5 Ideas to Namaslay Nutrition

Published : Jul 02, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023

We are always inspired by nature and all the goodness that it has to offer. It has been said that ?nature heals? and therefore, we believe that the best nutrition for your health comes from nature. Taking this philosophy ahead, we discussed natural components that are essential for every woman?s daily nutrition. Soon, Chicnutrix was born, to answer all your natural nutritional needs, to slay your fitness, your relationship, your lifestyle!

Taken from the theory by Candace Moore, ?Namaslay? is a life philosophy that mixes old world yogic principles with a modern can-do attitude. And we want you to Namaslay Nutrition by combining your basic nutritional requirements with an innovative approach.

Here are some ideas to slay your lifestyle:

  • Be confident.?Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself,? are the powerful words of the style icon Coco Chanel. Every woman has a beauty of her own and it is her inner confidence that makes her confident externally. She leads her life with confidence and it is her inner strength that keeps her going.
  • Learn continuously.Read a lot. Talk to your friends and engage in healthy conversation. Attend workshops or take up a course. Remember that if you meet people from different walks of life, then you will think differently. You may or may not always agree, but you will find out something you don?t know.
  • Take little stepsNot just with that tracking app for the number of steps you take on your daily walks or run, but do little things so that they become a habit. Write your journal, call your mom, make eye contact and remember to be kind. Just do all the little things to connect us as human beings, to keep us together.
  • Understand your health.Your health matters. Be it with what you eat or with what you keep fit. Find time for yourself, look up healthy recipes and do not forget that your body needs daily nutrition. Chicnutrix Glow is made up of Gluthathione and Vitamin C for skin radiance and glow. And Chicnutrix Bounce contains Hair Recovery Complex, Biotin and Selenium for you to have a good hair day, every day. Just have a sip of this fizzy tasty drink and say hello to good health.
  • Plan your daily routine.If you?re doing all of the above, then you?re totally slaying it! You are looking deep inside yourself to feel good about yourself. And this is the greatest gift. You are shining and you can keep the shine on with our knight in shining armour ? Chicnutrix Mighty Omega, a beauty nutrition supplement with the pureness of Omega-3 from the fishes of the sea. You?re giving great vibes and receiving from nature. Thus, creating perfect harmony.

By Shveta Jadhav

Confidence, learning, walking, eating healthy and planning can make you look, feel and stay fit. And we want you to just slay it! Find out how at chicnutrix.com.


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