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5 tips to make your hair shine throughout the summer

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
hair shine Throughout the winter you may want the sun, but when it does appear in summer, it brings with it some issues for your skin and hair too.Let us look at 5 tips to get super shiny hair and maintain your locks when the heat is hard. Apart from sun burns on the skin, the harsh summer sun can also leave your hair dry, dull and brittle. Hence just like you need to protect your skin from the heat of the sun, similarly you need to protect your hair too. It is vital that you protect your hair from the UV rays of the sun The sun rays damage the hair as they burn the skin. The UV rays make the protein in the hair breakdown which causes the hair strands to become dull and brittle. Fortunately, it is possible to protect your hair from damage from the sun just like you can protect the skin. Nowadays, there are many sun protection sprays available which hydrate the hair and protect it from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. It is also advisable to use a hat to protect your hair and stick to the shade during the mid-day

Do not let dandruff develop

The harsh rays of the sun can cause dandruff by drying the scalp. This is the reason that you should use an anti-dandruff shampoo. In fact, nowadays it is possible to get an anti-dandruff shampoo which will also moisturize the hair. This moisturizing action also causes the hair to recover from the heat.

Avoid more heat

During the summer, the sun is already doing its job of heating your hair. Hence make it a point to give a break to the heat from the hair styling blow dryers and hair ironing rods. It will end up making your hair dry and even cause split ends. This is the reason that you should switch to natural styles during the summer. If you really need to style your hair for a big occasion then it is advisable to lower the temperature and use a nozzle so that your hair is protected from the direct heat.

Condition the hair regularly

Summer is not the time to avoid your conditioner. What a moisturizer does for the skin a conditioner does the same for the hair. It hydrates the hair and combats the drying effect of the sun. If you find it cumbersome to use a conditioner after shampoo, you can opt for some of the good shampoo conditioner combined formulas. Such combinations of shampoo and conditioner are easily available in the market.

Apply oil

Coconut or olive oil are great for the skin and you should apply these oils regularly. It is advisable to apply either of these oils at least twice a week. Warm the oil a little and apply to the scalp and hair. Wrap it with a towel and leave it on for an hour. After that shampoo and condition your hair. The oil will nourish your hair and protect it from damage and make your hair super shiny. It will also help in locking in the moisture in the hair so that your hair looks great in spite of the heat of the summer. Apart from nourishment on the outside, great hair also needs nourishment from within the body. For this apart from a healthy diet, you should opt for Chicnutrix Bounce which is an oral effervescent supplement made with all the essential nutrients your hair needs such as Biotin, Selenium and Amino acids which nourishes the hair, strengthens and reduces hair fall making them look bouncier, shinier and healthier. Follow these 5 tips to get super shiny hair and add Chicnutrix Bounce for holistic care.


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