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Chicnutrix Biotin with Selenium
₹ 421.00
₹ 495.00
Chicnutrix Biotin with Selenium
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About Biotin

Chicnutrix Biotin can help you achieve lustrous, healthy, stunning hair and killer nails, whether you've been blessed with it or hope to have it someday.

Chicnutrix Biotin: Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that the body cannot produce but can be obtained through a number of foods. Biotin supplements can benefit people who have biotin deficiency. Chicnutrix Biotin, a biotin tablet made using Swiss Effervescent Technology, aids biotin activity and absorption. These effervescent biotin tablets have a higher bioavailability because they enter the stomach at the right pH level for absorption and are easy on the stomach. Selenium is also present in Chicnutrix Biotin, which is useful in maintaining scalp and nail health. It is India's first effervescent biotin tablet, which aids in the prevention of biotin deficiency and strengthens nails to prevent breakage and brittleness.

Unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients, we exclusively use clinically proven ingredients that can be taken by anybody over the age of 16 and have no negative side effects. Consume on a regular basis for 90 days to get the optimum outcome.

Chicnutrix has you covered if you are in need of a biotin tablet.