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Christmas Gifting Ideas with Chicnutrix Bounce

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
?It?s the most wonderful time of the year!? We can?t help but sway to this classic Jim Reeves? tune that aptly describes the holiday season. Emotions are riding high this year and god only knows we need some reprieve to end the year on a happy note. Christmas is closing in and we?re excited to be sharing with you the perfect (and chicest) gifting ideas with our bestselling beauty nutrition, Chicnutrix Bounce!

Transform Your Hair with the Right Nutrition

Chicnutrix Bounce has had customers raving about how marvellous the results have been. Whether those customers are young or old, we?re happy to be making such a big difference. Stress and lifestyle factors like diet, pregnancy and lack of exercise can throw our hormones out of whack. It?s no wonder that this year has had us losing hair in clumps! Chicnutrix Bounce has restorative and rejuvenating properties that will breathe new life into your hair. Keep reading for more about this star beauty nutrition.

Why Nutrition is Important

Commercial haircare products offer temporary results, which is not what most of us want, right? We?re all for a solid haircare routine but what?s missing is the lack of the right nutrition. Your diet may be clean, but there?s only so much nutrition you can get from food. If it?s not organic, fresh or cooked at the right temperature, most nutrients are as good as gone once the food reaches your plate. Nutrition is absolutely essential to give your hair the building blocks it needs to recover from damage caused not only by the aforementioned reasons but even from hair styling and chemical treatments. As part of a healthy lifestyle, Chicnutrix Bounce is more than just a delicious beauty nutrition.

Bounce tubes in our exclusive Christmas gift box

Why Chicnutrix Bounce

Hairfall, hair thinning, brittle strands and textured, limp hair are expertly taken care of in a matter of 90 days with our original Swiss effervescent formula. Why effervescent? Because drinking your nutrition supports higher absorption as opposed to popping tablets that take time to digest. Chicnutrix Bounce is formulated with three potent ingredients namely, biotin, selenium and amino acids. Together they create synergetic magic, or what we call, a hair recovery complex that targets the root of everyday hair problems. Stronger, luscious, fuller, smoother hair is now easy to achieve with this beauty nutrition that is easy on the tummy, vegan, dermatologist approved, has no side effects and comes in two fantastic flavours, green apple and raspberry.

How Long Do Results Take to Show?

We recommend consuming Chicnutrix Bounce for at least 90 days consistently to see the best results. Like all haircare products, consistency is key, so be sure to drink up every day for a boost of our clinically proven ingredients. So what makes us better or different from other hair nutrition supplements in the market, you may be wondering? Well for starters, our ingredients aren?t just sourced and directly packed without being tried and tested first. Without testing the efficacy of our products, we?re not happy to put it out in the market. So what you gethfinally is a well researched and tested product that is created as an original Swiss effervescent formula for improved absorption. We?re also the only hair effervescent product in the market that contains everything your hair needs to rebuild itself from the inside out.

Why It Makes the Perfect Gift

Side view of our exclusive Chicnutrix Christmas gift box

Christmas is not just a time for parties and bingeing on our favourite sweet treats, it?s also about entering the new year on a transformative note. Gifting Chicnutrix Bounce to someone special says that you want them to also experience the awesome results and feel more confident about their hair. Fill their holiday season and new year with the goodness of Chicnutrix Bounce and we promise it?ll be worth it. Christmas gift box

Aerial view of our exclusive Chicnutrix Christmas gift box

Our exclusive Chirstmas gift box is available for you to treat yourself or loved one to our range of Chicnutrix beauty and wellness nutrition. Put a big smile on their face this year and drink your way to fabulous hair with Chicnutrix Bounce! Happy holidays!


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