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Why hair supplements are essential in everyday diet?

Why hair supplements are essential in everyday diet?

Written by - Dr. Rushikesh Trivedi - founder of DNA diet clinic

Spend just five minutes on social media and there’s a good chance you’ll come across hair supplements, promising to grow your hair faster and longer. Your friends and family may also claim that supplements have done wonders for them. But what are hair supplements? Hair supplements are means to provide necessary nutrients that lack in our daily diet and help in keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Are these supplements safe to consume? Why should I take them every day? What benefits will I gain from it? What are the best hair supplements to use? Do I need supplements despite consuming a balanced and healthy diet? These are some of the most frequently asked questions that my clients ask me when I recommend them hair supplements. I can assure you that by the end of this blog all these questions will be answered.

Can supplements help?

As you know that hair is a non-essential tissue and hence, has especially high-nutritional requirements which may be difficult to fulfill with our diet alone. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and certain trace minerals are the keys to maintaining a good hair cycle. Let’s look at some of the key nutrients that should be a part of our diet to ensure healthy, bouncy, and frizz-free hair.

Adding these nutrients through food and maintaining a diet is important for our hair to remain healthy and long. But in this fast-paced world, maintaining a diet can be a bit of a hassle. Although we try our best, we are unable to do so due to our busy schedules. This leads to the deficiency of necessary nutrients in our bodies.

Even with a healthy diet, our hair doesn’t get sufficient nutrients as our body ensures that all the essential nutrients first reach our major organs and lastly to our hair and skin. Hence, adding a supplement is a good idea, it will help us get all the nutrients we need to maintain healthy hair easily.

90% of humans do not get the needed quantity of vital nutrients from meals alone. Most folks fail to fulfill nutritional pointers because of strict dieting, terrible appetite, or changing nutritional needs. Supplementation is meant to bridge this nutritional gap so that we keep the right stability of nutrients along with our meals. This will enhance the nutrient density of your diet and ensure you're acquiring the proper quantity of nutrients tailor-made for your nutritional needs. Be it hair, or health it’s wise to add supplements to your everyday diet.

There might be some side effects like constipation, and upset stomach after consuming these supplements. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right supplement which is made of superior and clinically proven ingredients. I would recommend trying Chicnutrix Bounce.

It is made with Swiss Effervescent Technology containing the nutrients required for the health of the hair, which are amino acids, biotin, and selenium. It is gentle on the stomach, and it has no side effects unless you are allergic to any specific ingredients. It helps in faster hair growth, increases hair density, and reduces hair fall. It helps reduce the dryness, roughness, and brittleness in the hair. It even prevents split ends. It promotes nourishment and ensures the maintenance of the overall health of hair follicles. It has no added sugar, comes in two flavor variants- a fantastic raspberry flavor and a green apple flavor. ‘Bounce’ is the most effective hair supplement for healthy and bouncy hair. It is doctor-approved and is made with clinically proven ingredients.

With our hectic lifestyle, environmental stressors, pollution, use of constant styling tools, insufficient nutrients, our hair tends to become more damaged and unhealthy. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, adding supplement to your diet will provide the much-needed boost of nutrition and nourishment to our hair to help it be it's healthy best.