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Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : May 18, 2023
Getting married can be hectic and long list of to dos never seems to finish. We are here to help out with your skin and hair prep. The ultimate skin and hair care calendar for your D-day is ready for you to use. Scroll down and let?s get started. Bridal Calender 6 months to go? Kick start your beauty regime by prepping from inside out.
  • Start with a well-balanced diet- lean protein, leafy vegetables.
  • Throw that cookie out and take in fruits and nuts.
  • Add some supplements for your specific skin and hair concerns.
  • Start a new skincare regime and target the problem areas on your face by consulting a dermatologists.
3 months to go?
  • Time to schedule that hair and makeup trials.
  • Don?t forget to carry multiple shots from different angles of the look you want.
  • Getting a facial tailored for your face now is a good idea
  • Don?t forget to get it two weeks before wedding (if and only if it doesn?t give you any bad reactions).
  • Get your mani-pedi done and get it weekly or do it at home if you are on a budget.
1 month to go?
  • Trim those split ends and wispies off
  • Splurge on that deep conditioning hair masque
  • Get a good massage to stimulate hair growth.
  • Don?t forget those brows.
  • Get your final makeup trial done and finalise the look.
  • If you want you can also get those highlights that accentuate your dress.
1 week to go?
  • Cut those sugar, salt, bread from diet.
  • Pack your emergency beauty kits.
  • Relax and unwind.
Just a day to go?
  • Massage with nourishing oil and use your favorite deep conditioner.
  • Draw a hot water bath with rose petals and few drops of essential oil.
  • Don?t forget to moisture your body
  • Follow a night time skin care routine.
  • Avoid late night and get in early to get that beauty sleep for radiant glowing skin.


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