins supplements have become the most popular. Insufficient essential nutrients, a fast-paced lifestyle, pollution, and UV damage cause a lot of skin, hair, and wellness issues in day-to-day life. There are a lot of hair loss supplements and some of the best skin care products on the market claiming to solve hair and skin issues through nutrition and supplements. But among these many products on the market, it is difficult to understand whether the product works or is just another fad. Investing in the right supplement to fill our nutrition gap is essential, especially now. A healthy body, glowing skin, and bouncy hair can be achieved with proper nutrition. So, here are some of the top nutrition and supplement trends to look for in 2022.

Immune Health Supplements:

Immunity-boosting supplements like Vitamin C, Zinc, Omega-3, and Vitamin D have been trending since the beginning of the pandemic and will continue to rise in 2022. Multivitamins, Probiotics, Medicinal Herbs, and Vitamins C & D are needed to continue contributing to this growth.

Immunity has to be prioritized, taking into consideration the world pandemic! No vaccine can prevent or cure corona, but a strong immunity can definitely protect the body from the harmful virus.

Consuming doctor-prescribed supplements, a balanced diet, and regular exercising makes for strong immunity.

Considering the severity of the Covid-19 infection and the chaos that comes with it, it is wise to play safe and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Masks, social interaction and isolation limit bacteria from entering the body. This can significantly impact the body?s ability to react to or fight bacteria and viruses. That is why it is even more crucial to build a stronger immunity!

Mental Health Supplements:

The routine disruptions brought on by the pandemic, which include social isolation and maintaining work-life balance, have brought on extra stress. Hence, supporting mental health has become even more critical. Individuals are now prioritizing mental and emotional stress due to the high prevalence of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression which has become a motivating factor.

Working at home in isolation with limited interaction with other human beings can trigger a feeling of loneliness. But keeping in mind the health hazard of physical and social interaction, it has to be limited if not barred completely!

But many innovative ways have come up to have social interaction without any fear of spreading an infection; one of them is going virtual!

Yes, many virtual sessions offer hobby classes, exercise, and webinars. Many of these are interactive and prove to be an excellent platform to work on self or social skills.

Learning a new skill or taking up a hobby class can greatly help mental health as it has the power to direct the brain away from negative space.

Some mental health conditions need professional help too! It is common for the human mind to go off track, and there is no need to feel shame.

If experiencing any symptoms of disrupted mental health, do not self-medicate. Like the body, the brain needs a doctor and medication to recover!

Usually, problems related to mental health start with the feeling of abandonment, stress, or lethargy. Physical symptoms include headache, strained eyes, sudden weight fluctuations, or chronic aches. Consult a therapist or a neurologist to get an insight.

Whatever the symptoms, it is wise to seek help from a professional. It might seem hard at first by taking the first step is all that is needed! Therapists and neurologists are doctors who swear by their patient's privacy and follow a strict no judgment policy.

Along with professional help, the other best therapy is interacting with loved ones!

Seek help from a close relative or friend and reach out to them in the hour of need.

Natural and Organic Supplements:

It is essential to know whether the ingredients we are consuming are the right ones. With so many GMO products on the market, getting information on natural ingredients from reputable sources is essential. There are many natural source supplements available on the market.

So, keep a lookout for natural, organic ingredients or ayurvedic supplements from reputable sources with clinical studies to achieve the claims made by the products. You can consult a doctor to get a hold of supplements that suit you.

These supplements are purely to fill any nutritional lag that cannot be fulfilled by food only. And, no way does it mean to use these supplements to treat any illness. It is wise to consult a doctor for medication and supplements that will not negatively impact or cause any allergic reaction.

While supplements are a great and easy source of getting all the nutrients in the body, they cannot replace medicines! One should treat a severe health condition or illness with the help of a certified doctor who?specializes in the subject.

Also, if suffering from any health condition, it is wise to run all the supplements by a doctor to avoid mishaps. Provide the doctor with all the relevant tests and be outspoken about the health conditions and allergic limitations to find the best supplements.


About 60% of consumers in 2022 would like to know more about where the ingredients in their food come from, and this trend can continue in the year 2022. The consumers would like complete transparency on sustainable ingredients sourced from reputable sources.

Health Supplements for women:

Health issues like post-menopausal, hormonal imbalance, brittle nails, poor vision, anaemia, and hair loss are rising. In? 2022, people are?prioritizing self-care and nutrition needs which have led to a willingness to invest in themselves and have been a driving force in health and beauty supplements. Individuals will continue to look for multivitamins, probiotics, stress relievers, energy boosters, bone support, and iron supplements in 2022. Nutrition and supplement trends will continue to evolve in 2022 as individuals and nutraceutical industries continue to respond to the ongoing pandemic.

Many doctors recommend vitamin C, D, and zinc supplements to build immunity. Since the isolation, there has been a limitation to sun exposure they face Vitamin D deficiency.

Since Vitamin D helps absorb Calcium from food into the body, Calcium deficiency is also on the rise.

Women and other uterus owners, after the age of thirty or childbirth experience calcium deficiency and are prone to brittle bones. This problem can lead to brittle bones or osteoporosis. In this case, the bones become so weak and brittle that they can be easily fractured.

Hence, they need to take extra care during the world pandemic and work on building a stronger body.

Many companies claim to deliver effective supplements with authentic ingredients, but it is wise to take the help of a professional when choosing them.

Read the fine print carefully on the back of the packaging, especially the first few ingredients. Research on the brand and ingredients is necessary.

Holistic Lifestyle and diet:

A holistic approach is on the rise for healthy living. Many people resort to a healthy, balanced diet to avoid illness. Rather than just relying on medication, individuals are now focusing on building a stronger immunity to fight viruses. Diet plays a vital role in this to help the body build a stronger immunity and maintain overall health. Holistic nutrition is all about eating food that is unprocessed, unrefined, organic, and whole or raw foods.

This practice provides the natural goodness of food without compromising its quality or nutrients.

The holistic diet approach has revolutionised the concept of snacking too! Fruits, dry fruits, homemade smoothies, or chips made with fruits make for ideal choices of snacks. There are many recipes to make a yummy snack which is healthy too!

It might sound too ?healthy? at first, but the benefits of eating mindfully and nutritiously have their perks too! Look out for changes in the quality of skin and hair.

But don?t rely entirely on the internet to chart a diet plan. Get help from a dietician to customise a diet plan that does not compromise nutrients and health.

With the necessary test reports and health condition information, a dietician may be able to plant out a suitable diet plan.

Nutrition Supplements for Healthy Living:

The condition of skin, hair, and nails says a lot about a person?s inner health. Dull skin, hair, hair fall, and brittle nails that break easily could indicate poor nutrition.

The daily diet may not include all the Important nutrients your body needs. And sometimes, the body may not be able to absorb the nutrients well.

Poor nutrition, unhealthy habits, and hectic work schedules contribute to poor health! Finding a work-life balance that will not pile up stress and let you work efficiently on yourself and your tasks is essential.

Often, food alone cannot fulfill the body?s daily nutritional requirements. And, sometimes, the body?s ability to absorb the nutrients from food is low! Hence, supplements are a better alternative because they can provide the number of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the body needs.

Having supplements as a source of nutrition doesn't mean avoiding eating healthy or fasting.

Having three nutritious meals in a day and the required amount of water is necessary, ensuring a healthy bowel system and effectively processing the waste out of the body.

Hence, consuming multivitamin supplements along with proper nutrition is a must. Consult a doctor to find the best supplements or medication that you require.


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