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DIY For At Home Face Clean-Up

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
home face clean up As you are at home now it is a good idea to spend the available time in caring for yourself. One of the things you can do is to clean up your face and get rid of the pollution dirt and dust that has settled on the skin. These elements can damage the skin and cause problems like acne, or aging skin. Let us look at a DIY face clean up which you can do at home.


Take some oil cleanser in your hand and spread it on your face. Massage the face with circular motions and then dip your hands in warm water and continue the circular motions. Once you have massaged your face properly wash your face using a large amount of water till the cleanser is washed away. Cleansing your face with an oil cleanser removes the dirt and grime along with any traces of makeup. The sebum that builds up on the face due to these elements also gets washed off. If you don?t have an oil cleanser, you can use either olive or sweet almond oil as these are lightweight oils, you can also use coconut oil if you have a normal or dry skin. The next step is to use a face wash and wash your face to remove any of the excess oil cleanser that is left on your face. Pat dry with a clean towel but leave some dampness for the next step of exfoliating.


Exfoliating your face is a great way to remove the dead skin cells in face clean up which are present on the outer layer of the skin. If you exfoliate the skin it will result in better absorption of the face skin care products Apply some face scrub on the face and rub the face in circular motions. It is necessary to rub the skin gently when you are using a face scrub because if you put too much pressure on the skin it can damage the skin rather than improving it. After a couple of minutes use warm water to rinse the face. You can make your own scrub at home by mixing 2tbsp of baking soda, add some drops of water till it forms a thick paste. You can also use oats instead, just powder the oats and add some milk till a thick paste.


Steaming is a good way to deep cleanse your face because it will help in removing the blackheads and white heads. It also makes the skin retain moisture and prepares the skin for receiving the other skin care products. If you have a facial steamer it is good, otherwise you can boil some water in a saucepan and remove the water from the flame once it has boiled. Hold your face over the pan and cover your head with a towel in such a way that the steam does not escape much. Steam your face for at least five minutes. Then take a blackhead remover and scrape off the black heads and white heads on your face.

Face pack

The next step is to apply a face pack suited to your skin type. Apply the face pack as per the instructions on the package. Make your own face pack by mixing 2tbsp of gram flour, 2 tbsp. of milk or rose water and a pinch of turmeric, mix well and apply your at home face pack. Wash your face after the face pack has dried and remove all traces of the face pack from your skin and as a finishing touch apply some moisturizer. This DIY face clean up routine will make you look glowing and will be a good utilization of the extra time that you have at home. It will also save the money that you would have spent in a salon.


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