Pigmentation & Dark Spots

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Pigmentation & Dark Spots

Don’t let uneven skin tone, pigmentation and dark spots on your face dull your shine! Chicnutrix aims to deliver beauty and health, inside out, with a touch of science to your glamour quotient. Chicnutrix has FSSAI-approved products, in-house R&D with a strong scientific foundation, and does utmost levels of quality & ingredient sourcing to provide you with the best nutritional supplements or a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Pigmentation refers to the colouring of the skin. Skin pigmentation disorders cause changes to the colour of your skin. Melanin is made by cells in the skin and is the pigment responsible for your skin's colour. When melanin is produced in more quantity, the skin colour darkens causing hyperpigmentation. The tyrosinase enzyme plays a major role in melanin production in the human body. Glutathione helps in inhibiting tyrosinase activity which in turn reduces melanin production, thereby reducing hyperpigmentation.

There are several types of hyperpigmentation, the common ones being melasma, sun spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  • Melasma- It is believed to be caused by hormonal changes and may develop during pregnancy; areas of hyperpigmentation can appear on any area of the body.

  • Sun Spots- They appear as spots on areas exposed to the sun, like the hands and face.

  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - This is a result of injury or inflammation to the skin. A common cause of this type is acne.

Best Anti-Pigmentation and Dark Spot Supplements

There are several medical Skin Pigmentation Treatment options available if home remedies for pigmentation fail to give you the results you want. But supplementation that works internally greatly helps to resolve skin problems, hence, Chicnutrix products provide natural nutritional solutions. Chicnutrix Glow is specifically designed to reduce the skin pigmentation problems and achieve glowing, radiant skin.

Glutathione Builder for Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots

Chicnutrix has formulated one incredible product to battle these problems - Chicnutrix Glow. Chicnutrix Glow is the right combination of clinically proven Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C. Glutathione helps reduce dark spots on face, skin pigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (acne marks). It also provides strong antioxidant support which helps fight free radical damage. Vitamin C helps promote Glutathione absorption and provides added sun protection which helps reduce suntan and sunburn.

Chicnutrix has also made a ‘Complete skin nutrition formula’, which is a formula curated for the complete nutrition for clear & glowing skin. This combo consists of two products, Chicnutrix Glow and Chicnutrix Super C. Chicnutrix Super C consists of Natural Vitamin C from Amla Extract and Zinc.

The Natural Source of Vitamin C helps in preventing acne on the face and improves skin texture and integrity. Zinc helps inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria and reduces excess sebum production. Chicnutrix Glow helps in achieving glowing, radiant, even-toned & spotless skin. Together, they help achieve acne-free & spotless skin.

Chicnutrix Super C - Enriched Vitamins for Healthy & Spotless Glowing Skin

Chicnutrix Super C is a well-balanced blend of clinically proven 1000mg Natural Amla Extracts, rich in Vitamin C and Zinc, formulated with Swiss Effervescent Technology to help you flaunt acne-free, healthy skin and slay any look you wish. Chicnutrix Super C is a Vitamin C and Zinc supplement for acne that also aids in the production of collagen in the body. Premature aging, fine wrinkles, and sun damage can all be prevented with these vitamin C effervescent tablets. The best supplements for acne-prone skin are these vitamin C tablets.

Effervescent tablets are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of sectors including supplements and pharmaceutical use due to the ease in which they can be consumed and following are the benefits -

Increased Absorption Rate & Fast Action - Effervescent tablets have 80-90% absorption rate showing faster action compared to only 50-60% absorption rate of other conventional tablets & pills.

Pleasant Taste Compared to Regular Tablets -

As effervescent tablets are dissolved and then consumed, flavors are added to make them tasty to consume.

Distributed More Evenly - Effervescent tablets are dissolved in water and then consumed, which distributes them evenly in the stomach after ingestion.

Increased Liquid Intake - As Effervescent Tablets are consumed by dissolving in water, it helps increase the liquid intake.

Easy to Consume - It can be easy for those who have difficulty swallowing or have problems with conventional tablets/capsules.

Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, we exclusively utilise clinically established ingredients that can be taken by anybody over the age of 16 and have no negative side effects. Consume on a regular basis for 90 days to get the best results. Make these supplements a part of your lifestyle to ensure that your skin & body get all the healthy nutrients from within and to have healthy, spotless, radiant & glowing skin. All our products are Original Swiss Formula, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar, Gentle on Stomach, Hassle-free and easy to consume.

Chicnutrix's pigmentation and dark spot collection has you covered, whether you're searching for a Glutathione supplement, Vitamin C effervescent tablets, or natural supplements to provide the right support to your skin.


1. Which vitamin deficiency causes pigmentation on face?

Ans: Mostly Vitamin B9 & B12 deficiency causes pigmentation on the body, whereas Vitamin C is the best-known vitamin for reducing pigmentation & dark spots on face. Chicnutrix Pigmentation & dark spots collection can also help you get rid of skin pigmentation.

2. Is pigmentation the same as dark spots?

Ans: Pigmentation can be due to many reasons such as sun exposure, aging, scarring, injury, etc. Whereas dark spots on face are a kind of skin hyperpigmentation caused mainly due to hormonal changes. Glutathione helps reduce both pigmentation & dark spots.

3. What is the fastest way to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

Ans: Many skin pigmentation treatment options are available to get rid of hyperpigmentation but it is always best to treat any skin condition internally first to avoid expensive and risky dermatological procedures. Hence, to help with this Chicnutrix has created a perfect combo named the ‘Complete skin nutrition formula’ consisting of Chicnutrix Glow & Chicnutrix Super C which help reduce pigmentation & dark spots and achieve healthy, glowing skin.

4. Can vitamin E remove dark spots?

Ans: Yes, vitamin E might help reduce dark spots. The other important Vitamin which helps remove dark spots is Glutathione which is present in Chicnutrix Glow.

5. Does vitamin C stop melanin production?

Ans: Yes, Vitamin C helps reduce melanin production in the body. Vitamin C is widely used as a depigmentation agent as it helps in reducing pigmentation, and dark spots by reducing melanin levels, it also acts as a strong antioxidant that helps fight environmental damage to the skin. Chicnutrix Glow has Vitamin C & Japanese Glutathione which helps with this. Chicnutrix Super C contains a natural source of Vitamin C from Amla Extract which has 10 times more absorption rate than the synthetic vitamin c.

6. Will Zinc fade dark spots?

Ans: Yes, some studies show that Zinc helps in reducing dark spots. Chicnutrix Super C has Zinc along with Vitamin C which work together to get rid of acne and give you clear skin.

7. What worsens pigmentation?

Ans: Sun exposure worsens pigmentation hence it is advised to avoid contact with the sun when one has pigmentation. Vitamin C in Chicnutrix Glow & Chicnutrix Super C help provide added sun protection to avoid worsening the condition.