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Monsoon Beauty Hacks

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Monsoon is just around the corner and no wonder it's one of our favourite seasons!! Pitter Patter Rain Drops on the rooftop is an immense pleasure to experience. But with the first spell of rain, comes along humidity(P.s- We know how stressful it is for every girl). Humidity does take a toll on your overall beauty especially your hair & skin. But no worries we have some really cool beauty hacks to beat the monsoon blues this season.

1. Moisturised skin is always loved

Moisturising your skin during monsoon makes the skin go more oily is a myth! Your skin is like to get oily because of the humidity in the air but that does not mean that a moisturiser is not required to hydrate your skin. Make sure you use a good gel based moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and oil-based throughout the day and don't let your skin parched.

2. Heat That Oil

Frizzy hair & Oily scalp is such common hair trouble in monsoons. It's all because of the humidity in the air. Rough, Dry and Brittle hair problems come along with it. To treat this hair struggle the naturally easy DIY way, you really gotta try this for effective results. Massage your hair and scalp an hour before you wash your hair with some oil mildly heated. This is going to deeply nourish your hair deep and also help you to get the lustrous hair locks.

3. Compulsory Sunscreen pls

Summer, Monsoon or Spring, there is no such season which says no sunscreen required. This is one beauty regime which cannot be ignored even when the sun is not shining and under the shadow of the clouds. Carry it wherever and reapply whenever.

4. Say no to hair styling:-

Shut all your heating tools this monsoon season. Your hair is already stressed out with all the humidity in the air so let's not trouble it more with all the heat from the styling tools. Let your hair be natural and bloom naturally. Instead, use a light serum so that you could control that fizz and soften your tresses.

5. Go natural with you Hair care products

Use shampoos and conditioners that are free from harmful chemicals like parabens & sulphate. Your hair is already going through a lot and requires some extra pampering. Opt for shampoos that are organic and don't leave out your scalp too dry once you wash them followed by a good conditioner which protects your hair strands. DIY hair masks at home is also a good option during monsoons.


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