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##StrongerThanPCOS - International Yoga Day Special

Yoga as a way to manage PCOS symptoms? Yes, please!
According to studies, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) affects 6 to 12 percent of women during their childbearing years. This common female endocrine disorder causes your ovaries to produce an excess of male hormones, resulting in irregular periods, weight gain, and problems with fertility and ovulation. But recent research points to a regular practice of yoga as an effective way to manage PCOS symptoms.

This #InternationalYogaDay, join us in our endeavour to learn all there is to learn about the benefits of Yoga for PCOS under the guidance of the expert herself, Aditi Uppal - L1 YTT Certification, Sivananda Yoga Vidya Preetham, Kerala. Thus, ensuring to beat it and emerge #StrongerThanPCOS
To give you a gist, here are a few fun facts about the benefits of Yoga for PCOS, we bet you didn't know:

1. Yoga may decrease testosterone levels
Although yoga cannot cure PCOS, it may help with some of the symptoms. Practicing yoga may help decrease testosterone levels and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression in women with PCOS. More specifically, participants who did a one-hour yoga class three times a week for three months reduced testosterone levels by 29 percent.

2. Yoga is accessible for many fitness levels
Although positive changes in PCOS symptoms and anxiety levels can occur with any moderate aerobic exercise, yoga is accessible for many fitness levels and a wide range of ages. This is not always the case with other forms of exercise like swimming, cycling, walking, or running. Plus, yoga has a mindfulness component that helps promote relaxation and balance moods.

3. Improves Hormones
There is evidence to suggest that the benefits of yoga go beyond that of reducing anxiety for women with PCOS to improving sex hormones and regulating menstrual cycles. A study found that adolescent girls with PCOS who engaged in a holistic yoga program involving one hour of yoga daily for 12 weeks, showed significant improvement in anti-müllerian hormone, luteinizing hormone (LH), and testosterone, even more so than physical exercise. The girls who practiced yoga daily also saw improvements in menstrual frequency.
The best part about this session? All the lovely ladies in our audience, get to take back home with them good health, courage, inspiration, a sense of security and relief, knowing that they are not alone, that we will always have their back in their journey through PCOS!


Aditi is a professionally trained Yoga teacher for a diverse range of needs - from weight loss to muscle aches to more psychological aspects of Ashtanga and Pranayama practices. She believes Yoga and Meditation genuinely have the capacity to help you introspect and change not just your body, but your character for the better.
Areas of expertise:
1. Hatha Yoga
2. Ashtanga Yoga
3. Sivananda Yoga
4. Kids Yoga
5.Mental wellness through Pranayama