Complete Hair food for reducing hair fall, dandruff, frizziness

  • Helps improve hair strength & texture
  • Helps increase hair density and bounce with decreased hair fall
  • Helps reduce dry, rough, brittle hair with split ends
  • Promotes nourishment and maintenance of overall health of hair follicles
  • Helps Fight Environmental Damage to Hair and Hair Follicles
  • Helps Reduce Brittle Hair and Thinning of Hair
  • Helps Maintain Good Hair, Hair Follicle & Scalp Health
  • Vegan, Dermatologist approved, No Added Sugar, Gentle on the Stomach
  • Great on taste in delicious mango flavor, 20 Effervescent Tablets


All Product Ingredients

L-Leucine, L-Glutamine, L-Threonine, L-Lysine hydrochloride, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, , L-Proline, L-Histidine, L-Serine, L-Carnitine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Citrulline, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Methionine, L-Glycine, Taurine, L-Glutathione, L-Tryptophan, Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Sodium selenite equivalent to elemental Selenium.

All Product Nutritional Information

Nutrients Per serving (4g) tablet %RDA
Hair Recovery complex® (HRC)** 1.34 g *
Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 0.04 mg *
Sodium selenite equivalent to elemental Selenium 0.04 mg 100%
Energy 13.43 kCal 0.58%
Protein 1.28 g 1.88%
Total Sugar
2.07 g
0.37 g

Chicnutrix Bounce is a 100% Vegan hair nutrition for hair fall prevention and essential nutrients for hair growth. Formulated to be gentle on the stomach with faster action and absorption with no side effects to strengthen the hair, reduce the hair fall, and give voluminous hair with bounce.

Biotin is a water soluble nutrients for hair growth that helps the body in the production of amino acids required to strengthen the hair. Biotin is one of the best hair vitamins that regulates the hair growth cycle to give you thick and strong hair.

HRC of Amino Acids
HRC of Amino Acids is an essential nutrient in hair growth supplements as it stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair shaft, prevents hair breakage and improves hair texture to make your hair frizz-free and strong.

Selenium is a trace mineral and an essential hair nutrition that activates enzymes for regeneration of other antioxidants which will help prevent damage to hair follicles from pollution, UV rays, free radicals and reduces brittle hair and hair thinning.

Pop 1 Effervescent Tablet into a Glass of water (250ml approx)

Fizz and Wait till the Effervescent Tablet Dissolves Completely

Cheers to Bouncy & Shiny Hair

1. How long does Chicnutrix Bounce take to show results?

The results differ from person to person, depending on their requirement and their body’s ability to absorb. But consuming this consistently will surely get you achieve bouncy, shiny & healthy Hair.

2. Does it cause any side effects?

No, it has no side effects, unless you are allergic to any specific ingredients. It is made using an Original Swiss Formulation that is gentle on stomach and absorbs quickly with higher bioavailability.

3. What is the recommended usage?

Consume one effervescent tablet daily as a part of healthy routine.

4. Does it contain sugar?

No, there is no added sugar, so it is safe to consume even for diabetic people.

5. When is the right time to consume this?

Consume one effervescent tablet everyday anytime of the day, post any meal.

6. Can I take this if I am on other medications?

Yes, you can but it is best if you would let your doctor take the call.

7. What are the essential nutrients for Hair Growth?

Amino acids, biotin & selenium are nutrition for hair growth as they play a major role. Amino acids are building blocks of protein called Keratin which makes up the hair. Biotin stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of hair follicle growth. Selenium helps reduce dandruff and maintains healthy scalp health. Chicnutrix Bounce contains all these nutrients making it the best supplement for hair growth and thickness.

8. Will Chicnutrix Bounce repair damage caused by Keratin and Smoothing hair treatments?

Yes, as Chicnutrix Bounce contains the hair recovery complex of amino acids which is the basic component of hair protein, keratin. Amino acids help strengthen the hair, improve hair texture, repair damage, and protect hair from the detrimental effects of coloring and bleaching.

9. How to stop hair fall in females?

With the right dose of nutrition like Chicnutrix Bounce can prevent and reduce hair fall in women. Bounce is a complete hair food formulated with a Hair Recovery Complex of Amino acids, Biotin, and Selenium. Amino acids strengthen the hair, stimulates new hair growth, and promote healthy hair. Biotin reduces hair fall, promotes the hair growth cycle, and helps the body in the assimilation of amino acids. Selenium maintains scalp health and reduces flaky and itchy scalp and dandruff. Together, they reduce and prevent hair fall and make hair healthier, shinier, and bouncier.

10. What is the best Hair Supplement in India?

Chicnutrix Bounce is one of the best hair supplements. It contains amino acids hair recovery complex, biotin & selenium which are clinically proven & essential nutrients for hair growth and maintenance. It is easy to consume and has faster absorption & action due to its effervescent format.

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Hair fall control supplements

Hair fall is a major hair concern among both men and women which has led to rising popularity of hair fall control supplements, shampoos, hair oils, etc. Overstyling, use of chemicals, bleaching, environmental stressors or just the lack of nutrition can be the cause of hair fall. 

With the right nutrition, we can strengthen our hair, reduce hair fall and  improve its hair growth. This is where hair growth supplements and hair fall control supplements come in. With our fast paced lifestyle, insufficient nutrients in the soil, processed foods, our hair doesn't get enough nutrients through our diet and hence adding the best supplements for hair growth and thickness  will help in a long way along with a healthy diet.

Chicnutrix Bounce is a complete hair food. It is not just a hair fall control supplement but also a hair growth supplement. It contains biotin (vitamin H), selenium and a hair recovery complex of amino acids. 

These are essential nutrients in any hair growth supplements-

Biotin has following hair benefits-

  • Reducing hair fall
  • Regulates hair growth cycle
  • Helps in assimilation of amino acids in the body

Amino acids are building blocks of hair protein called keratin. Hence, amino acids are essential for hair growth and health. Its hair benefits include-

  • Strengthening of hair
  • Protects hair against detrimental effects of bleaching and coloring
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Improves hair textures
  • Promotes hair volume and density

Selenium for hair helps-

  • Maintain scalp health
  • Reduces flaky scalp 
  • Prevents dandruff issues

Chicnutrix Bounce is one of the best supplements for hair fall which also promotes overall hair health and makes your hair healthy, bouncy and shiny.