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Get Clear & Acne-free Skin and Healthy Hair & Strong Nails

Chicnutrix Super C
  • 1000mg Natural Amla Extract rich in Vitamin C effervescent tablets with added benefit of 10mg Zinc to support overall skin health
  • Helps reduce acne breakouts and revitalize skin
  • Provides added sun protection and prevent discoloration
  • Boosts the immunity and production of Collagen
  • Dermatologist approved, no added sugar, gentle on Stomach, great on taste with fizzy Orange flavour
  • Pop, Fizz and Cheers once a day daily for clear skin

Formulated with clinically proven Natural Amla Extracts rich in Vitamin C and Zinc tablets for acne with Swiss Effervescent Technology. Chicnutrix Super C is an acne supplement with balanced combination for you to flaunt acne-free healthy skin!

Chicnutrix Biotin
  • Vital Vitamins to support and maintain healthy hair and nails
  • Prevents biotin deficiency in the body
  • Helps in conversion of nutrients in the body
  • Pack of 2 tubes, each tube contains 15 effervescent tablets
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients, Dermatologist approved & 100% Vegan
  • Gentle on Stomach & Great on taste in delicious lime and lemon flavour

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin which is a part of the Vitamin B family and is also known as Vitamin H or B7. Water soluble vitamins get easily flushed out of the body which causes its deficiency. Hence, biotin supplements are essential.

Chicnutrix Super C

Phyllanthus emblica L. (Amla) extract, Zinc Sulphate equivalent to elemental Zinc

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Per serving (4g) tablet %RDA
Energy 12.78 kCal 0.55%
Fats 0.01 g 0.05%
Proteins 0.00 g 0.00%
Total Sugars
3.17 g
0.67 g
Phyllanthus emblica L.
(Amla) extract
1000 mg *
Zinc Sulphate equivalent to
elemental Zinc
10mg 83..33%

Chicnutrix Biotin

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Per serving 3.4g tablet %RDA
Vitamin B7(Biotin) 10 mg *
Sodium selenite equivalent to elemental Selenium 40 μg 100%
Energy 2.73 kCal 0.12%
Fat 0.01 g 0.04%
Proteins 0.02 g 0.03%
Carbohydrate 0.64 g *
Carbohydrated 1.48 g *
Total Sugar 0.1 g *

%RDA is based on Man Sedentary Work as per ICMR.

*Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) value not established.

Chicnutrix Super C

Chicnutrix Super C is a supplement for acne-prone skin which is formulated to be gentle on the stomach with faster action and absorption with no side effects to boost collagen production and give a naturally healthy and clear skin.

Natural Amla Extracts

Amla is rich in Vitamin C which boosts the body’s natural collagen synthesis, hence preventing premature aging and fine lines. Vitamin C effervescent tablets with its antioxidant properties provides added sun protection, fights free radicals and boosts immunity.


Zinc is an anti-inflammatory mineral. Effervescent Zinc tablets for acne will inhibit the bacterial growth in the sebaceous gland and reduce the inflamed acne breakouts. Zinc in acne supplements fights against the acne causing bacteria P. acnes.

Chicnutrix Biotin

Made with Swiss Effervescent Technology, Chicnutrix Biotin with Selenium supplement is 100% vegan, absorbs faster with higher onset of action and increased bioavailability which helps in prevention of biotin deficiency. Biotin supplements for hair and nails in effervescent form is very gentle on the stomach and has no side effects.


An essential vitamin which supports your hair health, along with nails and helps in absorption of nutrients in the body. Regular use of biotin tablets prevents biotin deficiency.


A trace mineral which helps in antioxidants’ regeneration. Selenium for hair and nails also contributes to its maintenance and supports nail and hair health.

Chicnutrix Super C
The On the Go Nutrition is easy to consume, all you need to do is-
  • Pop 1 Super C Tablet into a Glass of water (250ml approx...)

  • Fizz and let it dissolve (take up to a minute) and

  • Cheers to Clear Healthy Skin

Packed in a convenient easy to carry tube so that Chicnutrix Super C can be your On the Go Beauty BFF

Natural Orange Flavour with no added sugar

If you are looking to buy skin care supplements online or skin care products, then Chicnutrix Super C is your BFF.

Chicnutrix Biotin
Chicnutrix Biotin supplement for hair and nails with added benefit of Selenium is easy to consume, all you need to do is-
  • Pop 1 Tablet of Chicnutrix Biotin with selenium supplement into a Glass of water (250ml approx...)

  • Fizz and let it dissolve (take up to a minute) and

  • Cheers

Natural Lime & Lemon Flavour with no added sugar

1. How much vitamin C does one Chicnutrix Super C supplement contain?

Chicnutrix Super C has 1000mg of Natural Amla Extracts which is rich in Vitamin C. It is proven that Natural Vitamin C is absorbed 10X more than the synthetic Vitamin C.

2. Why does Chicnutrix Super C contain zinc?

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that helps reduce and prevent acne breakouts, and also helps reduce the excess sebum (which causes oily skin) production.

3. Is it safe to consume 10,000 mcg Biotin?

Yes, it is because Biotin is water soluble and any excess amount in the body will be flushed out.

4. How long should I take these supplements?

Consume one tablet daily, as a part of your healthy routine.

5. Do these supplements have any side effects?

No, our products are all nutritional supplements and don't have any side effects.

6. Does these supplement contain Sugar?

No, they don't have any added sugar.

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Acne is one of the most common skin problems that most women face and hence, face washes, creams, serums and supplements for acne prone skin are quite popular. Acne breakouts can also be caused due to our fast paced, hectic lifestyle, stress, insufficient nutrients, highly processed foods, carbs, etc. Zinc and Vitamin C effervescent tablets in the supplement form helps fill in the nutrition gap and reduce acne breakouts.

Chicnutrix Super C is one of the best zinc supplements for acne breakouts as it also contains natural vitamin C with Amla extracts. Natural Vitamin C tablets for skin helps rejuvenate the skin, boost collagen production and provide added sun protection. Zinc fights acne-causing bacteria called P.acnes, reduces inflammation and prevents acne breakouts.

Vitamin C effervescent tablets especially made with Swiss Effervescent Technology like Chicnutrix Super C are also very beneficial because they are:

  • Fast in action
  • Gentle on  stomach
  • Higher bioavailability
  • Right pH for faster absorption

Natural Vitamin C in SUPER C is 10X more absorbed than synthetic forms of Vitamin C.
The dual power of zinc and natural vitamin c tablets for skin works wonders on your immunity too. The best zinc supplements for acne in the market, Chicnutrix Super C is also 100% vegan, gluten free, dermatologist and FSSAI approved and clinically tested.